Friday, April 30, 2010

~ Buffet Lunch @ Plaza Brasserie ~

Instead of working from home or travelling all the way to my office at Tuas, I took a different route to work today. There is a meeting held at the sales office at The Concourse and I finally felt that I am back to the city life again for a very short moment. Although there have been many changes after leaving for more than 2 years, (Circle Line, new apartments and different shops), I really miss the good old days!!

After the meeting, we headed for a free buffet lunch at Plaza Brasserie (Park Royal Hotel @ Beach Road)! It has been ages since we came here as a team! At Plaza Brasserie, you will be treated with many local, continental and Asian cuisine. Sashimi, Soft-shell Crab, Roast Meats, Laksa, Fried Kway Tiao, Drunken Prawn and many more!

Being a BIG Fan of Shashimi, it is of course the first thing that I went to grab! The Salmon sashimi is very fresh and I can't help going for my 2nd and 3rd servings. :p The range of other food selection is also pretty good... There is Chicken Rice, Fried HongKong noodles, Chicken, Stir-fry vegetables, Fish, Sotong... etc. The Laksa was not too bad and I like the soup base. But as I was telling my colleague when he asked for my opinion, I can only say each tasted just nice on its own and somehow, the entire dish didn't go well together. Personally, I enjoy the Fried Kway Tiao and the Soft-shell crab. The french fries were YUMMY too as it was served warm.

A Buffet is never complete without Desserts! There are assorted desserts to choose from and the flavour varies. From Green Tea, Chocolate, to Strawberry, Coffee....

My indulgence in Desserts...

Bloated... that is how my tummy was as I walked out of the resturant but TOTALLY SATISFIED! ^_^

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

~ Tests, Exams are keeping us BUSY! ~

April - May period is the month we are busy with the preparation for the tests and Mid-year examinations. Long gone are the days where the children are still in Nursery or Kindergarten where I can relax a bit and just concentrate on teaching them reading and writing.

Denver just had his Oral exams last week and this week is followed by a series of tests... Starting next week will be Listening Comprehension and his English, Maths and Chinese Mid-Year Examinations. He just had his English test yesterday and tomorrow till be Maths and Chinese. I have been spending more time going through Denver's homework, exercises and doing revision with him. Parents' role are so demanding nowadays and I wonder how the children are coping?

Denver got his English test paper back today, scoring 37.5/40 and says that he is the 4th in class (which is good!). He even told me that a girl scored full marks, followed by 2 boys taking the 2nd and 3rd placing while he and another girl took the 4th position. Hmm.. I guess his teacher gave out the papers to the students from the Highest to the Lowest marks? Motivating for some or De-moralizing for the others?

I must admit I was a little dissappointed seeing the careless mistakes that Denver made being the fact that I have spent quite a fair bit of effort and time teaching him. Then again, I guess that is how parents are feeling with the pressure and competition. So, a gentle reminder to myself is NOT to put the same pressure on the children that will kills them off their interest to learn. Of course, having said that, I also have to learn to control my temper which I tend to 'blast off' at times. :p Opps.. Pardon me.. Is that a common side-effect of a working parent? hehehehe...

Monday, April 26, 2010

~ International Museum Day 2010 ~

Today we received a very nice leaflet from our letter box about the International Museum Day 2010 (14th to 23rd May 2010) - I love Museums - Kid's Edition. A full list of FUN-filled and educational activities AND on 23rd May, it is OPEN HOUSE DAY where there will be free-entry to participating museums! Check out the Details at for more details!

Army Museum (Museum admission charges apply)
14th - 23rd May (3pm-6pm)

Kid's Day Out - Kids can get the chance to navigate remote-controlled tanks on an indoor diorama, be dressed as soldiers and have their picture taken, or even try out a mini verion of the Standard Obstacles Course that their fathers trained on!

Asian Civilizations Museum (Free Admission from 9.30am-7pm)
22nd May (Noon-5pm)
Family Fun Day
- Head down to the ACM for a memorable famliy day out. Enjoy a wide array of FREE activites, exciting performances and workshops tailored specially for children

Baba House ($28 per person - inclusive of lunch)
22nd May (9am-1.30pm)
Peranakan Heritage Trail
- Explore Peranakan enclaves and experience the world of the Singapore Babas and Nonyas! This bus tour will take you throught the Blair Plain conservation area, Emerald Hill and Joo Chiat districts. Maximum of 30 persons per tour. Tour and registration details at

HealthZone (Best for ages 4-12, per child $10 inclusive of admission for 2 accompany adults)
15th May (9am - 1pm), 21st May (9am - 5pm) - for school group bookings only

Happy Hobbies Day at HealthZone - Calling all parents! Here is a good time for you to bond with your child and pick up novel hobbies together! Interesting hobbies such as toy-making using recycled materials, button-badge making and planting flower seeds await you! To register, call 1800 435 3616 or email

Marina Barrage (Registrationfrom 1.30pm - 5pm)
16th May (2pm - 6pm)

Let's Go Flying - Gather your family for a fun trip to Marina Barrage. Learn to design your own kites and show them off at the Green Roof. For enquiries, please call 6514 5959.

16th, 22nd & 23rd May (2pm - 5pm)
The Adventures of Water Wally
- Meet PUB's mascot, Water Wally to learn about water conservation and how to do your part to protect our water resources. Catch the Water Wally animation "The Adventures of Water Wally" at Marina Barrage's information counter and win attractive prizes.

22nd May (10am- 1pm)
Fun Races to Discover Marina Barrage
- Form a team of two with your family member in a fun race around Marina Barrage and stand to win $50 worth of dining vouchers. For enquiries, please call 6514 5959.

Mint Museum of Toys ($15 per participant, inclusive of materials & admission fees. Best for age 8-12)
15th, 21st & 22nd May (3pm - 5pm)

Doodlemania - Bring out the creativity in your child and join in the fun at our special doodling session with Doodlechamps' trainers! Limited to 25 kids per session. To register, email or call 6339 0660

16th & 23rd May (2pm - 3pm) - Admission charges apply
Stories & Itsy-Bitsy Treats Galore
- Sum up your museum tour with an afternoon of storytelling by the people from Monsters Under the Bed! Design and create your personalized museum souveniors to take home with you!

14th - 23rd May (9.30am - 6.30pm)
Museum Admission Discount
- Enjoy 50% off museum admission when you say "I Love Museums!" at our ticketing counter.

National Museum of Singapore
14th May - 13th June
Children's season in collaboration with I Theatre's ACE! Festival 2010
Go on a journey of discovery as National Museum transform its public spaces into a creative playground for its 3rd installation of Children's Season. With a variety of unique hands-on activities, games, roving acts, storytelling performances and classic family movies. Look out for The Imaginary Story Land play area, free roving acts featuring Tubby the Robot and The Broom People, interactive performances and tours, a carnival and more!. Visit for more details.

Peranakan Museum (Free admission to the museum from 3pm till late)
22nd May (From 3pm onwards)
Ramayana Under the Stars
- Venue: Stamford Green. Experience an evening inspired by the epic poem Ramayana at Stamford Green. Learn about the gamelan music and catch performances of the traditional and mask dances of the Ramayana epic. Don't miss the chance to watch an authentic wayang kulit performance from Indonesia. Children can also play with gamelan instruments on display while families indulge in delicious snacks and drinks and hunt for unique finds at the flea market. Admission is free for this event. For more details, visit

23rd May (11am - 5pm) - Free admission from 9.30am - 7pm
Straits Family Fun Day
- Join us at this drop-in programme, which includes a craft activity, a chance to dress up in Peranakan outfits, a museum tour (15minute tour geared for children aged 6-8 years old) and a whole lot more! Enjoy lively performances by a dondang sayang band and joget to a tune or two.

Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research & Reflections at Bukit Chandu (Free)
22nd May (5.15pm & 6.15pm)
The MIA Night Trail
- Discover Singapore's biodiversity secrets and history on this night trail of Kent Ridge to WWII interpretative centre, Reflections at Bukit Chandu. Registration is required at, Limited seats available.

Singapore Art Museum (Admission charges apply)
14th May - 18th July
Art Garden - Children's Season SAM (8Q).
The Singapore Art Museum will host its inaugural Children's Season in May. The entire SAM at 8 Queen Street building will be transformed into magical art gardens showcasing artist projects and artworks inspired by nature. Enhance your child's learning with activity sheets, artists' workshops and short film screenings. For more details, visit

Singapore Coins & Notes Museum (Free)
15th & 16th May (10am - 8pm)
Note-Making Workshop
- Come visit the new boutique museum - Singapore Coins and Notes Museum at Chinatown and enjoy a Free* (Limited to first 100 visitors per day) note-making workshop. Bring home a self-protrait souvenir note with you as the authorised signatory.

Singapore Philatelic Museum (Free admission)
23rd May (9am - 7pm)
IMD 2010 Open House
- Discover the world through stamps and enjoy fun activities for families and children - Colour Crazy session, Explore the World @SPM fun quiz, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Danger children's workshop, a museum tour as well as other interesting activities.

23rd May (2pm - 2.30pm)
Puppets Mania
- (Best for ages 3 and above) Be enthrailed by a tiger's tale told through puppetry and stamps Plus, meet other wacky puppets that will have ou in stitches! Children will get to learn amazing facts about this magnificent animal that once roamed the jungles of Singapore, its plight in our modern world and what they can do to save wild tigers from extinction.

23rd May (3pm - 4pm)
So Sarap! - Kids' Edition
- (Best for ages 5 and above and $5 per pax) Discover the rich and diverse culture of the Philippines through food! Children will have the chance to play chef and learn to cook yummy Filipino snacks, e.g. turon and cheese sticks. Parents are welcome to join in and bond with their children. Limited to 20 children. For more information, visit

Sunday, April 25, 2010

~ Morning activities with Gladys ~

We are back to our normal routine since Hubby is back from his business trip! As usual, Hubby took Denver to his swimming lesson and I'm home alone with Gladys. Our little girl always felt deprived of not being able to go to the pool with her Gor Gor. So today, she gets to go cycle and have fun at the playground instead. :)

I love my neighbourhood because there are 2 playgrounds (1 right downstairs and the other at the nearby blocks a couple of steps away). Also, there is an open space and small field for children to play ball, skate, cycle or run around.

We are pretty early and hence Gladys has the playground all to herself. ^_^

Gladys resting by the side... Our home is just upstairs. :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

~ My First Attempt - Piano ~

I always envy those who can play the piano and even thought of playing one piece myself too... but not able to read the scores and not taken any piano lessons before, it is quite difficult and almost impossible.

I was only able to enjoy playing my keyboard using one hand which I am most comfortable with most of the time. It is so hard to co-ordinate with 2 hands and it is like how you are telling your brain to control your left and right hand separately.

After watching the KDrama - "You're Beautiful" recently, I wanted to try one of it's song "Without Words" so much! Youtube got some simple tutorials and the next steps are just memorizing and playing by intuition (gut-feeling)... (cos I cannot read/write the music notes!) :p

So this is really my first attempt trying to play a decent song using 2 hands.. It's kinda off beat and a couple of mistakes here and there.. But I guess not too bad for a starter who learned for 4 days and never taken any lessons before.

One of my simple pleasure that I enjoy once in a while.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

~ Welcome Home, Daddy! ~

Yeah!! Hubby finally return from his business trip!! Bbil took us to pick him at the Airport after dinner. Denver & Gladys can't wait to see their Daddy! Both of them waited eagerly at the arrival hall and keeping their eyes on a look out.

It was a pretty long wait... Gladys was happily jumping and running around while Denver started to get impatient. Suddenly, he started to cry! Probably too tired? Or the anticipation to see his Daddy is just too much to bear? Poor boy.... Must be missing him too much over the past 2 weeks!

We finally spotted Hubby as he makes his way to the belt to collect his luggage. Denver was still sniffing away and it was such a heart-warming sight to see the children running towards their Daddy as he exit through.

Each of them received big hugs and kisses as we make our way back home. ^_^ It is GREAT to have Hubby back! Yippee!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

~ Ashton's First Year Birthday Celebration ~

Yesterday was Ashton's 1st Year Birthday celebration. Since Hubby is away, I took the children on their very first MRT ride on the Circle Line. Naturally, they are excited and happy. It was a long journey... we changed from LRT to MRT... from Sengkang travelling down to Serangoon, switch to Circle Line, alighted at Bishan and change to NS Line to Braddell. WOW.

Ashton was sleeping when we arrived and I didn't get to take many photos (unfortunately). The kiddos however had fun eating and playing. Denver has his PSP to keep him company while Gladys was so busy playing with her little cousin's toys in the play area. ^_^

Journey back home is the same route from how we arrived. By now, I was pretty drained out already since it has been a really tiring week... (more photos to be posted later)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

~ Photos taken @ the Pool ~

It is Denver's weekly swimming lesson again. I was bored at the poolside and started to play with my Samsung Jet phone. It came with a 5 megapix auto focus camera and has been serving me as my offical camera whenever we are outside.

I have been holding to this phone for more than half a year and has never play with it's scene and frame feature till today. :p My goodness! hehehe..

Panorama shot of the pool

Various Mosaic design

Day 11 since Hubby is away and 4 more days to having him back! Starting to miss him already...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

~ KDrama - You're Beautiful ~

I have been watching Korea Drama lately and some are pretty good. You're Beautiful (原来是美男啊) is one of the better romance, comedy KDrama that I got hooked on. :p All the lead actors and actress did a good job and I love the songs so much! ^_^ There are many funny, cute scenes and also not forgetting the touching moments between Mi Nam and Tae Kung, Shin Woo and Jeremy. Thumbs Up!!!

Taken from Youtube->

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

~ Singing and Dancing Videos ~

Denver wanted to show me his Dance steps that he learned during Music lesson. So, I video it down. Gladys also wanted to join in the fun to sing and dance that she learned in Nursery too. haha. It is pretty fun to see them perform and they are so cute. :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

~ While Hubby is away - Day 5 ~

It has been a long time since I accompany Denver to his swimming lesson. It was a cooling morning and we arrived at the pool early. Denver had some free time to play while waiting for his instructor to come.

Denver is learning backstroke now and also how to dive in from the start (like those in the swimming competition). After lesson, he bathed himself in the toilet while I waited outside. I guess Hubby will follow Denver in when he is around... so this is the first time I am leaving it everything to him alone. heheh.

The rest of the day is basically spending time with the children studying, having our lunch and playing at Compasspoint and the rest of the evening at home. Gladys wanted to paint and so it is another round of messy session again.

End of Day 5 and I am still keeping my sanity except with more bodyaches. :p

Friday, April 09, 2010

~ 学习做个好帮手 ~


为了减轻我的负担也为了让富生培养责任感, 我开始教富生做他每天放学后, 回到家中时应该整理的东西。以前, 富生一进门, 把书包一放, 不是看电视, 便是玩游戏。我每天都得唠叨他, 提醒他要做什么, 还蛮累的。所以我写了一个 "Must Do" list。 虽然说是 Must Do... 但是还是可以更改的啦。现在富生会跟着纸上的项目, 渐渐的, 慢慢的, 一一做好。:) 还不错。
记得前几天, 富生因为一些事情让我动怒了。现在的孩子是不是太幸福了? 在温室中长大, 有更多的物质享受, 所以一切都变得理所当然? 要风得风, 要雨得雨。也因为那件事件, 我决得孩子们因该看看, 偿偿和了解父母亲的辛苦。

今天是星期五, 我和富生说好要教他洗他的鞋子。他还蛮兴奋的... 可能是一时的新鲜感吧。擦擦擦, 唰唰唰, 洗洗洗... 难得富生第一次洗鞋还蛮用力和用心的。鞋子还擦得蛮干净的。^_^ 我说要拍下来给爸爸看。哈哈。洗完后, 我问他有何感想。 他说: "好累哦!手都没力了"。我说: "现在你知道妈妈的辛苦了吧?而且这只是其中之一而已"。

富生说他下周也要洗鞋子。哈哈。。 那么以后我是否可以把洗鞋的任务交给你? :) 大家拭目以待吧。

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

~ Tickets to Shantou Booked! ~

Shantou (汕头) is a city in Guangdong, China (having a strong link within the Teochew community in Singapore) and my Father-in-law's ancestor hometown is in Jieyang. Hence, this trip is specially planned to take my fil back for a visit. It has always been his wish and we finally booked the tickets with Jetstar Asia today!

Jetstar first launched the direct flight services from Singapore to Shantou early this February. This has really help to reduce the travel time by more than half eliminating the stop over and transfers and given us the opportunity to go ahead with the trip (with the children) more conveniently.

For the very first time, we will be taking the flight together with my inlaws and big bil's family. I'm sure Denver and Gladys will be happy. ^_^ Flight tickets have been booked for early June and we'll be spending our time checking out the itinerary and hotels in the next few weeks.

Monday, April 05, 2010

~ Mid-Year Examination Timetable is Out! ~

Denver came home earlier today telling me that he has a very important note for me to sign from school. Yup! It is his Mid-Year Examination timetable schedule together with the topics that are going to be covered.

SA1 Examination Timetable
19th - 21st April : English and Chinese Oral.
4th May : Listening Comprehension and Spelling (English)
5th May : Listening Comprehension (Chinese)
7th May : English Language
10th May : Chinese Language
11th May : Mathematics

Wow.. seems like a very tight schedule to me and it will be 30% to his final examination score.

April is definitely going to be a very busy month going forward and it didn't help much either with Hubby going away on his Business trip tomorrow. Hopefully I can keep my sanity and manages everything in order.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

~ 清明节 + Singapore Zoo ~

Qing Ming Festival (清明节) - usually falls on the beginning of April. It is the time where we honour our ancestors. Hubby and his family left home very early in the morning (around 6am) to sweep the tomb, make offerings and burn joss paper. This is to avoid the crowd and heavy traffic conditions. For the past few years, I have been tasked with another important task...... stay home to look after the 4 children. ^_^

When we got home in the afternoon, our neighbour called to say that there are free tickets to the Singapore Zoo. What a surprise! Hubby didn't even manage to catch any sleep and drove us to the Zoo. I guess he wanted the kids to have more fun since he will be going to Manila on a business trip next week and will not be seeing them for the next 14 days (at least). :(

It was pouring when we arrived but it didn't spoil our mood at all. We had another tiring but fun-filled afternoon at the Zoo. (Photos and details to be updated soon...)