Sunday, March 30, 2008

~ Disturbed ~

Lately hasn't been feeling too good. Not having a peace of mind and having many thoughts.

Work, Children and Family issues... Sighz.

I am happy with my current work. Good pay, flexible time, nice colleagues (although more are leaving ever since we moved to Tuas.). The only setback - there is no sense of job security. Every now and then, there will be an re-organisation. My team in the US has shrink from 10 over to 5 and now 3. Has been having thoughts on looking out for another job...

Denver has been really naughty and not obeying lately. Skipping his homework and keep pestering us to play games. :( We explained to him that he can only play if he completes his work and be a good boy. Somehow he just don't does it. Really making our blood boil. When we are too nice to him, he will ask for more. I am really getting tired of 'arguing' with him. Headache. :( It really upset me to be mad at him too..

Problems with my mil never did improved.. I am just waiting for the bomb to blow. Last week, my fil was dignosed to be suffering from slight depression. With the state and condition my mil is, living in constant worries and fear natuarally will cause my fil to be stress out. To prepare for the worst, we may need to get a maid or put the children in childcare. Sighz..

Reflecting upon myself.. since I graduated from Uni.. I have not been able to contribute to my parents. Career was not smooth-sailing when I started out and very soon I got married and had kids. I guess if there are any regrets in my life... that will be not giving enough and not bringing my parents overseas for tour. I went with my in-laws but never did once with my parents. At least my brothers did and contributed. :( I never considered myself being a filial daughter and never will be. There are no excuses to give... just for the sake of making myself feel better. The least I can do now is to start giving again..

Daily work, household chores and managing the children already make me very exhausted.. Whenever I start to think of stuff, I felt very disturbed. There are things that are beyond my means.. and there are things that I am just too tired to embark on. Day in, Day out.. sometimes I feel I am wasting my time, my life.... Still, LIFE HAS TO GO ON! What has past will never return.. future is left unknown.. Tomorrow is another new day! Cheer up! Kanbetei!!!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

~ Hubby's Birthday ~

Yesterday was Hubby's 34th Birthday... and my birthday present to him? $150 health check-up. :p Weird huh for a present.. Hubby has been complaining about his back pain and he missed his annual checkup last year. Worried that it was due to kidney issue, he decided to go for it last 2 weeks ago. His colleagues gave him a better present.. Harddisk worth $180.. Recently he got his NAS box.. so the harddisk came just in time.

To 'celebrate'.. we took a day off.. I spent the whole morning tidying the house.. mop, vacumm, changed the bedsheets, washed both toilets.. That will spare me for doing it during the weekends when the kids are around.

Hubby had planned to treat his colleagues lunch at Kuishin-Bo to thank them for their present. I tagged along.. we often had lunches together.. so it's fun. I always love Japanese food.. especially Salmon Sashimi.. Yummy... It was indeed a very heavy lunch...I felt so Fat. Hubby and I had a walk around before going back to pick the children. We were so tired...
Denver was not aware of the special day.. when I told him it was Daddy's birthday, he sang a birthday song. :) We went to Compass Point for Dinner.. but frankly, our stomach are still very full. Still we need to feed Denver and decided to settle our dinner at Hubby's favourite Fast Food Resturant - KFC. :D
I guess the most happy part is the 4 of us holding our hands together as a family.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Dearest Hubby.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

~ Anchorvale CC ~

Another working from home day... time really flies.. going to the end of March and I am getting my performance bonus soon.. (Pathetic though - but better than nothing).

We were back at my inlaw's place early... on our way back, I was telling hubby that Nicole told me that a new Community Club has opened in early March near Anchorvale. We decided to pop by and had a look..

The main attraction there is the big swimming pool and running track which is still under construction. I can see twisted slides and splashing pools... it could be an Olympic size swimming pool at the side too. Looks really neat! It will surely bring some life to the neighbourhood.

The community club is new and there are the usual classes, multi-purpose hall for private functions. On the 4th storey, there is a nice rooftop area with a good view of the Pool.. nice..

While we were touring, Hubby got his usual sms on 4D... and to his delight, he strike a starters prize from Gladys' birth cert number :D. Tomorrow is his birthday and the prize money really comes in handy and right on time.
When we reached home, we received a note in our letterbox. "Colour Scheme Survey"...Wow..

Our flats are already 5 years and in the Repairs and Redecoration project, the blocks are going to get a new coat of paint.. so they have recommended 3 sets of colour schemes for the residents to choose. One vote per household... interesting leh.. I never heard of this before.. At least this did not happen when my mum's 3 room flat just got a new coat of paint for their flats.

So now, there are 3 proposed colour schemes.. that's perfectly fine.. but the stupid thing is they pasted each of them at different block's void deck's notice board. :S My block's notice board had Proposal A.. we went to Blk 158D and it was Proposal A too.. headed to Blk 159A and finally saw Proposal B.. try our luck at 157D and found Proposal C. Can't they paste all the 3 Proposals together for easier references? We can also do a better comparison too... If saving Paper is a concern... they can just centralize it at a particular notice board rather than having us searching around. I wonder if every residents have that patience..

Anyway, the colours are either going back to the original coat or mainly Orange... the good thing is either one of the 3 is fine... shall cast our vote soon :)

Monday, March 10, 2008

~ Visit to T3 ~

Every Sunday morning, Hubby and Denver will go swimming... and I am left home alone with Gladys. She used to wave them Goodbye.. but recently, she will rush to grab her shoes.. initiating that she wants to go out too. When I put her shoes back, she will go grab again.. this went to and fro a couple of times and I finally gave in. Putting aside the household chores, I took her down for a 15mins walk.. She ran around the playground and walked on the foot path. Too bad we did not see any cats/dogs for her to "Oh!! OOo" ... :p

It has been awhile since I last took a picture of her..... Later in the afternoon, I saw her standing silently along the sofa.. I quickly grab my mobile phone... she is watching TV and making 'kuey' at the same time. :p Her face starts to look stern as she "Uhmmm" her way through..

It was a tiring Sunday... I did not manage to catch a good nap because the kids are wide awake.. Gladys could not sleep and I have to keep them entertained.. :( Play toys, colouring, drawing, feeding... Tired!!! I had no choice but to strive on... After dinner, we had a walk at Compass Point. The intial idea was to go there for awhile and return home to rest. There was a change of plans when Jo is leaving for London that evening. Barry and I decided to go send her off and at the same time re-visit T3 again. :D

The kids are extremely happy! We were lucky to get a carpark near the entrance. T3 is new, clean and the crowd is alright. We had Mr Bean soya milk and pancakes. Yummy :D We headed towards the departure hall and there is a Big Orchid Propellar-like Fan which was turning around, up and down. The kids were so amazed and Denver wanted to take a photo with it. We had a look of Nice shots there.

** gor gor.. don't squeeze my face leh **

** That's more comfortable :D **

Jo arrived shortly and quickly check-in. She is kinda worried about her trip.. still it is a good opportunity and we hope she enjoys her trip. :) After all, not many will have that chance to go.. I had mine once to the US 3 years back.. and I doubt there will be a 2nd chance. Well..Time to go... Of course, the kids need to take pictures with their "Gu Gu" :D .. Kiss Goodbye.. Muak!!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

~ Strolling ~

Lately, we have been taking the kids out on a stroll after dinner. We walked to Rivervale mall, Punggol Plaza or either that, we just stroll around the neighbourhood.

Gladys is still wobbly while walking, always bump around and fall. The first day we took her down, she was really not stable. After a couple of times, she is getting better and really loves strolling! Although she don't talk a lot, she understands us. Whenever we put on her little red shoes, she knew we are bringing her to "Gai Gai". I will hold her little hands and Barry will hold Denver. Gladys will take little steps and walk rather slow... but that's ok. :)

There has been a lot of rain and wind lately.. on the evenings when the sky is clear, it is really cooling. The only downside is the wet floors. It is also a good exercise for us...

Wonder where we can go next.. :)