Wednesday, July 29, 2009

~ Home Sweet Home + Out of Cast! ~

Hubby is finally coming back!! I rushed to my inlaw's place after work, had my dinner and quickly took the children back home to get ready. Lbil send us to the Airport-T2 and we waited. Denver and Gladys are very excited! They stick their bodies on the glass looking left and right wondering where is their Daddy. After awhile, Hubby finally appears and we waved at him. Gladys was shouting "DADDY! DADDY!"

The children ran towards their Daddy and Denver gave hubby a drawing saying "I miss you, Daddy" while Gladys got to be carried and kissed by Hubby. It was really nice to have Hubby back. The only worrying thing is there are some major problem with his work and he looks pretty busy. As Denver was hungry (as usual), we had supper at MacDonalds before going home.

I was on leave today as Denver has his appointment with KKH to review on his broken arm and it's also his Primary 1 registration day for phase 2C. I was relieved to hear that his bone has healed and the cast can be removed. :D

The dirty, smelly orange cast which Denver has put on for a month was finally out! Horray!! Denver finally gets to wash his hand clean. The only thing is he cannot bend or straighten his arm completely and it'll probably take weeks before he can do so. I hope he gets well soon and Doctor has advice no playground, running or jumping for the next 6 weeks.

Next stop, Sengkang Primary School. There are still 135 vacancies left for phase 2C and looking at the school's past history, there are no balloting exercise for SKPS. So, it seems pretty safe and confirm that Denver is going to study here. Denver is already looking forward since his cousins Jasper and Royston are studying here. In terms of logistics, it will also be more convenient for my fil to pick the children to and fro from school.

Hubby has to rush back to work after settling the P1 registration. I took Denver out for a nice lunch at Swensen @ Compass Point since there is a 1 + 1 promotion.

The rest of the afternoon is my own free time since I took the day off. Spent some time doing housework before going to Compass Point to shop. Time is never enough huh..

Saturday, July 25, 2009

~ Weekend with the children ~

After spending a night at inlaws' place, I took the children back home for the weekend. Denver started to miss his Daddy and cried in the night. :( Although they gets to 'see' and talk to hubby over the video call, nothing beats the physical prescence of their father.

To cheer him up, I promised to make him a nice breakfast and lunch. Breakfast was hotdog, bread and cake. As for lunch, I made soup (Carrot, corn, toufu, meat, egg) and long beans fried with luncheon meat. Not exactly a fantastic meal but I guess can make do with. :)

We spent the whole day at home... watching TV, doing homework, playing games etc.... I took the children out to Rivervale Mall for dinner at the foodcourt. Denver wanted Ramen.. he has taken a liking of eating Ramen lately.. (don't know why.. Hmmm). Then I bought bubble tea for them, walked around the mall and we walked back home together later. It was a tiring day for me... taking care of them and doing the housechores. I do miss hubby....

Sunday's activities are planned.. I'm going to take the children out to Compass Point (Macdonald) for breakfast. Send Denver for his class at 10am at SKCC, then bring them to my mum's place for lunch after his lesson. After that, we'll visit Owen at his home.. It has been awhile since we last went over...Denver wanted to play the PS2 games. :) I guess it'll keep him entertain so that he don't feel too bored at home. Evening time is going to be back at my inlaws place for the next few nights until hubby is back.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

~ Hubby - Out of Town ~

Hubby flew off to Manila early this morning and only scheduled to be back next Tuesday.. He'll be flying very frequently for the next few months and will be away from Singapore for a longer period of time. Gosh, I got to get use to this and learn how to manage my work, the children and home matters while he is away. Luckily with the advances of IT, I can still see and talk to him. :) Was glad to know that he has reached the hotel and even get to see how big the room is.

While hubby is away, our master bedroom toilet flooring has cracked and the water starts to seep in making the toilet smelly. Hubby arranged the contractor to come down today to fix it. Coincidentally, there seems to be some renovation works going on upstairs and the sound of the drilling is driving me crazy as I was working from home. :( I cannot go downstairs to work as it took the contractor one whole day to re-do the flooring. Ah well, the good thing is I got a new flooring foc. Since I'll be staying at my Bil's place tonight, I won't need to use the toilet and can keep it dry till I return on Friday night. :D I guess it wasn't too bad afterall.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

~ Birthday and Farewell Lunch ~

Another close colleague of mine (David Hoo) is leaving the company next month. So far he is the first to go after a 'series' of people resigning last year. I hope he will be happier at his new work place. Today, a few colleagues and I had farewell lunch with him at Fig & Olive @ Jurong Point. I ordered the lunch set menu (Maghribi Chicken w Olive Rice) which comes with a mushroom soup and drink. ummmm... the soup was alright but the main dish is not very appetizing to me. The worst part is their customer service... One of the waitress really has a bochap attitude.. Ask her what drink is this, she answered "I don't know" and walks off. SHOCKING! Then, my colleagues are served with the wrong dishes. Haiz.. It will probably be my first and last visit to the resturant.

Apart from the food, we had a nice chit chat session. I just felt a bit sadden seeing another good friend leaving. David is a helpful chap and always ferry us to the MRT station after work without complains. He is a very sincere and straight-forward person. Will definitely miss his presence, the jokes he shared and chatting with him. Sniff.

Last Sunday, all of us attended a relative's birthday celebration at a Condo behind "The Florida". It also happens to be Denver's lunar birthday (there are two 5th month this year) so he got the chance to crack the eggs as a significant to break and shoo away all the bad stuff. Gladys also follows suit and crack her own eggs. :)

It was a hot day.. we took a few photos, eaten our food and went back home to nap.. Yawn.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

~ Back to U.S! ~

Big bil is leaving Singapore back to the US for training again tomorrow. This time, he'll be away for probably another 8 months and I'm sure the family will miss his presence. Hubby will be sending him off and Denver also wanted to go. They need to wake up at 4am and leave the home early due to the early flight...

We already have dinner together yesterday but decided to go Hougang Mall for dinner as well today. There was a donation event and stalls were setup to raise funds. I bought Gladys a balloon for $1 and the kids also went to make their own keychains for $4.50 each. Gladys was too young to trace and colour so I have to do it for her instead. Basically the intention is for charity and Hubby also bought 20 canned drinks for $10.

After dinner, we send Bbil and his family home... Time to bid farewell again and we'll see bil mid next year!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

~ A day's out without family car ~

Didn't have any plans on where to take the kids today.. Hubby's brother needed the car to send Zhen to the Airport and so we decided to tag along. We took the Sky Train to T2 and then take the MRT to Bugis. The children likes the idea as it is always Fun and Interesting to take the train compared to Daddy's car. :)

We had lunch at Bugis and after that we walk around.. Happen to passby a gift shop and I bought Gladys a Big Mickey Mouse stuff toy which is on promotion. Gladys always love Mickey instead of Minnie (Not sure why)... Knowing that she does not have as many toys compare to Denver, we decided to buy one for her. She really LIKES it and keep hugging it... so cute. :) The department stall was giving out free popcorns and the children happily munch as we walk.

We hopped on the train again and went down to Plaza Singapura. Didn't spend a lot of time here as Gladys was tired by now.. She doze off while we were at Carrefour and so we took a cab home.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

~ Primary 1 Registration! ~

Primary 1 Registration finally began on Monday. Starting with Phase 1 - priority for the child whose siblings are currently studying in the school of choice. We intend to place Denver in Seng Kang Primary school as his cousins are currently studying there and it will be easier to send and pick the children to and fro from school.

For the previous years, there were no balloting exercise for SKPS as it is a neighbourhood school. Still, Hubby and I started to monitor the vacancies just to make sure Denver will be secure of a place. ( He is already looking forward going to Seng Kang Primary School with Royston next year. Haha.
So far, about one third of the vacancies have been occupied during the first phase. Hopefully, we can register Denver to SKPS succesfully when Phase 2C starts on 29th July.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

~ Hearing Aid ~

Took Dad to collect his hearing aid at TTSH today. We were there early by half hour from his appointment time and waited outside the room. Chit chatted with Dad and he was asking me how was Denver's arm now. I told him he is fine and I will bring Denver to visit this Sunday as I have missed bringing the kids over for the past 2 weeks.

We were later called in where Dad tried on his new hearing aid. :) He seems very excited about it and tells me that he can hear much better now. There was a lot of information to learn about on how to maintain and manage the new device. Dad was very anxious and asked many questions like if it is battery operated.. how to change the battery.. how to maintain it.. etc. I noted all the instructions given and translated it to Dad.

It was raining very heavily when we left the ENT clinic. We took a cab home and I explained all the details on using and maintaining the hearing aid to Dad before heading back home to work. It will take about 3-5 weeks for Dad to get use to the device and hopefully this will help to bring him more happiness.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

~ Staying Home ~

It has been quite a while since I have been staying home during the weekends. There was a major launch over the Independance Day weekend in the U.S and many of us are on standby. The children didn't get to go any places as Mommy is at home. Hubby helps to buy lunch/dinner back home while I spend the time doing housework, sleeping and keeping the children company. (opps! not to forget playing games as well :p)

The weather seems to be getting crazy lately and started to rain after a very hot month of June. Well, good for me as I love rainy days, the scent of the rain and the cool wind. The kids spent the weekend doing their homework, watching TV, playing games and eating. I wonder if they are finding it boring. Luck for me, there was no page and I manage to have a peaceful support week.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

~ Review at KKH ~

Yesterday I took a day off to bring Denver to KKH to have his fractured arm reviewed since he fell a week ago. I was a bit upset with hubby for not arranging the timing appropriately and I ended up travelling a longer distance myself. Always felt subsidiary.. :( Anyway, I cool myself down with the thought that I'm happy to be alone with Denver, buying the MRT card, taking a train down to Little India during the peak hours.

This is when we put Singaporeans to a test... I was thinking.. Will anyone to kind enough to give up their seat to a 6 years old boy who's arm is in cast. Here's how it goes... There was a lot of people and the moment we stepped into the MRT, no one seems to see us or iniated to give up their seats. Ok.. maybe he's too short and cannot be identified easily among the adults.. Denver and I moved deeper towards the center of the train.. still he is being ignored. Denver started to 'complain' saying that he is tired and wanted to sit. Browsing around, most of the commuters are sleeping.. some reading papers and the lady who is sitting directly infront of us, finally pack her magazine and gives up her seat for Denver... I guess she doesn't has much option. :p

We walked to KKH after exiting from Little India. Went through the temperature detection scan at the entrance and put on our mask. Denver complains that it's uncomfortable and he can hardly breathe with it on.. -__- We reached P Clinic and await for our Queue... KKH just undergone a renovation and it looks newer now.. The waiting time wasn't long and Denver's cast was changed to a lighter one. He even gets to choose the colour of his new fibreglass cast.. I thought he would choose his favourite colour - Green.. but I was WRONG! He ended choosing a bright Orange cast. Denver later went for another round of X-ray with his new cast and the doctor advises that the results look good and he can come back for another review in another month.

That's is definitely good news to me and I'm really relieved... I was a bit 心疼 to see his left arm swollen with rashes... Doctor says its normal and will take weeks for the swelling to subsize. Hubby came when I was about to make payments. Just in time to send us for lunch at Sakae Sushi at Bishan and a quick game at the arcades. (Animal Kaiser - as usual).