Thursday, February 26, 2009

~ Rainbow ~

It has been raining lately.... Yesterday we went to Hougang to buy some bottles of Johnson & Johnson baby bath. Along the way, I stopped by a shop and bought a 6 inch square tray so that I don't need to buy disposable aluminium trays all the time for my cheesecakes. :p

While crossing the road, Gladys keep shouting "RAINBOW, RAINBOW!" I thought she was just blabbering to herself again.. but she keep pointing to the sky and when I looked up, true enough, there was a nice Rainbow in the gloomy dark sky... In fact, there were 2!! One arc above the other... :) NICE!!!

Denver and Gladys were SOoooo excited.. They only get to see rainbows in it's their first time seeing a RAINBOW in the sky! :D We stood along the shophouses and watched it. Gladys was so happy and Denver says "Mommy, I finally saw a real rainbow!". :D

As the sky starts to turn darker, the rainbow disappear... Gladys was kinda disappointed and shake her hand : "没有 Rainbow 了"... :)

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