Friday, April 30, 2010

~ Buffet Lunch @ Plaza Brasserie ~

Instead of working from home or travelling all the way to my office at Tuas, I took a different route to work today. There is a meeting held at the sales office at The Concourse and I finally felt that I am back to the city life again for a very short moment. Although there have been many changes after leaving for more than 2 years, (Circle Line, new apartments and different shops), I really miss the good old days!!

After the meeting, we headed for a free buffet lunch at Plaza Brasserie (Park Royal Hotel @ Beach Road)! It has been ages since we came here as a team! At Plaza Brasserie, you will be treated with many local, continental and Asian cuisine. Sashimi, Soft-shell Crab, Roast Meats, Laksa, Fried Kway Tiao, Drunken Prawn and many more!

Being a BIG Fan of Shashimi, it is of course the first thing that I went to grab! The Salmon sashimi is very fresh and I can't help going for my 2nd and 3rd servings. :p The range of other food selection is also pretty good... There is Chicken Rice, Fried HongKong noodles, Chicken, Stir-fry vegetables, Fish, Sotong... etc. The Laksa was not too bad and I like the soup base. But as I was telling my colleague when he asked for my opinion, I can only say each tasted just nice on its own and somehow, the entire dish didn't go well together. Personally, I enjoy the Fried Kway Tiao and the Soft-shell crab. The french fries were YUMMY too as it was served warm.

A Buffet is never complete without Desserts! There are assorted desserts to choose from and the flavour varies. From Green Tea, Chocolate, to Strawberry, Coffee....

My indulgence in Desserts...

Bloated... that is how my tummy was as I walked out of the resturant but TOTALLY SATISFIED! ^_^

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