Monday, December 31, 2007

~ Counting down to 2008 ~

Year 2007 is coming to an end... Last year this time, I remember I was still enjoying my maternity leave awaiting to return work.. Now, I have 2 kids lying by my side (sound asleep).

So many things have happened this year... and it's time to recap...

  • Denver started school attending nursery class
  • Denver took up swimming lessons
  • Gladys celebrated her 1st year birthday
  • Gladys learned how to walk in December (15mths)
  • Hubby, Denver and me took up inline skating (Dec)
  • Big Brother ROM this year
  • Second Brother got a girlfriend
  • I started blogging in August
  • I got my promotion
  • Andrea moved out of A&A
  • Office move to Tuas

As I am writing this, I could hear the singing, cheering and crowd outside my home... I believe there must be a lot of people waiting to countdown to year 2008! There will be fireworks! But here I am, lying comfortably on my bed... writing my final thoughts before the clock hits 12am...

What will be awaiting for me in 2008? New Year resolutions? hmmmmm

  • Stable and happy job
  • Healthy and obedient children
  • Loving family

10mins to countdown... After tonight, the holidays will be over and school and work will soon starts..

May all have a very Happy New Year 2008!

Friday, December 28, 2007

~ Janet's Farewell Dinner ~

Just after a couple of months after Maggie left, now it's time to say Goodbye to Janet. She will be starting her new job next Wednesday - 2nd Jan. It is a good move with better pay and opportunties.. Just that I will miss her. Sobz.

Andrea, Janet, Joe and I took Norman's car to Jumbo Seafood Restuarant @ Riverwalk (Clark Quay). We were first to reached followed by Catherine, Soo Kiat, Keavlyn, Maggie, Florence, Nicholas, Pailin and Alita. Apparently there are 2 Jumbo restuarants nearby and a couple of them got the address mixed up and went to the wrong meeting place. Alita was late and drop off at the wrong site too... Still, we finally managed to gather for a good meal. We had Chilli crab, Cereal Prawn, Baby Squid, Vegetables, Fish, Toufu etc... plus a free bottle of Red wine for every $150 spent. (Thanks to Janet's voucher). Everyone had fun.. eating, talking, laughing... and Andrea was playing with her food again :p

Finally, it's time to present Janet (aka Honggu) her farewell gift and booklet of well wishes! Personally, I feel the booklet was nicely done as it really took us a couple of days to gather the colleagues to write their thoughts and best wishes for Janet. Many wrote a full page of comments.. this really shows how popular Honggu has been. She dares to speak, act and is a very frank person. Now, without her in the office, it would definitely be a quieter place... Sighz. Nevertheless, Honggu 加油!Till we meet again..

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

~ Merry Christmas! ~

For consequtive 3 nights I have been indulging in Christmas party food... First was at Chunho's place... Yesterday evening was at Steven's house where they too have cater buffet (from Standford). There were rice, lamb, prawns, small cakes, fruit platter, smoked salmon, beef, cupcakes, wine etc... Hasn't been visiting Steven's place for a year and I must say his house has been renovating every year.. :) Each time I go there will be something different... A new coat of paint each year and this time, they revamp their toilets, dining table lights and bedroom. A very neat and tidy place. I hope my house has lesser stuff.. as long as it is easy to maintain.. I am happy. :)

Just returned from my bro-in-law's house after another round of Christmas dinner. We ordered KFC, Pizza, Honey-baked Ham (2kg) and bought bread, Log-cake and Otah. My inlaws made curry and chicken wings... It is a small family affair and only a few closed ones are invited. We ate a lot while enjoying the cable TV programs.... the kids went to play with their Christmas presents while the adults chit-chat.. Gladys being too young just kept herself busy walking around and 'Mum-Mum'... hehehe... She started walking last week and has been roaming around the house ever since..

Christmas is coming to an end and next week we are going to welcome a New Year... 6 more days before we say bye bye to 2007!

Monday, December 24, 2007

~ Holiday Mood ~

Christmas is around the corner and many people are on vacation. I too have been taking days off and enjoying my long weekends.. another 3 working days and it's going to be a new year! How time flies....

So what have I been busy with lately? Looking after my kids, watching "换换爱"on Youtube, playing with Facebook and packing up the house in the middle of the night. I have been throwing a lot of stuff.. and all these work are to prepare for the CNY which is coming very soon in early Feb (Only about 7 weeks to go!) ... I like to do cleaning work especially when I am home alone and when it is raining.. :p The smell of the rain and breeze from the wind really gives me energy... heheh... Well.. I managed to pack bit by bit here and there.. (although there are some more to go..) ..The only things that I hope hubby can help me with are the Windows, Ceiling Fans and toilets... Not too much to ask for huh.. :p

Anyway, Denver has been attending swimming lessons every Sunday for about 2 months now.. Yesterday, he got a Christmas present from his swimming instructor. We were also told that he may need to change to a different class if he is progressing well. That's nice. Later that evening, Chunho & Ruru invited us to their Christmas party.. Denver was very excited and keep asking if there are presents.. Kids... They are the happiest lot during this time of the year. :D The food was good.. There were buffet served plus Turkey, Beef, Honey-baked ham, Wine, Log cake etc... Really ate a lot! Denver on the other hand was busy playing... he can't wait to open his presents the first thing he got home. He loves all of them and happily put them in his room. :)

~ Nicole's Wedding ~

Managed to take some time off to attend Nicole's wedding on Saturday afternoon at Mandarin Oriental. I arrived early and started to get busy talking and taking photos with my colleagues. Dennis and Youmei were the Emcee and Nicole looks really beautiful!

The lunch banquet started at around 1pm. Andrea, Janet and I took some red wine initially.. but Daniel let us try the white wine and it taste really sweet and good! Before the food was served, we bottoms up the 1st glass of red wine and asked for a glass of white wine each. :D Our MSD colleagues occupied 1 and a half table and we were really a happening lot.. We yum seng for Nicole and Xing and subsequently busy 'playing' bottoms up! I had 3 glasses of wine, 3 cups of tea and 1 glass of green tea... Woww.... Everyone were happy and I really enjoyed myself.

Nicole will be flying off to China and later back to U.S to start her new journey of life. Wishing her a very happy and bliss marriage ...

Sunday, December 16, 2007

~ Old Pals ~

It has been some time since I met my old friends from Secondary school. I have been busy with my 2 kids, work and house chores... So it is really good to see them again today :D

Hubby and I went to AMK Hub earlier this afternoon to do some shopping at NTUC Extra before meeting Linna, Meiqin and Aisi at Coffee Bean around 2pm. We all did not really change much except Linna seems to slim down quite a lot. Denver was really shy .. although he did talk, he seems rather uncomfortable. It took him some time before he starts to warm up. hehehe.. Gladys is happy (as usual) and busy looking for food. (mum mum).

There is Thomas and Friends Meet & Greet session and since we got a good viewing spot from Coffee Bean, we seated there waiting for the show to start at 4pm while chit chatting along the way.

After the show, I had to go off early as Gladys need to have her porridge feed. I guess that is the problem with having kids. You don't really have the freedom and time to do the things you wanted. Well, hope things will get better when they are older. :)

Friday, December 07, 2007

~ To be continued ... ~

I'm Back!!!

Ok ok... I know I should update some photos and details on my recent trip to Malaysia. But I am too tired.... Reached home around 10 plus last night and was busy unpacking. Have a quick run through at the emails and slept over 1am. I could not wake up this morning and end up working from home.

My cough is getting worse.. If this goes on, I could jolly lost my voice again... :(

No mood to do any updates today.. Will do so next time round.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

~ Hello Tuas ~

It's been a week since I started working in Tuas... Still getting used to the travelling time. Now I am waking up at 545am, and leaving house at 630am. It's almost 2 hours of travelling time to and fro... Instead of reaching my bro-in-law's house at 6pm... I am reaching about half hour later.

I am located on the 3rd storey of the new General Services Building (GSB). Everything is very new.. cubicles, chair, pantry, toilet...... The staff canteen is also located downstair. However, the smell is killing... I had a terrible headache on the very first day. Even my clothes stink.. :( My other colleagues are also complaining about the strong scent.

I had a difficult time adjusting... due to the long journey and also not feeling working as efficient in the new environment. We are very restricted in the time to go work, have lunch and leaving. In the morning, all of us are busy catching the company bus transport at 750am/810am... At noon, we have to go lunch on time if not there may not be many variety of food to choose from... Around 4 plus, you can see people start packing up to catch the 430pm/505pm/515pm bus. It's really a very different feeling and life style working in the city and now in a very remote, distance area.

Ah well.... I am going for a 5 days, 4 nights Malaysia Trip with my family tomorrow. Hope all goes well and everyone had fun. Shall be back on 6 Dec night! More pictures to come... :D