Tuesday, December 09, 2008

~ Brother Owen's ROM ~

It's Brother Owen Big Day! :D So exciting and extremely happy that he finally settling down.. I like his new place too. It is very cosy and convenient to visit him :p

I took the afternoon off from work and dressed up to get ready to attend the ROM. We also bought Gladys a new pink dress so that she can take pretty photos with them.. Denver was also in his nice shirt and pants.

As we were still early, we went to Funan for a little walk.. but end up slightly late to reach the ROM as it took us some time to drive out from the carpark. :( Luckily we are still on time to take some photos.. Phew!

Big brother is the cameraman for today while eldest sister-in-law helped to take the video. We all headed into the room shortly for the solemnization. :) I tried to take video from my camera too.. but Owen gave me a scare when he dropped the ring.. hahaha.. I guess he was too excited?

After the solemnization, we also took a couple of photos outside. :) Pretty Bride and Handsome Groom. :D Owen even carried Huijie up .. and they look so happy and lovely together..

The newly-wed went to CHIMES for another round of photoshoot while we took my parents to Suntec City for a rest.. Dinner only starting about 2 hours later and so we had desserts at the basement foodcourt first. Gladys was also tired and she fell had a short nap.. I managed to grab some rest too. :)

Owen has arranged Dinner for the families at Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant (located on the second level within the Carlton hotel). I really enjoyed the food and it was really nice. I hope everyone was happy. :) It was a tiring day.. After sending my parents back home and putting the children to bed, I had another round of night meeting at 10pm.. Yawn.. I am very tired but happy... Looking forward to celebrating Christmas and Chinese New Year. :D

Finally.. Wishing Brother and HJ a Very Happy and Blissful Marriage.

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