Wednesday, April 28, 2010

~ Tests, Exams are keeping us BUSY! ~

April - May period is the month we are busy with the preparation for the tests and Mid-year examinations. Long gone are the days where the children are still in Nursery or Kindergarten where I can relax a bit and just concentrate on teaching them reading and writing.

Denver just had his Oral exams last week and this week is followed by a series of tests... Starting next week will be Listening Comprehension and his English, Maths and Chinese Mid-Year Examinations. He just had his English test yesterday and tomorrow till be Maths and Chinese. I have been spending more time going through Denver's homework, exercises and doing revision with him. Parents' role are so demanding nowadays and I wonder how the children are coping?

Denver got his English test paper back today, scoring 37.5/40 and says that he is the 4th in class (which is good!). He even told me that a girl scored full marks, followed by 2 boys taking the 2nd and 3rd placing while he and another girl took the 4th position. Hmm.. I guess his teacher gave out the papers to the students from the Highest to the Lowest marks? Motivating for some or De-moralizing for the others?

I must admit I was a little dissappointed seeing the careless mistakes that Denver made being the fact that I have spent quite a fair bit of effort and time teaching him. Then again, I guess that is how parents are feeling with the pressure and competition. So, a gentle reminder to myself is NOT to put the same pressure on the children that will kills them off their interest to learn. Of course, having said that, I also have to learn to control my temper which I tend to 'blast off' at times. :p Opps.. Pardon me.. Is that a common side-effect of a working parent? hehehehe...

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