Thursday, February 26, 2009

~ Rainbow ~

It has been raining lately.... Yesterday we went to Hougang to buy some bottles of Johnson & Johnson baby bath. Along the way, I stopped by a shop and bought a 6 inch square tray so that I don't need to buy disposable aluminium trays all the time for my cheesecakes. :p

While crossing the road, Gladys keep shouting "RAINBOW, RAINBOW!" I thought she was just blabbering to herself again.. but she keep pointing to the sky and when I looked up, true enough, there was a nice Rainbow in the gloomy dark sky... In fact, there were 2!! One arc above the other... :) NICE!!!

Denver and Gladys were SOoooo excited.. They only get to see rainbows in it's their first time seeing a RAINBOW in the sky! :D We stood along the shophouses and watched it. Gladys was so happy and Denver says "Mommy, I finally saw a real rainbow!". :D

As the sky starts to turn darker, the rainbow disappear... Gladys was kinda disappointed and shake her hand : "没有 Rainbow 了"... :)

~ Handicraft - Paper Plate Art ~

Last Sunday, Denver brought home a handmade fish made from paper plates from his Speech & Drama lesson. It's pretty simple actually and you can put your hand inside... Since there is only 1, I decided to make another paper plate fish for Gladys so that they can play together.

The following day, I made 2 more paper plate crabs and a paper plate starfish using the same concept. The kids simply colour on their own paper plates (Messy.. hahahhaa) while I helped them to touch up and staple the pieces together. :)  Took me some time to draw and cut out the shapes...but they had fun colouring and afterwhich they started making up stories together. Worth spending my effort and energy.. :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

~ No Bake Yogurt Cheesecake - Part 2 ~

I tried making the cheesecake 2nd time using a 7 inch tray and made some adjustment to the receipe.


12 digestive biscuit, crushed
4 tablespoon of butter, melted
1 package of 250 gram Cream Cheese, softened
⅓ cup of plain low-fat yogurt (about 3 tablespoon)
⅓ cup sugar (about 4 tablespoon)
½ teaspoon of lemon juice
1 teaspoon of gelatin
5 tablespoon of warm water


1) To make the base of the cake crust, coarsely chop digestive biscuits. Mix with melted butter, and finely crush biscuits with fork.

2) Line 7 x 7-inch square pan with cling wrap, with slightly extending over all sides. I used an aluminuim foil tray for convenience..Press biscuit mixture firmly onto the base. Store it in the freezer.

3) Mix gelatin into warm water. Let is set down for 5 min, and then stir it till dissolved.
4) To make the filling, put cream cheese, yogurt, sugar, lemon juice and dissolved gelatin into a large deep bowl. Beat mixture with electric mixer at low speed until well blended and smooth.

5) Take out pan of crust from the freezer. Spoon filling over crust. Use the back of the spoon to smoothen the surface of cake.
6) Cover and refrigerate it for at least 2 hours, or until firm.

Optional: I put additional layer of jelly on top of the cheese layer.

1) Mix jelly crystals in 250ml of hot water and stir until it is completely dissolved.
2) Pour in 250ml of cold water and mix again.
3) Pour the mixture on top of the cheese layer and refrigerate it for a couple of hours.

If you did this at night, the cake will be ready the next morning. This time, I put more gelatine and the cheese holds better and looks thicker. Quite happy with the shape of the cake. :) This time it didn't looks like a biscuit.

Sampling time.. Ummmm.. Hubby prefers the previous version without the jelly. He felt that it was a bit too sour with too much lemon. But on the whole, he says it's ok. I think I like it without the jelly too.. maybe I chose the wrong flavour. But then again, the cheese layer definitely looks thicker and not too soft compared to the previous time.

Hubby took some of my cakes and gave it to my neighbours to sample. Gosh! I wasn't confident enough yet! One of my neighbour says it's nice except he felt the lemon flavour can be stronger. Hmmm.. I guess different people prefers it differently. :) Still, it was a successful attempt. Maybe next time I'll try chocolate or Oreal :) Enough CHEESE for a week.. getting fatty.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

~ No Bake Yogurt Cheesecake - Part 1 ~

I have been trying to cook lately.. developing a new interest? Hmmm.. I dunno.. but I have been practicing. :) Just yesterday, I cooked rice, steam egg (again), steam chicken which Hubby has marinated and fried hotdogs for dinner. Not a very healthy meal.. cos there are no vegetables. Got to try make some next time.

I was browsing through a couple of food blog and discovered this delicious cheesecake receipe..The best part of it is there is no baking required! Since I don't have an oven at home.. this is PERFECT!! The other good thing about this receipe is the ingredients required are very simple.. really a good try for first timer like me!

Told hubby about my plans... picked up the courage and bought the stuff... I went back home and started following the receipe.. End result... urmmm not too bad... just that the biscuit is not thick enough.. the cheese layer also seems to be too soft.. Hmmm.. I ended added another biscuit layer on top to increase the depth.. Ehhh.. Now it looks like a cheesy biscuit than a cake. I tried a piece and see if my stomach runs before letting Hubby and Denver try them. Hubby said it's Not Bad and Denver likes it too! :) Don't know if Hubby was hungry or what.. but he very 赏脸 and finished half of my 'chesse biscuits' in a day.. :D

~ Hospitalization ~

Dad has been bleeding during urination... so he was scheduled to have an operation to remove the stones in his bladder the past Thursday. I took a day leave and Hubby sent us to TTSH. We registered at the Day Surgery Centre and I kept Dad company at the waiting ward where he changed his clothes and the nurse measure his blood pressure and asks some questions. He was later pushed to another ward for his operation at 11am. It's going to take about 2-3 hours...

Hubby went off to work while I go home and do some house cleaning. Left home again and have lunch at Compasspoint. I bought some Chinese magazines for Dad and travel down to Novena. Along the way, hospital called to say Dad's just finished operation and they'll call again. I went to walk around the shopping malls... but not really in a mood. The hospital finally called again that I can come to visit.

Dad looked really tired after the operation. He was feeling dizzy and in pain. I was glad I was there as the nurses came to ask a lot of questions. I managed to speak with the doctor later. Apprantly there was another condition with Dad which I didn't konw. He had a prostate enlargement and during the operation, both the stones and part of the prostate was removed. Part of it was sent to the labs for testing to make sure it wasn't cancerous. I hope the results would be fine.

I kept Dad company for the rest of the afternoon and talked to him abit.. Later, the nurses came to inform that Dad needs to change ward as there are now beds available in the Class C ward. I was running late already as I need to go home to pick the kids.. Lucky big brother and Pat has come to visit and I leave for home first.

It has been a tiring day and I fall sick the next day. Worked in the morning for half a day and went on MC.. Hubby fetched me to visit Dad in the afternoon... he was looking so much better. The doctor says he can be discharged on Saturday if his condition is good. :D

After waiting.... Dad finally got home this morning! He would have to watch out for his health and go hospital if there is fever or bleeding again. Doctor also advice him to be careful at home, no carrying of heavy stuff and walk slowly to avoid falls.

Although Dad is 74 years old, he is very independent. During the stay, he can answers the questions well and listens to instruction. I am really glad... The prostate results will be out after a few weeks.. hopefully everything will goes well.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

~ Car Accident ~

We had a shocking evening.. Hubby's car was being hit by a lorry from behind while he was driving from a slip road turning out to the main road at Sengkang. Denver, Gladys and I were sitting at the back at the time. It was a loud BANG and we were SHOCKED!

Hubby's car boot was badly damaged... :( He was already sick and lost his voice.. so I had to be his translator..I helped to call his agent, insurance company and the tow services.. Actually I also caught a flu earlier and was on MC yesterday.. now all the talking also make my throat uncomfortable and dry. sighz...

Luckily none of us were injured.. Denver even got down the car to see the damages.. he even walked up to the lorry driver and ask him "Uncle, why you knock my Daddy's car?" ....... and that uncle actually reply him that it was an accident.. So funny. Well, hopefully hubby can claim the payments smoothly.

We took pictures, wrote down the details and hubby drove back home. The tow servcies say they will come at 9.30pm to tow the car away. We waited and they call up to say it has to be changed to 1230am cos all their drivers are out... Fine.. we waited again... by 12 midnight, the guy called again and ask if we can change it to 6am instead.. -____- I was kinda frastrated by then... cos I am tired..just ended my late night meeting and my hubby waited for them to come..Now they are telling me that they couldn't make it! I wasn't too harsh on him and kinda indicate that it wasn't too fair for us.. making us waited for sooo long.. Then again, there is nothing he can do. Well, no point waiting... I request that they'll be punctual at 615am instead....which they did. I got an early morning call at 6.10am and the car is finally being towed away for repairs..

Hubby managed to loan a replacement car.. a new Toyota Vios model. Denver likes the 'new' car and finds it cool.. It will be with us for another 10 to 12 days as that's the amount of time before our car is returned. That's very looooong and I hope all the accident payments eventually get sorted and settled soon.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

~ Cooking Time! ~

I always wanted to try cooking... especially as the kids are growing older. I only know how to make instant noodles, eggs and canned food. Yesterday I finally cook my own rice using the multi-tier steamer (After 32 years!). I opened up a can of luncheon meat and also tried steam egg too... The whole meal took me about 30 minutes to prepare and ready to eat.

Final outcome, not too bad for the first time attempt. The rice is just nice...urmmm.. except that I mis-calculated and cooked too much rice. The steam egg was not salty enough too. I guess I was on a cautious side on the amount of salt to put in. Well, that can be overcome with adding a bit of Soy sauce. :D

Good attempt. I'll try something else next time :p

Thursday, February 12, 2009

~ Black Thursday and Missing Child ~

Tomorrow is Friday 13th.. the so call Black Friday.. but I already had a lousy lousy day today.

Had a late night meeting yesterday till mid-night and woke up by my blackberry alert at 615am. After that continuous issues start to pop up. I had a busy busy morning... Then I received a phone call from Denver's Chinese teacher that he had a slight injury while playing in school. Apparently he and another student knock against each other accidentally and Denver's lips was injured. Luckily it wasn't serious....

Afternoon wasn't any better.. I started to have a headache and felt sleepy.. A couple of complain emails also came in.. Felt so tired.. Just as when I thought it's the end of the day and I can go back for dinner, Hubby called to say Denver is nowhere to be found! OMG!

He picked me up and we rushed back to my inlaws's place.. I called sil and she said Denver is not back yet! :( I was SOOOO WORRIED! Hubby and I went to search around the nearby blocks.. but no luck... So I decided to go up and check.. Sil came down this moment and said Denver is back home! PHEEEEWWWWWWW..... such a big relief ....

Denver looked very tired when I saw him... He didn't bath and said he was not hungry. We didn't scold him.. only reminded him that he should tell his grandparents or an adult before going anywhere... Apparently, he heard the baby at 13th floor keep crying and went down to have a look. Somehow, he stayed there and didn't return. Luckily my mil heard his voice and manage to find him.. Mil said he doesn't look right and suggested that we bring him to pray.

We had a quick dinner and went back home.. The earlier scare tired me off completely. Nevertheless, we took the kids out to Punggol Plaza for a Japanese meal which is Denver favourite. That cheered him up abit. We also bought jelly and watermelon which he likes..

Upon reaching home, I had a little personal chat with Denver.. telling him that he really made all of us worried sick today. Also the importance of telling an adult in the family before leaving the house. I know that Denver started to feel upset again... but he promise me that he won't do it again. Sometimes children can be very careless and mindless.. As parents, we can help to remind them and hopefully they will learn to be responsible and be safe and sound.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

~ The night without BB and Laptop ~

15 days of the CNY holidays are finally over.

I was rather happy on my way back yesterday.. It has been ages since I came home without my laptop and not being disturbed by my Blackberry... Why? Because my account is being migrated and I'm not suppose to logon in the progress. So happy... and the load is definitely lightened... I did not read my emails and can have complete rest and concentration at home. Too bad it's only for a short night...

It was 元宵节 and I get to 捞鱼生 for the 4th and final time with my family, sil and inlaws. :D After that, we went back home and open up all the angpows the children have collected this year. Denver and Gladys love to tear up the red packets.. seeing the $2, $10 notes lying all over the bed.. Final count $1112... It wasn't as much compared to last year but it's considered a substantial amount especially due to the poor economic situation lately. Time to save up!

Don't know why I felt so tired all of a sudden and really doze off for awhile.. I missed seeing the full moon which was suppose to be the largest in the past 52 years. I could have had the chance to go down and take a nice picture but was too lazy and tired to do so.

Lately hasn't been happy at work.. can't tell exactly why... I guess I am getting too tired and wanted to spend more time with the kids. But $$$ is still an important factor to consider.. I can only wish and hope that Hubby strike a big Toto prize or Lottery. Ah Well.. back to my realistic world.........

Sunday, February 08, 2009

~ Another stress weekend ~

After enjoying a couple of weeks of peace due to the CNY holidays, I am back to the weekend support for the 4th time. Frankly speaking, I still haven't got the hang of it... and luck isn't on my side too.

I had 2 alarmpoint message on Saturday morning right after my duty starts.. and I couldn't close the case because it was an overlook on my side. Lucky I spot the mistake and got it fixed. Another page came in on Sunday morning 248am... I drag my body out to the living and realise there is a case which I should have done at Sunday 1am and not Monday 1am.. Aiyo.. apparently I got the time mixed up.. :(

Anyway, I must have been too tired and couldn't think properly.. was unsure of the case and ended up calling up my lead for advice again. Opps. Finally finished off the case at 3 plus am and I was tired.. but, I couldn't sleep.. :( Soon, I started to sneeze non stop and nose started to run. I ended up sleeping in the living room through the rest of the night till the next morning when Gladys came yelling for Mummy.

Hubby helped to feed the kids and bathed them, while I catch a couple more minutes of sleep. Still, I woke up at 8.30am and got ready to take Denver to his Speech and Drama class. At noon time, we went to Compass Point for lunch and took them to the library to borrow some books. Just as I thought that we can go window shop for a little while more, my Blackberry got alerted again. :( We headed back home straight and I worked on the case again.. By now, I was very tired and try to take a little nap but ended up being page again an hour later.. sighz... couldn't sleep after that and I keep Denver company by reading storybooks together with him.

Everytime I went out for lunch/dinner, I will pray hard that the alerts don't come in.. so that my family can eat in peace.. Today's dinner was ok and now I have another 12 hours to go before I can hand off my weekend support duty. Hopefully I can have a good night sleep. Yawnzzzz

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

~ Expiring Passport ~

Hubby wanted to plan for a short, budget trip to Vietnam this April/May.. There was a promotion by Tiger airways where the airfare is on 33% discount. Really looks attractive and the hotels are not too expensive.

He was ready to make the booking online yesterday when we realise that my passport is expiring in September this year! Hmmmm... it's going to be within 6 months of expiry and I doubt we can go ahead and make our bookings.. :( I called up Tiger airways this morning and true enough, even if I renew my passport, it will be over the promotion period and booking via the phone does not enjoy the 33% discount airfare.

Well, there goes our travel plans... I will have to find time to renew my passport first and see if we can make plans for other on-coming trips.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

~ End of CNY Visitings ~

Today will be our final day of visitings for this CNY. We went to Jason's parents house for lunch and then head to Meiqin's house. I realise that I keep forgetting to take photos with them.. Urggghhh...Sighz. We seldom get to meet up and so I am really happy to be able to have a small gathering and do some catching up this time. The children warm up very soon and in a moment, you can see them running around the house.. keeping themselves entertained. hahaha.

Our final stop for the day is at Kevin's parents house at Tai Keng Gardens. Auntie will always prepare steamboat for us and we had dinner there.. Denver loves to come here because there are toys to play, a nice swing and also a backyard where he can play ball. The children ran from the swing to the grass, inside the house and out again. They really had a good time.. Well, the most important thing is they are happy and really enjoyed this CNY.