Monday, May 30, 2011

~ Meet the Teacher Session with Denver ~

Last Wednesday, Hubby and I took some time off to meet Denver's teacher. We get to look at the various work the children did in class and also have a feel of how Denver's classroom looked like.

Denver showed me his first piece of composition "I am a Bubble" which is still pinned on the notice board outside his class. :) I really enjoyed looking at the various group work and art pieces the children put up together in class.

In terms of Denver's academic results, he got Band 1 for all his mini tests and tasks (expect for one Performance task at Band 2). As per his teacher's and my observation, the only problem Denver had was - Carelessness and probably lack of attention to details. Due to this, Denver did not managed to score as high as he could have been. Children tends to be careless at times, Mommy hopes Denver can try to work on being more attentive and improves his attitude towards learning this holiday.

Other than that, Denver's teacher did not have any issue with his personality development. Generally, he listens in class and gets along well with his peers. Denver's teacher even commented that he is slightly matured for his age. Term 2 has ended and it's the start of the school holidays. Happy June Holidays Children!


  1. wow awesome result of denver's! well done! :D

  2. I remember last time i also very careless, den parents keep on teach, scold and even punish! lol. den keep telling me after finish den must double check or triple check! haha

  3. Hey! Noted your nice blog link!
    haha keep on updating ^^