Saturday, November 29, 2008

~ MSD Family Day 08 - Bottle Tree Park ~

Today is our company's yearly family day.. Unlike the previous years where we used to have DnD.. this time we are taking that off to save cost.. Compare to last year's family day event, the prizes, goodie bag and games are not as fantastic.

We headed off to the Bottle Tree Park early in the morning.. it was HOT! There isn't much things to do there too.. Unfortunately, hubby didn't feel well shortly and we ended up only staying there for about an hour and headed back home.. I was very disappointed and really wonder why things don't go along well for me lately.. sighz...

The only good thing I guess is the kids got a bit of fun there and grab some snacks back..Oh! It's also their first time havng fun on the "Jumpy Castle" .... and for me are the photos of them enjoying themselves. :) At least we did not get to go home empty handed..

Monday, November 24, 2008

~ Flying off ~

I was on half day leave last friday to send my bil off at the airport.. He will be in the US for the next couple of months away for training...and will miss spending Christmas, New Year and CNY with the family.

My sil could not bear the sadness and decided not to send him off.. Jasper also decided to stay at home to play computer games while Royston changed his mind and followed. The other kids also tag along and we all went to T3..

It was fine at the beginning... as the time to check-in got near, Royston was in tears... Sayang.. Well.. its always hard to send your love ones especially for such a long period. After biding farewell, we went to the viewing gallery to watch the aeroplanes take off.. Gladys love to see that.. We also managed to catch a glimsp of bil inside the terminal and wave him goodbye from above.

As it was also near the Christmas season, the theme for this year at the Airport is Disney.. there are disney characters along the way to the airport. We also took some pictures with the Disney deco displayed at T3 before heading home for dinner...

Jasper also went to Hongkong yesterday for his first oversea school's field trip. As he has scored well in his exams, he was priviledge to be selected by the school to join this event. :) Hope he will enjoy his trip to Disneyland over there!