Sunday, September 28, 2008

~ Upset ~

Today is that kind of days where I flare up... Couldn't control it.. it's just like a volcano that has stay dormant for awhile and waiting to erupt when the heat builds up.

Why? I guess I'm just tired, fed up.. and feeling that I'm taken for granted again.. like a maid. Work is building up.. more night meetings... it's going to get worse with the weekend support call now. Yet, I got to handle ALL the housework and look after the kids. Sighz...

Has always been sickly lately.. but even if I'm sick, I got to work.. Went to my mum's place for lunch today.. I was lying on the bed and unknowingly I fell asleep... But I realise I slept so well (even if it's only a short moment).. knowing my brother can help me look after the 2 kids. Brother show me a new PS game and said I can try playing it too.. First thought.. how can that possibly happen. I can only play little short games..

There's always things for me to do at home.. if it's not the kids or work.. its thinking about the washing, cleaning.. when to change the bedsheets.. wash the toilets... vacuum, mop... arggh.. What's the point of saying.. Its been so many years and so many times... but I just want to let it off my chest so that I won't go crazy.

I'm upset that I am being ignored.. felt emotionally imbalance.. getting edgy and upset. This is especially stronger after my late night meetings... I am still staying up to hang and fold the clothes... I wanted to "罢工"! ... Come to think about it... When was the last time I got a complete day of rest? Not needing to worry or lift a finger on the kids and house matter.. Maybe if I fall very very ill and cannot stand..

Ok.. Enough of complaining... so what if I flare up at everyone and I'm upset? At the end of the day.. I'm still unhappy.. it's seem like I'm at fault and NOTHING will change.. - The tears only make my eyes super tired the next day and I will probably get a bad headache.. I already spoil my Sunday night.. shall not think about it and retreat to my dormant state. *Peace.....

Friday, September 26, 2008

~ Happy Birthday, Gladys! ~

Yesterday was Gladys' 2nd Birthday!!! Hubby and I took the afternoon off to take the kids out. We did not know where to bring them... end up I decided to take them to the Airport... Why?? Cos I figure Gladys would love to see the planes take off... and she has all the place to roam about..

I was playing with the kids while hubby was driving.. Gladys looks a bit grumpy initially.. it took me awhile to warm her up and make her laugh... Of course I was busy taking pictures with my Blackberry at the same time :p

We reached T2 and our first stop is the viewing mall.. hmmm.. the view is kinda limited and not very good.. only a couple of seats around.. but Gladys was really excited when she saw the big planes and started pointing and shouting. :) Denver on the other hand started to feel bored after awhile... Kids.. hard to please them... :p

Next, we took them on a Skytrain ride... from T2 to T1 to T3 and then back to T2.. Denver was excited switching from train to train and looking at the view outside.. We stopped by some shops within the terminals and walk around..

As usual, Denver will always be hungry.... so we stopped by Burger King for a light meal.. The kids got 2 paper crowns and both of them quickly put it on happily.. Denver even said he is the Lord of the Ring! I wonder if he knows what that means. :p

My dearest Prince Denver and Princess Gladys :p

After leaving the Airport, we went to Singapore Expo - Robinson Sale. Bought a couple of stuff and headed back to Compass Point to buy a Fruit cake at Bengawan Solo for Gladys.

Gladys woke up from her nap when we reached bro-in-law's house.. just nice. I quickly feed her porridge and very soon she went out to play with MengEn - the other child that my mil is helping to look after. Their age gap is pretty near and hence Gladys and MengEn always play together while the older kids play their own games.. Well, at least they are happy :)

The whole family finally went to Rivervale Plaza and have McDonalds for dinner... it's actually for the kids.. all of them love McDonalds and we often eat together as a family during the children's birthday. After having a very full spread of 'unhealthy' fastfood.. we went back to bil's place for the usual Happy Birthday song and "Cake cutting ceremony". :p

Gladys was really happy to see the cake... and keep starring at it..:) I hope she likes it cos Mummy chose it.

She was startled when we started to sing the Happy Birthday song.. and quickly jump onto my lap to hug me.. I think she looks a bit shy too. :p Time to blow the candle... urrhhhhh.. she don't know how to blow yet :p hahaha end up Mummy and Denver gor gor help her out..

The cake was yummy.. very fruity and almost all the cake was finished.. :) I took the very last few pieces back home as my breakfast for the next day. :p

It's a really tiring day... the kids were sound asleep when they got home... Hubby went to bed early too cos he was not feeling well.. and me?? I stay on and started attending my night teleconference at 10pm and only finished at 12am... Gosh.. What a Day!!!

Happy Happy Birthday Gladys.. Hope you enjoyed all the love and joy that Mummy, Daddy and Denver Gor gor has shower you with...