Monday, August 31, 2009

~ Happy Birthday to Me! ~

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It's my birthday *again. :) It has been a happening year for me so far. Still, among the 'unfortunate' things that have happen, I still feel very blessed with the little happiness that exist around me.

Denver is finishing his school earlier today as tomorrow is Teacher's Day. Hubby and I took a day off and we all went out.. (Urmm.. All except Gladys as she is ill). Although it's my birthday, Denver eventually enjoyed the most. We went straight to Suntec City and spent $30 on Animal Kaiser card games. Next, we had lunch at Kuishin-bo. Yummy..My favourite!!

After a heavy lunch buffet, Denver had his chance with the camera and try to take a picture of me and hubby. First attempt, fingers caught in the view!
2nd chance, didn't give us signal and Daddy is not ready!
3rd try, not too bad... Finally manage to take a good shot! :)
Denver seems to have lots of fun today. Eat alot, played alot :) I felt bad that Gladys couldn't join in.. so we went to buy the Ponyo Ponyo DVD for her! She always get excited whenever she saw the previews outside the CD stall. Some people used to mention to me that she looks like Ponyo too. We went back to pick her in the evening and took her to Compass Point. She played at the arcade and also choose my Birthday cake.. Gladys wanted a princess printed cake but there isn't any today... Only Transformers... :( Eventually we settled for a normal Chocolate cake.

Denver drew me a Birthday card too. :) A simple card but with lots of love. :) Love it! Cake, Card, Happy Birthday Song, my love ones with me... What more will I ask for?

I have been very fortunate to have my love ones with me.. Thank you for EVERYTHING! I LOVE YOU ALL TOO!

Friday, August 28, 2009

~ Cat in the House! ~

A small cat got into the house this morning while I was working... I got a scare when I suddenly hear a cat purring... and there it was in the kitchen starring at me... YEAKS! Well.. the kitten looks more scared than I am and it quickly went to hide under the table.

I tried to slowly 'invite' it out of the house with the broom stick but no luck.. :( Ah!!!!!!! Luckily the kitten was quiet and well behaved. It just hide in the kitchen corner under the table throughout the whole afternoon while I work. When hubby finally comes home in the evening, he managed to carry it out of the house. Amazingly the kitten keep running back in and we had to carry it out to the stairs. Somehow I feel bad though for not able to keep it cos I'm not sure if it has an owner since it has no collar. But I can't keep it as well since we have kids at home.. I can only hope kitty can find its way back to where it came from.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

~ Family Trip Booked! ~

Hubby was recently back in Singapore from his 2nd Manila work trip a couple of days ago. I missed him so much.. It was so tiring for me when he was missing in action. The kids were also happy to see their Daddy back. Daddy always brings back presents for them... :) This time round was a shirt, a Naruto watch, a globe for Denver and many Balloons, Plasticine, Colour pencils, Mickey Mouse birthday deco for Gladys. I also got a nice handphone strap. :) Denver finally gets to get out of the house and not being cope at home. He also went back to his swimming lesson after recovering from a broken arm.

The other major thing that happened was planning for our year end vacation trip to Manila-Cebu. There were some issues earlier on with confirming exactly WHO are the people going. Initially the plan was only my family and my inlaws. Somehow things got complicated. Anyway, that was beyond my control and I can only tell myself to look on the bright side and make best of whatever is going to come.

Hubby and I are closely monitoring the ticket price from Cebu Pacific Air ( as it was fluctuating. The other day I saw it was priced at $129 per pax from SG to Cebu (transit at Manila). In just 1 day, it raised by more than $100!!!!

Luckily, I saw a promotion offer on the website (30% discount from usual price) due to the Halloween Special yesterday. We managed to grab the cheaper tickets today after staying up past midnight to make our bookings online. The Air ticket Price is about $1800 for 6 pax. It was SO tiring!! But lucky we did stay up as the cheaper tickets were gone in no time. The next morning, I was told by my pinoy colleague that the cebupacificair website was down this morning. HA!

Next step is planning on the itinerary and which hotel to stay. I'm hoping this trip would be a refreshing one.. Good Luck!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

~ Weekend work ~

It's an 'EXCITING' saturday! After all the planning and meetings, the SG Data Centre is going through expansion starting this weekend. I have been working for the past few days and nights making sure our colleagues who are working on the tasks are clear with the instructions.

Woke up early in the morning and logon to my laptop to check the status of the work. It went fairly well and we are ahead of schedule! Completing the work which was scheduled for tomorrow. :) There was a few entries that needed rectification and the only major hiccup is part of the replication didn't went through for the final batch. Luckily my US lead was online and he was able to get assistance from the support team to clear the malforms.

Everything should work well now. I'm waiting for further updates and confirmation after the servers have booted up. Which will be in another couple of more hours later. *Keeping my fingers crossed.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

~ Staying focus ~

After 2 consecutive nights of meetings, I'm soooo tired. Always feeling hungry at this hour and really need to find something to munch on... The kids are asleep and Gladys is finally feeling better now. Body is getting tired and this coming weekend I have to work as well. Ouch.. :(

It's the 9th day since Hubby is away and I can't wait for him to be back in a few days time. :) He mentioned that he bought presents for the kids. Really miss him ah. I'm finally made plans to take a few days off during the September school holidays. Hmmm.. haven't really decided on where to go then though. In the meantime, I'll have to stay focus and healthy before Hubby is back!

Monday, August 17, 2009

~ Hives (FengMo) ~

After battling a tough week, I thought things would be better... However, on Sunday afternoon, I discovered red spots on Gladys' body. By evening, the blotches of red patch increased in size and started to spread on her body, thighs and part of her upper arm. Gosh! Is it an allergy attack?

I panic for awhile...not knowing what to do. Feeling a bit upset too. Why all the wrong things came at the wrong time. I quickly packed my stuff and brought the children over to my inlaws place to be 'access' by them. My mil wasn't feeling well as she lost her voice. They felt that it should be due to an allergy from the medicine but I wasn't too sure about it... Bought dinner for the kids and I had their left overs.. by late night, I show mil Gladys' red patches and she says it should be rashes and we'll check the next morning again.

This morning I woke up early and the red blotches has spreaded further... Asked my mil to check again and she confirms that its Feng(1) Mo(4) or "Hives". Told me not to worry as they'll wash her with either rice wine or lemon grass water to get rid of the dirty stuff.
It was really depressing to see Gladys covered with the unsightly red patches.. but I guess there's nothing much I can do for now. After all the commotion, I was running late for work.. end up wfh today.. Sighz...

The good thing is by evening, Gladys' spots didn't spread further and it is controlled. Somehow the lemon grass water really helps. We'll have to take care of her these few days to make sure she is well. She still have a bit of cough and flu still.. Hopefully all will be good again.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

~ All by Myself ~

It's a tough week.. 5 days since Hubby has left to work and I have been juggling with my work and the kids. It will get tougher next month as my inlaws has rented out the other common room that we are temporary staying to a Singaporean lady (who happens to be the same age as me) and I'll probably have to take the children to & fro everyday.

There are always so many barang barang to take.. clothes, pillows, toothbrush, chargers etc.. and somehow I will always forget to bring something there or back. Last time was the starhub mobile stick.. now it's my Blackberry charger.. :(

To make things worse, Gladys wasn't feeling well. She started coughing and couldn't sleep well at night. My inlaws took her to see a Chinese physician yesterday but it didn't seem to get any better. I took Denver to the CC for his lesson and kept Gladys company while waiting.
Last night was bad... Gladys got cranky and cried. She woke up a couple of times and I didn't sleep well. She started to have running nose this morning and does not look well. I took the children on a bus ride to Dr Khoo's clinic to get some medications. On our way back, it started to rain... GOSH! Luckily I manage to hail a cab and we finally got home.

Lunch was Maggie mee with meatballs and eggs. Gladys had a short nap but she began to develop a fever. Sigh.... At the very moment, the Aircon repairman came to fix the air-condition. I have to carry her out of the room and pacify her. Good thing is they fix it rather quickly and I hope it will work this time.

Later in the afternoon was drawing time... We open up new crayons and started drawing buildings. It was one of the most colourful drawing Denver drew so far. Which was good. :)

I gave Gladys drank 100 plus (mix with a bit of water) as I was adviced by my inlaws that it will help to reduce the fever. She drank a lot and pee a lot. The temperature went down and till now the fever didn't came back - yet..

I cooked porridge for dinner and was glad that the kids like it. It was mixed with minced chicken, carrots and corns. I had luncheon meat and egg while they prefer to go with cheese. Denver had 2 bowls of porridge and Gladys finished up her bowl.

Gladys felt much better later in the night.. fever didn't came back and she is more active. I do feel proud of myself for able to manage them while Hubby is away.. The only downside is I'm sooooo tired.. I felt that I have been working hard for the entire week with not much rest time. Planning to have take some days off in September... I used up almost half of my vacation days on my dad and denver's hospital visits. Really need a little break which I very much needed.

Friday, August 14, 2009

~ It's Seng Kang Primary School! ~

Today I received the official letter from Seng Kang Primary School that Denver's P1 registration has been successful and the orientation will be on 21st November. :D Being a neighbourhood school and there are other more 'famous' and 'popular' primary schools (e.g Nan Chiau, Rivervale etc) around, there was no balloting and everything went smoothly.
Well, unlike other parents who chose to go for a better school, we made the decision to go for a school of more convenience. Jasper and Royston (Denver's cousins) are already studying there and it will be much easier for my Fil to pick them from school in terms of logistics. Denver was happy to see the letter of acceptance and really looking foward to going to Primary 1. That's a good sign.

Monday, August 10, 2009

~ National Day Long Weekend ~

It was the National Day Looooong Weekend... No work and school on Monday! Yipeee!!!

We had a nice "All you can eat" lunch at Suki-Ya at Marina Square on Saturday. First time tried Sukiyaki and Shabu Shabu. There are free flow of meat slices (Chicken, Pork and Beef) - Personally, I like the Beef best. :) There is also a separate bar counter with fresh vegetables, toufu, mushroom, udon, eggs and many others.. It was not too bad (not really expensive - less than $20 per pax) and the kids enjoyed it.

Yesterday was Singapore's 44th Birthday and we all wear Red/White. :) First time ever.. hehehe. Went to Singapore Expo - Harvey Norman fair and bought a new camera. Haven't try taking photos using the new camera yet.

In the evening, Jasper and Royston came to our place to play PS3 while I help Hubby to pack his luggage for his flight on Tuesday. At the same time, I was watching the National Day parade.. waiting to say the pledge @ 8.22pm. Denver has been memorizing the pledge which he was taught in school (English and chinese version) for the past few days.

At 8.22pm, the kids were all called into the room to say the pledge!

We, the Citizen of Singapore
Pledge ourselves as one united people
Regardless of Race, Language or Religion
To build a Democratic society
Based on Justice and Equality
So as to achieve Happiness, Prosperity and Progress for our Nation!

Unfortunately, Gladys is still too young and buzy playing with her puzzle while we are saying the pledge. :p Hahaha. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

~ Movie Night - UP ~

My company has organised a Movie event yesterday and each employee who register will be given 2 free tickets. Additional tickets will be purchased at $10 each as it was a weekend. It was a very good opportunity for us to go for a movie night out together. Initially they wanted to select Harry Potter, but due to the "not so good" reviews, it was later changed to "UP". The reviews so far has been good and it should be entertaining to the children as well!

Earlier, there was some 'hiccups' to my seating arrangments as I was being given tickets which are 3rd row from the front instead of the back. (due to a mistake and miscalculation). Luckily it was resolved and I got the seats at the back! :)

Denver look forward to the movie event as he loves to have his favourite sweet popcorn and drinks. :) Gladys just tag along with her brother, not really knowing where she is going. hehe.

There was a lot of people at Plaza Singapura.. We headed to collect our free snacks. 2 popcorns, 2 nachos, 2 jumbo hotdogs and 4 coke!!! That's a lot!! Luckily they were all nicely packed and we manage to finish the hotdogs and 1 drink before going to the movie hall.

The seats were great! It was 2nd row from the back and at the side. We started munching away all the snacks. When the show finally starts, I started to wonder if Gladys can stay through the entire show. It was afterall her 2nd time at the movies.

The movie was nice! Gladys sit through the movie all the way! WHICH IS GREAT! She loves the balloons and the characters in the show. Even though she could not really understand what's going on. :p Denver didn't really appreciate the movie as much, but he finish up the popcorn! Hahaha.. It was good.. I enjoyed the movie. Looking forward to try this again next time. :)