Sunday, September 30, 2007

~ Singapore Zoo ~

It's a sunny day and we are going to the Zoo! Hmmm.. when was my last visit?? I think at least 7 years ago and this should be my second visit in 30 years! I woke up early, packed the stuff, dress up the kids and we are ready! Picked my brother and HJ at Compass Point and off we go! Denver is so happy.. I'm happy too. :D

Thanks to my brother, we got free entrance tickets and only pay a children ticket fare for Denver. We saw the White Tigers, Polar Bears, Giraffes, Elephants, Lions, Monkeys and many many more.. Went for 2 shows and had lunch at KFC. Luckily we have extra clothings for Denver and he was able to play with the water at the playground.. I even got myself a little gift before we left..:p

This trip is definitely more exciting compared to the Jurong Bird Park. There were more animals and the shows were more entertaining. Personally, I enjoyed the Elephant show. Very interesting. Of course, Denver is the happiest.. :)

Back home, I realise we did not have a group photo taken! Ah well.. it's hard to take one especially with Gladys not focusing.. At least I got some photos taken with my brother. :) Hmm.. suddenly I missed my childhood days... the good old times when my brother used to take me out, talk through late nights, watch Jap shows, sing, read comics and so much more .. Sighz...

Friday, September 28, 2007

~ T.G.I.F ~

It's Friday! Last day of the month and I got my new pay after promotion! :D Long weekend ahead as I took leave on 1st Oct (Children's Day).

Denver had his 1st Children's day celebration in school today. As usual, he got a goodie bag home. There are quite a lot of stuff inside I must say.. (Of course! Parents are paying a higher price - "school fees" for it :p ). Ok..back to the goodie bag... there are chocolates, jellies, sweets, stickers, yoyo, colourpapers and even a pair of socks! Hmmm.. the socks are too small for Denver though. (Too bad he got big feet :S). Well, at least it's white.. I can save it for Gladys. :)

"Mummy, these stickers for you!"

"Huh?? Mummy also got Children's Day present?"

"The stickers are girl girl one.. I am a boy!"


I took a peek at the stickers and they are all Barbie and Princess collection.. heheh.. no wonder he's not interested.

Hubby went to the wake tonight to help out.. so I am home alone with the kids again. Had some free time for housework after Gladys snuggle to bed. Still, I have to keep Master Denver company.. No extra homework for him today as he wrote better this time. At least I can see his effort and hopefully he keeps it up.. 加油!

He played PS1, I helped him make paper plane, frog, boat and shirt with his colour papers.. pasted his Princess stickers collection on the sticker book, read him story books... and finally it's Bed Time! Sweet dreams...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

~ Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! ~

Decided to treat Lutchie since there isn't many cases on hand today. I was pondering where we should have our lunch for awhile.. hmmm.. we shall go Suntec and see.. :) Left for lunch 15mins early, took a bus and in no time we were there... I'm hungry! We wandered around the basement. There was a waiter giving out lunch brouchers and that's how we ended up lunching at Pepper Lunch since both of us never had any dining experience there before. The food was ok... a lot of beansprouts.. I ordered a chicken & salmon rice set while Lutchie ordered the beef set.. Nothing really special... so I kinda felt it was a bit pricy.. I should have took her to Kenny Rogers or Country Mana for a better meal. I hope she enjoyed her meal. :)


Gladys was born to this world last year this day..and coincidentally today is the 15th day of the 8th lunar month (中秋节). It should be a happy occasion.. with the kids playing with candles, carrying the lanterns and munching mooncakes. Instead, the family went to a close relative's wake and my mil is also in a terrible mood swing. The whole atmosphere just isn't right anymore.

We headed home and brought our kids down for a stroll.. There were mid-autumn activities at the temple near my house.. Denver is not interested in carrying the lantern tonight. He was eager to see the lion & dragon dance (舞龙, 舞狮).. so I hold his lantern instead :p. We walked towards the dance troops and the kids were so excited when they finally saw them! hmm..I think Gladys was a bit shocked cos the drums were too loud! Still, it was a very pretty scene.. children & adults holding the lighted lanterns, lion dance troops, folks singing on the stage and a 'not so full' moon... :)

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Monday, September 24, 2007

~ Lanterns ~

Every year, my mum will buy lanterns for the kids. Same for this year too... Gladys is too young to carry it... she destroys them... Be gentle, Gladys!.. *scary..

Till now, I still prefer lanterns which are dimly lighted by the candle... looks so pretty in the night. Denver loves lanterns too.. but I guess he enjoys mixing around with the other kids instead.. :p Since yesterday, he has been pestering us to bring him downstair to carry the lanterns.

Well.. his sister is too young and with only him playing alone, he gets bored and we went back home very soon... :p Don't worry Denver, we'll play again tomorrow..It will be more fun!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

~ Gladys' First Birthday Celebration ~

Gladys' 1st birthday party went pretty well yesterday.... :) Since the night before, we packed a lot of stuff over to my bro-in-law's house where the party is going to be held. (Playstation, TV Game, Balloons, Banner, Clothes, Party packs, Album etc). It was a tiring but happy event.

10am - Decoration
1pm - Buffet Tables setup
2pm - Prepare Chicken Wings
4pm - Collection of Cake/Otah
5pm - Arrival of Food
6pm - Guest Arrival & Party!!
7pm - Cake Cutting
9pm - Party ends.. + Clean up
10pm - Home
12am - Sleep :D

I appreciate my bro & sister-in-law for 'lending' their house for us to hold the party. I know all of them were very tired after the event...

Thank you all who have attended Gladys' birthday celebration and showered her with so many well wishes and gifts.. I hope you all enjoyed the food and had an enjoyable time!

Special thanks also to those who could not attend the party but sent her great gifts as well.

Gladys... You are indeed a very lucky and happy girl. Be good and grow up healthy and well!

Friday, September 21, 2007

~ 5th Wedding Anniversary ~

Took medicine last night and hence went to bed rather early.. Still, hubby makes sure he wishes me Happy Anniversary as the clock strikes 12am. :D (I guess he is worried that I will 'complain' on the blog again.. :p) We planned to have dinner tonight (with the kids of course!). Hubby called to say that he will be picking me up.

Today, I received a couple of gifts from my colleagues who wasn't able to attend Gladys' birthday party. The most heart warming thing is Lutchie (my team mate) actually bought me a chocolate cake from Polar as a gift to celebrate my anniversary! I was shocked and felt really really bad... not that I have been mis-treating her.. but rather I have been strict, picky and demanding. Plus, I don't think the cake is cheap. So I decided to give her a lunch treat next week. It's time we go for a team lunch anyway. :)

It's friday, my 5th Wedding Anniversary, Gladys' present, Lutchie's cake... all these were already making me very very happy. What more can I ask for? 5pm.. Time to go home! Yippee! As usual, I made my way to hubby's car not knowing that there is another surprise waiting for me.. A lovely bouquet of pink roses resting on the front car seat! Oh My Goodness!

It has been 5 years since I got my last bouquet of flowers. The first time was when we were dating.. it was a bouquet of red roses.. 2nd was our ROM... 3rd was our wedding customary... and this is the 4th time in 10 years since we met. We both agree that giving flowers is a 'waste of money'.. nevertheless I guess once in a blue moon is alright :) I always envy others who have flowers (at the same time, I am a very practical person too.. hehehe) .... hmmm so does that means the next time I receive flowers is our 10th anniversary? :p

We had dinner @ Cafe Cartel at Junction 8... it was heavy.. I think we ate too much... bloated.. feel like vomitting.. :S

Dear... It's our 5th Wedding Anniversary today.. Thank you for being a loving hubby and managing the financial burdens. I know you are not a romantic person.. so I am really touched with the thoughts.. even if it is a single rose.. I will be very happy too. Well, come to think of it, there's nothing much I can give you (can't really cook to make you a nice dinner, don't earn a lot to help you lighten the burdens).. Probably my best gift to you is our 2 lovable kids.. :p

Happy Anniversary!! I Love You Always! Muak!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

~ Sick ~

My body was complaining to me this morning. Aching all over.. Soon, nose starts to run and head starts to spin. :( As I sat in front of the monitor, I felt giddy and weak. (Definately not the effects of earthquake..) Oh no! I can't fall sick at this time... especially when Gladys' birthday celebration is this coming Saturday! I quickly went to see the company doctor and got a MC for today. Lucky hubby was working nearby and he sent me back home to rest.

All the pills prescribed will cause drowsiness. :( I took the medicine and slept through the entire afternoon.. Till now, I still feel weak and drowsy.. Just pray hard I will feel better tomorrow..

Well, at least we have prepared most of the stuff for Gladys' party.

1) Buffet
2) Birthday Cake
3) Drinks
4) Party sets for kids
5) New dress and shoe for Gladys
6) Gladys' Photo Album
7) Balloons/Deco
8) Camera

Hmmm.. I hope we did not miss out anything.... It is going to be a busy weekend... :D So.. Get well soon!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

~ Friendship + Gifts ~

Had a long chat with Jasmine on IM last night.. so happy cos it has been quite some time since we last talk. Come to think about it, she has left MSD for almost half a year. Time really flies! She finally sent us our long awaited farewell 'gift' - a collection of photos we took together. So sweet of her! Thank you!

Denver also received a small 'gift' from his classmate, Jia Xin today. A small paper with some sketches on it. He was so happy that he initated to return a gift to her too.
As soon as Gladys is asleep, he started drawing again. "Mummy, I want to draw a house!". Ok.. so there he goes, started with the house, sun, bird, followed by a little girl (Jiaxin) and a boy (Denver of course).. then a Big bird... and a tree... Finally, he coloured and signed off with his name. I helped him to fold the paper so he can bring it to school tomorrow as a gift for his friend.. :) - Friendship...

Monday, September 17, 2007

~ New IC ~

Received a letter that I can collect my new IC on friday. It is mandatory to renew when you reach 30 and have not change your IC for the past 10 years). I decided to collect it today. (so that I'll have one thing off my mind). Reached ICA at 745am.(Center opens at 8am).. There was a queue already.. I walk further down to see where I should queue up.. I walk.. and walk.. and walk.. MY GOODNESS! Where is the end of the line!!!???? The queue is almost making one full circle around ICA building before I finally saw it. Hesitated for awhile thinking if I should really collect it today.. Oh well.. since I already made a special trip down..Better don't waste my effort. Luckily my office is nearby and I have 2 morning papers to keep myself occupied.

Queue started to move at 8am sharp. It was pretty fast and in no time, I was making my way to level 3. Took a queue ticket and finally collected my new IC! The photo is smaller and my face really looks slimer :) Nice.

Not sure if it's Monday blue or I am really busy! I got so much things on hand and really don't know where to start.. :( Gladys' birthday party is this weekend and I am quite occupied with my work (got a couple of meetings this week). There's one coming at 10pm tonight.. :S -- Tired -- I need a break..

Saturday, September 15, 2007

~ Suki Sushi + Denver's Art ~

Read a promo on MyPaper that Suki Sushi has opened a new branch at AMK. We delibrately took a trip down today to enjoy the 50% off total bill offer. (*offer only valid with cut-out coupon from U magazine). Suki Sushi is open from 12pm.. expecting that there will be a queue (Singaporean Kiasu Spirit), we set off early to join the crowd.. :) . We were first in line before 11... but having 2 young children along, we left to shop around the estate instead. Hubby decided to join the queue at 1120am and lucky him, he was 6th or 7th in line! Anyway, we queue patiently till then we were all famished! Had about 18 coloured plates, 2 sets of don, green tea, mineral water and the total bill adds up to $22! Not too bad :)

So what's next after a heavy lunch? NAP TIME! hehhe.. the kids woke up shortly though.. :S
It's been awhile since Denver last drew a picture.. So I asked if he likes to do so today? (It's not easy to have him sit down, draw and colour the whole picture.) Luckily, he likes the idea to have his drawings display on the wall. So despite lacking patience, that's how I 'motivate' him to complete. :D

He started with 2 fishes, the sealine, sun and 2 birds.. I taught him to draw a boat. Ta ta... his new masterpiece.. Uh.. except for the clouds.. :p

Friday, September 14, 2007

~ Clean Up Day ~

I think I am one of the few left who will actually take leave to clean up the house instead of going shopping, resting, whatever.... :p (*crazy*). Anyway, decided to take half day off as I'm really fed up with the mess around.. plus Denver's new writing table is delivering this afternoon.

Had breakfast with Hubby and I return to work from home. Starting to rain in the morning. But I love the weather and smell of the rain. It's cooling and refreshing. :D . Somehow, my stomach isn't feeling right.. end up going to toilet 4 times! :(

Finished my work, had my lunch and it's time for house chores! Started clearing out the storeroom.. took out the boxes, bags, tins, cans, paints ..... it's heavy plus dusty..(sniff).. dumped quite a fair bit of stuff. Went on to vaccum and mop the floor. (yeah! I can skip this tomorrow.). Halfway through, the table arrived at 230pm. Just on time! I spent quite some time re-arranging as there are a number of furnitures in the computer room already.. Hubby insisted to put it there so he will still have space in the kid's room for future Mahjong session. By the time I'm finished, it's already 4 plus. (Hubby just returned from work). Did my final cleanup and pack up, had a quick bath and we heed back to my bro-in-law's place for dinner. Promised Denver to take him to Compass Point tonight.

It's been a tiring day.. starting to feel pain on my arms and back. (due to lack of exercise too). Still, I had great satisfaction! :D It's a good feeling to see things neat and in order.. (Uh.. at least for now. :p)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

~ Puzzle ~

We finally hang the Pooh bear puzzle in the kid's room last night. The puzzle was actually completed more than 5 years ago. But we never bought the frame (cost more than $50!!) and hence it was always kept it the box..

I like it very much!

Targeting next puzzle.. but don't know where to hang.. :S (House too small)... :p

Monday, September 10, 2007

~ Group Birthday Celebration @ Work ~

Today, we had our ladies group birthday celebration! As Lee Cheng, Alita and my birthday are very close, the ladies decided to combine the celebration together for the Virgos.

This time round, we all planned to wear GREEN.. :) My colleagues ordered Golden Pillow 933 and we dine in at one of the meeting rooms! There were so many food (E.g. fried rice, beehoon, 3 golden pillows, chicken wings etc). Cat made her signature desert! Agar Agar + Cheese Cake. The food was so good! (Esp the cake! Yummy!).

Today is the last day of the lunar 7th month and to celebrate, there was another 中元节 dinner + auction held near my brother in law's house. Oh dear, I have been eating so much lately.. eating and munching here and there.. Urghh.. I simply can't eat anymore.. feeling fat..

Sunday, September 09, 2007

~ GCA + Food Fair ~

Went to the Games Convention Asia and World Food Fair at the Suntec Convention Center over the weekend. Denver seems to be a little scared and shy at the beginning.. It did not take long before he started roaming around looking for stations to play. There were just too many to choose from.. I think he enjoyed the PS3 and Nintendo WII.. The rest seems too hard for him..

We had our lunch at the World Food Fair.. you'll never fear of getting thirsty cos there were so many variety of free drinks to sample.. (soya milk, tea, fruit juices, milo, coffee...) :p.. Still, we end up spending more.. $4 each for a plate of pineapple rice (with 3 fish balls) and fried rice (1 prawn and 3 sotongs). Expensive plus the food doesn't taste that fantastic. :( Had some free samples of biscuits, chocolates, bak kua etc along the way.. The best part is my hubby grabbing a bowl full of Koko Krunch before we leave.. :p hehehe

Oh! I forgot to mention I got a new small bag ($7.90) at Metro SK to hold my phone and blackberry.. Hubby paid for it though. :p. Today, we spent another $99 + $15 (delivery) on a writing table for Denver. Now I am having a headache deciding where to put the table.. :S There are just too many stuff at home.. and no one helping me to clean up.. I have been eyeing to get rid of those boxes of comics which doesn't belong to us in the first place.. :( Arghhh...

Friday, September 07, 2007

~ Farewell Lunch - Maggie ~

Today is Maggie's last day (after 5.5 years) with MSD. Although I do not work closely with her, she has been one of our usual lunch mate. My impression of her has always been a pretty, soft spoken, decisive, nice lady. We treat her to a farewell lunch at Teochew Garden (Concourse). I feel kinda sad.. especially after hearing her farewell speech.. Well, the good and happy thing is she is moving on to a position which offer better prospect and opportunities. Good Luck and All the Best!


I always ask myself.. do I love the job I am doing now? What kind of work suits me most? I know my skill set is losing out compared to the current job market.. yet I dream to have a job which fufil the following requirements.

1. Passion

2. Happiness

3. Sense of Achievement

4. Enough money to substain the family expenses + savings

5. Time - able to balance work and family life (most importantly - my kids)

6. Security - Work till retirement

Right now, I do not have a definite direction.. Hubby, colleagues and friends asked if I am looking out for a job.. Geez.. I don't know.. my current job fufils most of my wants.. but there is no job security.. :(

Thursday, September 06, 2007

~ Invitation email ~

Gladys' 1st birthday celebration is around the corner.. Yesterday evening, we went to Compass Point and ordered a 2kg "Princess" cake from Prima Deli. This afternoon, I took a fair bit of time during lunch and work trying to draft out her birthday invitation email.... After many revisions.. finally, it's done.. phew.... never expect this to take so long.... Had a lot of satisfaction though :)

I like the collection of pictures which I have taken over the past year.. just realized that there are altogether 12 photos.. (one for each month) - See how Gladys has grown.. from her initial birth weight of 2.79kg to now a 11kg pretty girl .. Mummy is so proud of you! Love you!

Monday, September 03, 2007

~ Zen Vision M ~

We first saw Zen Vision M in an IT show 2 to 3 years ago. There was a huge temptation to buy it then.. but it was too expensive and we gave up. Now that we got it, I was kinda frastrated with the product.
First, I am not comfortable with the touch pad. Went back and fro with the menu so many times.. either I did not press it hard enough or I went too fast.. It really took me some time before I got the trick.

Spent some time charging the battery. It doesn't seems to get charged after 2 hours.. Started to feel it is defective (Worse still, it doesn't comes with a warranty!). :( We set it to charge overnight, and this morning, there seems to be some progress.

Hubby says the Zen is for me :D hmm.. I think I need to get a new pouch to hold my handphone, Blackberry and Zen... Starting to get heavy.. heheheh :p

Saturday, September 01, 2007

~ Chalet ~

Hubby was determined to get the Starhub Mobile Broadband package. (The offer is good plus got free Zen Vision M!) He drop me and the kids at the chalet and quickly drove off to Suntec joining the long queue. Lucky he was there early and got the freebies.. His 3 hours long wait (skipping breakfast) was worth it after all.

Meanwhile, I joined my inlaws at the chalet. The kids were making a lot of noise (as usual).. We had a lot of activities that day..

- Breakfast at Mcdonalds
- Swimming
- Ball games
- Arcade @ Fun Station
- Jackpot (for the adults)
- Car ride

It was very tiring.. but one thing for sure.. the kids enjoyed it alot. :D