Sunday, March 01, 2009

~ Ice cream cake + Pandan cheesecake ~

Hubby bought 2 tubs of ice-cream and I tried to be funny and made an ice-cream cake out of it.. First, I set the base with biscuit crumbs and freeze it.. then, a layer of chocolate ice-cream. Set to freeze again before setting another layer of biscuit crumbs and finally the top layer of vanilla ice-cream filled with biscuit crumbs toppings.

Taste: Urmmm.. I can only say its weird.. :( Lucky I only made a small one.

I made another cheesecake with the kids last friday.. Denver has been asking me to make one with him.. so they did the easiest part.. Squash the biscuit to tiny tiny little crumbs.. :) Denver and Gladys watched as I did the rest. This time I made it to go with Pandang flavour.. The final outcome didn't come out to be what I wanted.. Hubby also didn't seems to like the combination.. But I had a similar version made by my ex-colleague and it really tasted soooo nice! Hmm.. I wonder where did I go wrong.

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