Friday, June 27, 2008

~ Denver's 5th Birthday ~

26 Jun - Denver's 5th birthday... How time flies... the night before, we were busy preparing the goodie bags to be distributed to Denver's classmates in school.. We bought biscuits, sweets, rulers, rubbers, pencils, whistles and balloons. Denver helpded to pack all the items into each bag.

I was on medical leave yesterday as I was suffering from a bad cold and cough.. after sending the kids over to my inlaws, hubby and I had breakfast and carried the goodie bags to school. I went to see a doctor and slept through the whole morning only to wake up in the afternoon to do a bit of work.. tired..

That evening, the whole family including my inlaws, bro/sis in law and the kids went to Rivervale Plaza to have dinner at Macdonalds.. I think he had a great time munching his fries, ice-cream and being with his cousins. :) Later, I brought him to a nearby cake shop to choose his birthday cake..there wasn't much selection to choose from so he took quite awhile before making the decision.... Phew... We walked back to my bil's place for another Happy Birthday singing session and cake cutting 'ceremony'.. :)

We already gave Denver his present a couple of weeks ago - Ben 10 watch. He also received a couple of other presents too.. 2 new pairs of shirt and short from Uncle Owen and Chun Ho and a toy sword from my Brother & Sister in law.

Dear Denver, I hope you had fun and enjoyed it.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

~ New Blackberry ~

Yeah.. get to change my blackberry 2 days ago... (due to end of contract). Well, actually it will be even better if I do not carry one... since the BB is used for work matters and to support urgent calls. Ever since I carry it, I have the habit of looking at the emails which can be quite disruptive and disturbing.

Still, it's a new device and I like it.. :) I chose the Blackberry Curve 8320 model and comparing with my old BB, it is lighter, have a 2 mp camera, wider screen and WIFI. Cool!

Anyway.. fallen sick today with cough, flu and headache. Took MC today..but still have to a night meeting tonight. :( Today is Denver's 5th birthday too!! Have to get well soon to celebrate with him later too.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

~ Uncle Leong Seafood ~

Peiyi came down from KL to visit and we decided to give her a treat to thanks her for helping us to book the hotel and bus tickets during our recent trip. As she wanted to eat big crab (since its not available in KL), we decided to take her to Uncle Leong Seafood ... Coincidentally, we met Huijie too.. she was also meeting her friends there for dinner. :)

This is our 3rd time there within 2 months... We ordered a couple of dishes.. including the famous "Golden Sand" crab. The crabs were big and meaty.. priced at $38 per kg.. pricy but nice.. The claypot crab beehoon was nice too.. We all had a heavy stomach after the dinner.. The good thing was now they accept payment by Credit cards.. (last time it was Cash only).

Name - Uncle Leong Seafood
Address - 233 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 Street 22 #01-1194, 6554-3453
Total bill - $160.. ($110 for 2 crabs).
No. of pax - 5 adults, 2 kids
Things to note - No booking accepted for timing after 630pm. Expect queue after 7pm.

Golden Sand Crab

Claypot crab bee hoon

Spinach with salted egg and chicken egg

Chicken meat

Fried Seafood Toufu

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

~ Cranky Gladys ~

Gladys has been giving me headache for the past 2 nights.. :( Usually she is fast asleep within the hour .. but it's not happening lately.. by 10pm she is still awake.. not even letting my hubby hugging her to bed. Started to cry badly when he tries to carry her.. which is so strange as she used to let him "sayang" her to bed..

I just ended my weekly team meeting and tonight was really bad.. The teleconference started at 930pm and Gladys is still awake.. She rejected her Daddy and I ended carrying her throughout the meeting session. I had to tell my boss that I need to mute the phone to avoid interruption and of course the noise. Denver has also been noisy too.. he went to bed but end up waking up and crying for Mummy... :(

I wonder if it is the after effects from the Malaysia trip.. think we have to take them to pray else I will have difficult times aheads.. Hopefully the rest of the week will be good and the kids can sleep well..

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

~ Happy Father's Day Card ~

The night before Father's Day, Hubby was called back to work and he worked through the entire night till the next morning. While being home alone with the kids, I suggested to Denver that he draw a Father's Day card for Daddy to give him a surprise and make him happy :) .. We waited for Gladys to fell sleep and Denver started with his drawings and colouring. :) Nice Picture!