Thursday, September 02, 2010

~ My Birthday Presents - from Denver & Gladys ~

Simply spending my birthday with my love ones is a blessing. Hubby took me to eat dim sum for breakfast and helped me with some of the housework. This is always the best chance to ask for his help since he will usually obliged on a special day. :)

We picked the kids after they finished school and went out to window shop around Orchard road. Dinner was at Cafe Cartel and the whole day of work and walking has exhausted Hubby totally. :) Thanks Dear for putting in such a big effort.

Denver & Gladys on the other hand seems to be pretty active still. They worked on drawing me a birthday card as soon as we got home. (I was instructed not to peek while they are at works.)

Gladys wrote "Gladys Heng Love Mummy" on a piece of paper, put it in an envelope and sealed it with glue. She happily passed the letter to me and said "Happy Birthday, Mummy!". Awwww .. so sweet!

Denver on the other hand, spent more time decorating his card which is so colourful. "Happy Birthday Mummy" and there are so many balloons, confetti, shapes and hearts. Gladys seeing her gor gor made such a pretty card for me decided to re-do her card but this time with more colours! Competitive.. Hahaha!

The cards are so pretty! I framed them up and it is now in the children's bedroom for all to see everyday and night. :p

Birthday is not complete without a birthday song from Denver & Gladys. They are sleepy by now but still very playful. ^_^ Thank you Hubby, Denver and Gladys for just being with me!


  1. Hi there Phoebe. Your children are so sweet. Was Gladys shy when she sang you the birthday song She kept looking at her brother. hehe

  2. Hahah.. I also don't know.. usually she isn't shy. Probably just tired. :p

  3. hello phoebe, this is cool.. and I like the framings :) When tyeh sweet-talk to us, it makes parenting worth it :p

  4. Hi Andy, yeah. Instead of keeping the cards aside, might as well frame it. :) should treasure this time and moment.

  5. I like the idea of framing the cards, they look so nice and colorful. Besides, very meaningful too =)

  6. Hi LeneLene,

    Thank you for the compliment. I thought so too. :) It will be much better rather than keeping the cards aside. ^_^