Monday, June 21, 2010

~ Sakae Welcomes the World 2010 ~

I received an E-invite from Jacintha from Sakae last Thursday to attend an exclusive carnival - SAKAE WELCOMES The WORLD 2010 at the Sakae Building. Specially took a day's off to take Denver out for some fun before the school re-opens next week.

Denver and I took the Circle Line down to Tai Seng and Sakae Building is just right across the road after we exit. I happily thought and assume that it's not too far after all... but I was TOTALLY WRONG! After crossing the traffic, we need to make a BIG detour in order to get to the entrance. Anyway, we finally made it there and got to meet Jacintha in person! She is a pretty and sweet lady whom gave us a warm welcome as we arrived.
There are already children playing at the various game stations and Denver joins in the fun too.

Children can collect a game report card at the counter and there will be a mini free gift upon completing 4 stations and collecting 4 stamps successfully.

Denver going through all the 4 stations.... Top Skipper, King of Hoops, Top Challenger Floorball and the Incredible Rush.

Denver competing with his peers and had a good work out. :) Needless to say, the Floorball is his favourite. :D He queue up to join in the game..3 players in a team and the team who score a goal first wins. Denver played the game twice and he tried being the goalkeeper on his 2nd attempt. :) His team didn't win, but it's the fun that counts. :D
After completing the game stations, there are also other sport activities. The set up is exactly the same as what we saw at Compass Point Atrium last month. This is in conjunction with promoting YOG-Let's Play! There are table-tennis, handball, netball, soccer, basketball etc.. Children/Adult gets a free gift if they can score a goal. :)

 Denver did well and scored in netball, handball and soccer... :D So he got a few freebies! hahaha.

The other highlights for today's carnival is the launch of Sakae's latest Power Pro Bento Set. This is to promote healthy eating and active lifestyle. Mr Teo Ser Luck, Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports is today's Guest-of-Honour.

Sakae also donated $25,000 to the YOG Sailors and Sakae fans can look forward to the limited edition sporty plush toys for archery, boxing, sailing and weightlifting this August.


We also received a free Sushi Pack each and that was our lunch. :) MMMMMmmm.. YUMMY YUMMY SUSHI! 

We left the event after staying there for more than an hour and while we are on our way out and taking a long walk back to the MRT station, we got caught in a heavy RAIN! :( Even my brolly cannot save us from getting WET. That is the only spoiler for the carnival... but we went back home with many goodies! Thank you Jacintha for the invitation! ^_^  

Felt kinda sorry and guilty that I didn't bring Gladys along.. :( so I decided to give her the cutest froggie. Denver protested for awhile cos he likes the froggie too.. but there is only 1 and he had all the food and fun for today.  So Gladys wins the froggie! ^_^ 


  1. Denver must be happy. good food, sports, and even souvenirs ...

  2. Yup. He had a good time. A treat for him before the school reopens next week. :)

  3. i like floorball too XD

  4. Yup! It looked very fun and my boy enjoyed it. :)

  5. Yup! It looked very fun and my boy enjoyed it. :)