Sunday, September 23, 2007

~ Gladys' First Birthday Celebration ~

Gladys' 1st birthday party went pretty well yesterday.... :) Since the night before, we packed a lot of stuff over to my bro-in-law's house where the party is going to be held. (Playstation, TV Game, Balloons, Banner, Clothes, Party packs, Album etc). It was a tiring but happy event.

10am - Decoration
1pm - Buffet Tables setup
2pm - Prepare Chicken Wings
4pm - Collection of Cake/Otah
5pm - Arrival of Food
6pm - Guest Arrival & Party!!
7pm - Cake Cutting
9pm - Party ends.. + Clean up
10pm - Home
12am - Sleep :D

I appreciate my bro & sister-in-law for 'lending' their house for us to hold the party. I know all of them were very tired after the event...

Thank you all who have attended Gladys' birthday celebration and showered her with so many well wishes and gifts.. I hope you all enjoyed the food and had an enjoyable time!

Special thanks also to those who could not attend the party but sent her great gifts as well.

Gladys... You are indeed a very lucky and happy girl. Be good and grow up healthy and well!

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