Wednesday, December 31, 2008

~ Goodbye 2008! ~

Finally... today's the last day of 2008 and we are welcoming a new year very soon! Again, it's time to recap what has happened this year.
  • I lost my scent of smell during CNY in Feb.
  • Denver suffered a head injury in May.
  • Went for our only overseas vacation this year to Malaysia with Owen and HJ.
  • Gladys started talking and calling us Daddy and Mummy before her 2nd Birthday.
  • Denver and Gladys first time out to the Movies and Dora the Explorer show.
  • Denver went for his first Dental checkup.
  • Our first time trip to the Singapore Flyer, Duck Tour, Istana, Marina Barrage.
  • Kids and me caught the HFMD in Oct.
  • Big Brother held his customary in early Feb.
  • Owen ROM in Dec.
  • Eldest Brother-in-law travelled to US for training for the next 1-2 years.
  • Andrea's Wedding in Sept.
  • Many colleagues left MSD this year.

We also spent some money on the following this year.

  • New Flat screen TV early this year.
  • PSP
  • PS3
  • Paint for the house

Well, from the looks of it.. it has been a rather unhealthy year for us.. but we had many first time experiences together. Hubby didn't have any luck on wealth this year.. Hopefully 2009 will be a wealthy, healthy and lucky year for us.

Every year, our RC will organise a year end party near my block. Again there are singing and performance at the stage. Children are playing with sparklers downstairs and having a lot of FUN! They are all waiting for the fireworks at midnight. :)

Time really flies.. My hopes for 2009..

  • My job will be stable and happy.
  • All of us will be healthy
  • Children will listen and be obedient
  • Loving family

GoodBye 2008!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

~ Tiring ~

Hubby and I was on leave for the past 2 days.. instead of resting or going out to shop, we stayed home and clean up. Hubby paint the ceilings with sealer while I help him. The smell is really unbearable and after awhile it make Hubby want to faint.. Took us the whole morning to get the ceilings painted.. I help to clear up the mess, vacumm and mop the floor after that.

Before going for lunch, we carry out all the boxes of comics that has been occupying a quarter of my storeroom space for the past few years. Has always find them an eye sore cos I always wanted to free up more space but can't seem to get rid of them every year. This time, I finally get to return them back to their owner. :) But it was also a lot of hard work as the boxes were all very heavy and we have to load from my house to the lift and to the car.. after reaching the destination, we have to unload them from car to the lift and up to the house... We were very tired (especially hubby as he did most of the carrying) after that. We went for lunch at Blk 266 and drove back home to rest. Hubby had a short nap while I continue cleaning up and scrub part of the kitchen floor.

Due to time conAlign Leftstraint, I didn't manage to complete it and continue cleaning up the whole kitchen floor today.. I moved out the washing machine, fridge and OMG.. the floor beneath is Soooooo DIRTY!!! Splashed water on the floor and tried to get rid of all the dirt. I'm satisfied with the final outcome.. the kitchen floor looks so much whiter now. Afterall, it has not been scrubbed since we moved in. The after effects is a very aching back and tired hands...

Saturday, December 27, 2008

~ Paint ~

Today we signed up a painting package with Johong Hardware and Paint shop at Hougang to let our home have a new coat of paint before the CNY. We tried checking with HomeFix but the earliest date is late Jan and it's kinda too late.

Hubby paid for the package in installment so it's about $100 over the 12 months period. Actually I wanted to paint the house since early last year... somehow it got push back.. We have been staying here for about 6 years now and I think it's a good time for a re-paint and add in some new colours. Hopefully we'll get some good luck for the new year!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

~ Christmas Presents ~

Denver woke up really early and woke me up too.. Yawnzz... The first thing he said was "Mummy!! Can I open the presents?" As Gladys is still sleeping, I asked him to wait awhile longer.. He gave me that "Huh!! But I want to open now leh" and keep nagging at me. I had no choice but to wake Gladys up and carry her to the living room to open the presents..

She was a bit cranky at first and refused to open them. :p but after awhile, she warms up and started to find it FUN to tear the wrappers and see whats within. :D Denver was so happy to see toys and board game. He is starting to be picky and can tell me that "I wish it is not a shirt. :)"... "Oh!! It's a Toy! My wish come true!".. -___-

Last year Gladys was too young about Christmas.. This time she finally can open her own presents and eat goodie stuff like Log cake. :)


Wednesday, December 24, 2008


After getting back to work for a couple of days and now it's CHRISTMAS EVE!!! Yeah!! I am really in a holiday mood.. :D Afterall, this is the time to enjoy and celebrate... but because CNY is also near the corner, I have also been busy doing cleaning up almost every night.

As per previous years, we will go to Steven's house for Christmas dinner and gift exchange. Denver and Gladys got a lot of Presents this year.. and they can't wait to open them ALL!!! As it was quite late when we reached home, I told Denver to be patient and open them tomorrow morning with his sister. :)

See how much stuff they got!! Again I must emphasis.. kids nowadays are too fortunate! Since there is no Christmas tree at home, I placed all their presents nicely on the table. Hopefully when they wake up, they will be happy to see the nice display Mummy has make. :)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

~ End of Vacation ~

18th Dec 2008 - Christmas Dinner @ Owen's house

A couple of days ago, we signed Denver up for the Mind Blenders class at Anchorvale CC. It was also his first 'extra' educational programme that we put him through... Never wanted to stress him too much and so we were not sure if he will enjoys it. But since it's a holiday and we hope he don't spend too much time on TV/computer, I guess it should be fine.

We drove down to the community centre after breakfast and was delighted to see that Denver's schoolmate, Emmanuel also signed up for the same class! This is great as they will have each other for company and we can leave him there and go back home with ease. :)

He didn't really enjoyed his lesson as I think it was too difficult for him to understand what's the teacher talking about.. but because Emmanuel was there, he decided to go for another similar class tomorrow.. so we signed him up on the spot. Hopefully he will have more fun tomorrow.

Brother invited us to his house for Christmas dinner. :) He got a nice Christmas tree and a lot of deco so it was really nice with the Christmas mood and atmosphere. The kids were never bored going there too.

Brother ordered KFC while we buy Pizzas and some desserts over. Had a really fully dinner... :)Denver went to play PS2 after that while we rest and watched TV.. settling our heavy stomachs.. We continued to battle the log cake before going back home for the day.

19th Dec 2008 - Marina Barrage

Denver gave me a shock when he suddenly tells me that he don't want to go for the lesson at the CC today. :( I scolded him for not thinking carefully before we sign him up for it yesterday despite us checking with him a few times. We still took him for the morning lesson and told him that once you decided to do it.. you have to complete it. sighz..

He felt happier again when he saw Emmanuel. Lessons continued and when we pick him up later, he was very happy to tell me that he enjoyed this class better as he understands. phew... Anyway, Emmaneul and his mum went to lunch with us at McDonalds in CompassPoint after that. We chit-chatted and had to rush home as we wanted to go to the Marina Barrage.

For our little trip at the Marina Barrage, please visit:

After having fun at the Marina Barrage, Denver was hungry again and wanted to eat at the resturant there. We decided to go Marina Square instead to have dinner at Kenny Rogers. It has been quite a while since I last dine at KR and my goodness.. it's getting expensive! I don't think it's as economical as before. That's a shame.. :(

20th Dec 2008 - Meeting up with HongRui

HongRui is Denver's friend he met in his first swimming lesson. They enjoyed each other company very much with common topics on games and Ben10.. Unfortunately, they switched to different swimming instructors and lessons and hence these 2 boys difference of 1 year apart didn't get to meetup anymore. We have his Mummy's contact no. and Denver wanted to meet up with him.. so Hubby called to arrange for a get-together. :) As HongRui stayed in Punggol, we meet them at Punggol Plaza for lunch. After that, Denver went to his house to play for a couple of hours. I can see that Denver love to play with his friends very much and am glad that he had a good time. Hopefully it has been a good vacation so far.

That evening, we got ready to pick my inlaws back at the airport. They are finally back from their vacation at Taiwan. On our way to dinner... I got PAGED! Gosh! I thought I change duty with my colleague.. it seems I am Primary this week.. Oh Dear!! :( I didn't enjoy my dinner and had to rush back home to check my case. Luckily my secondary has complete the work. Still, for the next two days, I carried my laptop around to standby.

21st Dec 2008 - Christmas Dinner @ Chunho's house
1.38am... I got paged by Alarmpoint.. Woke up to do the emergency case on a DNS change and went back to bed about 2am.. but couldn't sleep.. :( I toss and turn and drag awhile before manage to sleep at 2 plus.. You can imagine how tired I was when I woke up at 8 plus in the morning.. Yawnz...

Anyway..not sure when it started.. but it has been a couple of years now that we have been going to the Christmas buffet dinner organised by Chunoho and his family. We will buy presents for his children for gift exchange and vice versa. There's usually a good spread of food and wine.. and Hubby always take this opportunity to get together with his colleagues. Luckily I didn't get any page and had a peaceful dinner. The kids of course have a good time opening their presents. :)
So this marks the end of our 1 week vacation. Doesn't seem too long but we have been travelling, eating and spending a lot! It's back to work tomorrow!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

~ Movie, Duck Tour, SG Flyer ~

16th Dec 2008

After spending the past few days at the nearby malls, eating and taking the kids to the doctors, we finally bringing them out for a series of activities for the week holiday. :D Although we did not travel overseas this year, we also spent a lot of $$$ too..

To start off, we took the children to watch "BOLT" at Bugis Junction. It is not the first time we bring Denver for movies but it is our very first attempt to bring both kids together. I am especially worried if Gladys will stay still and quiet throughout the entire show. Before the movie, we had lunch at Seoul Garden. Denver likes to eat food at the restuarant.. and eating 'unhealthy' food. Gladys is just busy drinking and playing with food (as usual). :D

We were slightly late for the Movie.. Luckily the animation kept both of them entertained as soon as we were seated down. :D It was quite a good movie and although Gladys started to make some fuss towards the end, I must give her credit for being patient and staying rather still. :D As we were in a rush earlier.. we only bought the popcorns after the movie.. hahaha. :p

17th Dec 2008

A whole day fun at the Singapore Flyer and DUKW Tour. Visit our travel blog for more fun details. :)
It has been a fun day and we were all tired.... so we headed for dinner and back home and prepare to battle for the next day..hahaha :)

Monday, December 15, 2008

~ 1 Week Leave ~

I was on leave last friday and took Denver to the Dentist. It was his first time visit and I can see he is a bit nervous. :) On our way to the dental, I asked him.. "So, who shall go first?" Denver said.. "Mummy first!" :p

So I went for my checkup first while he stands aside and watched. Well, it wasn't too bad... when it was his turn, the dentist talked to him as he lies down. Generally his teeth was quite ok and there are no signs of tooth decay. :) As it was Denver's first visit, I guess the dentist doesn't want to scare him off too much and so he spends less than 5 mins to check and just touch up a bit on his teeth to give him some confidence. That cost $30.

My inlaws went to Taiwan for a 8 days vacation. Hence, Hubby and I are on leave for this week to look after the children. For the past few nights I have already been packing up the house after Denver and Gladys went to bed.. ramping out all the stuff from the storeroom, wardrobe, drawers etc.. The whole house is in a total MESS.. everything is not in order.. It's going to be tough to re-organize them nicely in place. I already lost count of how many bags of stuff I have thrown or given away. :p

Hubby and I went to IKEA last friday and I bought a couple of boxes and containers back to keep the medicine, my small accessories etc. There's alot of work to do and just thinking about where to put them already giving me headaches.. I spent a lot of late nights tidying up the place...As usual, Hubby didn't do much or volunteer to help. He only help to send the bags of stuff to the church and look at his own stuff which I digged out. That's the thing I don't like.. things that don't interest him, he won't initiate to do.. Things that I need him to help, he don't bother to initiate to get it done.. like look after kids, paint house, re-do cabinate, tidy house.. :(

Like previous years, I am on my own again to tidy up the whole house again. Sometimes, I really don't like CNY.. Sad... To add on, Gladys' foot is still limping. We took her to see our usual Chinese and Western doctor. Both said she is fine and asked us not to worry.. Doc Khoo also advice to let Gladys wear covered shoes so that she will not tilt her foot outwards as a habit while walking.. I guess I just need to be patient.

Over the last weekend, we went to my brother's and mum's place, nearby eateries and shopping malls. Hopefully the holidays ahead will be happier and fun. :) We already planning to take the kids out for a movie tomorrow! ;)

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

~ Brother Owen's ROM ~

It's Brother Owen Big Day! :D So exciting and extremely happy that he finally settling down.. I like his new place too. It is very cosy and convenient to visit him :p

I took the afternoon off from work and dressed up to get ready to attend the ROM. We also bought Gladys a new pink dress so that she can take pretty photos with them.. Denver was also in his nice shirt and pants.

As we were still early, we went to Funan for a little walk.. but end up slightly late to reach the ROM as it took us some time to drive out from the carpark. :( Luckily we are still on time to take some photos.. Phew!

Big brother is the cameraman for today while eldest sister-in-law helped to take the video. We all headed into the room shortly for the solemnization. :) I tried to take video from my camera too.. but Owen gave me a scare when he dropped the ring.. hahaha.. I guess he was too excited?

After the solemnization, we also took a couple of photos outside. :) Pretty Bride and Handsome Groom. :D Owen even carried Huijie up .. and they look so happy and lovely together..

The newly-wed went to CHIMES for another round of photoshoot while we took my parents to Suntec City for a rest.. Dinner only starting about 2 hours later and so we had desserts at the basement foodcourt first. Gladys was also tired and she fell had a short nap.. I managed to grab some rest too. :)

Owen has arranged Dinner for the families at Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant (located on the second level within the Carlton hotel). I really enjoyed the food and it was really nice. I hope everyone was happy. :) It was a tiring day.. After sending my parents back home and putting the children to bed, I had another round of night meeting at 10pm.. Yawn.. I am very tired but happy... Looking forward to celebrating Christmas and Chinese New Year. :D

Finally.. Wishing Brother and HJ a Very Happy and Blissful Marriage.

Monday, December 08, 2008

~ Play Station 3 ~

After much arguments, Hubby finally bought his PS3 today.. Was quite reluctant and unhappy about it for quite awhile... end up have to adjust my mindset and just let it go.

Anyway, tomorrow is Owen and Huijie's ROM.. His inlaws travelled down from Malaysia to attend their ceremony tomorrow. We went to his house to visit... The kids love their uncle and aunt very much. :) Unfortunately, Gladys had a slip and injured her right foot causing her to limp after that.. :( We headed to Bugis to have lunch but I kept worrying about Gladys' injury.. On the other hand, Hubby finally and happily bought his PS3 at the Sony shop.

We later went to Vivo City to meet up with my brother (again) as I left my bag at his house earlier... It was raining and we had a tough time finding a carpark lot.. took about half an hour to finally park at the open space carpark opposite Vivo.. sighz.

I got my bag back.. shopped around, bought a Kungfu Panda PS3 game for Denver as his Christmas present and we headed home... Wow.. what a tiring day! Hubby and Denver are excited though.. busy setting up the PS3. Gladys on the other hand.. keep on limping.. hopefully she'll get better soon.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

~ Swimming @ Hougang Swimming Pool ~

Denver changed swimming instructor lately.. so he is having his lesson with his new teacher today at the Hougang Swimming Complex.. Gladys wanted to tag along and so we all went to the poolside (again)...

While Denver is having his lessons, Hubby took Gladys to the baby pool to play.. but came back shortly as she wanted to play the slides and hubby cannot look after her alone.. so she is back to the middle pool and seeing other kids and her brother jumping into the pool... she must have find it soooo interesting and fun that she follows suit too!!! She dived in to the pool and lucky Daddy is ready to catch her from below.

Even though she drank water but she was determined to climb up again and dive in again and again and again! She only stopped when she cut her knee on her way her to the pool... sighz. Well.. the good sign is that she is not scared of the water like Mummy.

Preparing for the Dive...


Making way back to the top

Here she goes AGAIN!

Monday, December 01, 2008

~ Weekend Support ~

It was my first time being part of the Weekend Support call last weekend.. I need to standby from Saturday 9am till Monday 9am. I was pretty nervous and keep watching out for calls on my Blackberry for fear of missing any alerts..

Still, I sneaked out of the house twice.. Once was because hubby needed to go to see the doctor.. the 2nd time was to Compass Point. I was praying so hard that no page to come in during both times..

Lucky for me.. it was Thanksgiving week.. hence throughout the weekend, I did not got any page. I guess everyone is on holiday mood.. Phew!!

I woke up early this morning at 5 plus to check and counting down to another 4 hours before I handed the Primary calls to HCL. While travelling to work.. I hoped that there will be no alerts. (at least not when I'm travelling.. ).. Finally reached office at 825am.. another 35mins to go.. Thinking that there won't be any pages, I went to order a nice breakfast and sat down to eat. :)

Tick tick tick tick... I finished breakfast at 840am and began happily chatting with my colleagues... when suddenly, my blackberry rang! It was from alarmpoint and I am paged at 851am.. 10mins before hand off time.. #$%#@$

I rush up and login to check what was the issue... called CTC and realize the case cannot be done by us.. sighz.. Called my US colleague to check where I can advice to route the case to and that finally ends my first Weekend call support. :P The next time round will be on Christmas weekend.. (*crossing my fingers and toes) :p