Saturday, May 31, 2008

~ Dora the Explorer - Live! ~

It has been a week since Denver's accident... A rather tough week has past. Was not able to sleep well and took MC on Monday. Work piled up and I was really busy especially with the new product launching next week...I can feel the stress. Cough and sorethroat starts to develop on Wednesday... I knew I am going to fall sick as my voice is getting coarse..

Hubby called on that Wednesday afternoon saying he got 4 free tickets to the Dora the Explorer Live! Dora’s Pirate Adventure show at the Expo. Denver should love it very much...It's about 1 and a half hour show and I do ponder if the kids can stay put and finish watching the musical. I wasn't feeling well but guess we should not give that a miss... It was lucky too I did not have any team meeting that night. We got rather good central seats.. I checked online that it would have cost us $48 per ticket. Amazingly, Denver and Gladys really paid attention and finish watching the entire show! I guess the songs, lightings, characters really helped. In addition, it is something they are both very familiar with (since they have been watching it on TV so often)... It wasn't very crowded either and we had the entire row all by ourselves which gives us a lot of space to move around and put our stuff. I'm glad the kids love it... by the time we got home and the kids are asleep, I also fall asleep... but only to wake up feeling feverish at 3am with a bad flu and sorethroat.. I moved myself to the living room and slept there through morning..

True enough, I lost my voice the moment I woke up. Had 2 days MC... but only took half a day medical leave on Thursday and work through my Friday.... Many issues with work and next week I must get ready to Battle! There is going to be a major meeting and I do expect a lot of issues and questions. Still, I thought I should enjoy my weekend..but end up sobbing today.

Why? Just feeling very helpless.. tired.. Work piling, there are still housework to do.. I hope hubby can help with packing the luggage... do not wish to leave it till the weekdays cos I know I would be too busy with work and no mood to do them. Seeing him playing his online games and not lifting a hand really makes me mad and sad. When Denver had the accident, I told him he should spend some time with him.. instead of endulging in his computer games.. Guess a leapoard cannot change his spots.. I guess packing can always wait for him.. but not to me.. Maybe its my bad habit that I like things to be prepared early.. and know what is missing. I just found out that I can't find the milk powder container.. but I do not bother to tell him anymore.. I did not even bother to pack his clothes and stuff that I will usually do.

I realise I have so little time for myself.. When I am sick.. I still have to make sure my job are done. When my body is tired... I just fall asleep.. I wanted to play stickers with Denver today.. but my mood just gets into me and he had to watch me cry and go to bed.. I do felt guilty afterwards...especially looking at the scar on his face.. which also makes me feel even worse. It's really sad to think that if Mummy is tied up with work or too tired... no one can spend time with the kids. At least I know Hubby would not take the initiative.. Sad... Sometimes I wonder who cares for me.. Gosh.. I spoil my own weekend again. :(

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