Thursday, March 24, 2011

~ Meet & Greet - Strawberry Shortcake ~

Two weeks ago, we were at Downtown East for a movie and happened to be on time to catch the Strawberry Shortcake - Meet & Greet session. :) Coincidentally, Gladys was in her Strawberry Shortcake jacket and even though it was a hot, sunny afternoon, she did not want to take it off.

That sort of bring her some luck as the jacket helped her to be spotted and picked by the emcee to answer a question. In return, she was rewarded with a free Strawberry Shortcake cupcake sponsored by Prima Deli.

The main attraction was the show, games and seeing Strawberry Shortcake and Plum! Gladys has been a good sport as she stands up to dance with the music. She had loads of fun as she gets to take photo with the main characters and eat her cupcake. Triple Happiness! :)

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