Wednesday, May 07, 2008

~ Angry!! ~

I simply do not understand how can a lost of 1 marker pen leads to an argument. Especially questioning me where is the marker while I am in the midst of a teleconference meeting. Already feeling the tiredness and still trying to concentrate on the meeting contents. At the same time, I am hearing hubby making sounds of frastration.. blaming me for always using the pen and not putting it back.. I was pretty sure I did not use it lately..Hmmmpf! Ok..Fine! Take it as it is my fault!

Is it because I have been tidying the stuff.. using items.. resulting in hubby missing letters and making late bill payments that make him mad? Well, if only the things are kept tidy, I wouldn't even need or bother to clean up. Fine..I am being nosey.. itchy hand..My fault again.

I am not saying I am a very tidy person myself.. I do admit that I do not put stuff back to where they are..and leaving things around. But at least I do try to tidy up on a frequent basis. I don't get any help and if I do not manage it.. no one will anyway... Least to say to wash a cup, keep the newspaper, clean the toilet, change the bedsheets, mop and vacuum the floor.. I should have just let it rot! Can't help feeling angry and sad.. :( These days just haven't been going well for me.

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