Friday, August 29, 2008

~ Birthday Cum Farewell Lunch ~

Norman is leaving the company next Friday and my Birthday is coming... Andrea, Norman, Sookiat and I decided to have a Birthday & Farewell lunch together yesterday. 4 years ago, It started with me and Andrea as great pals... SK joined shortly followed by NT.. We soon become close colleagues and friends and had lots of good times working together... Starting mid of this year, SK left the group first.. now it's NT's turn... and we are back to square one with Andrea and me left in the company. :( We won't have much chance to meet up again after this.

Had lunch at Kuishinbo at Jurong Point.. meet up with SK and really enjoyed the food.. I had super shiok Sashimi twice in a month.. totally satisfied.. :)

I wasn't expecting any present/card cos this year everyone was really busy with either work or wedding... So I was really happy when NT specially made me a Birthday card.. :D It was a nice framed photo of all of us.. Will treasure it.

The other 'exciting' thing that happened was I was taken to pierce ear holes! @_@ Well... actually it was Andrea who pull me to a shop right after our lunch. She said it was my birthday present.. The first time I had my ears pierce was before my wedding.. because I had to wear for diamond earrings from my "4 Dot Gold". The ear holes closed up very soon because I did not wear earrings due to some infection and uncomfortablity.

We went into the shop, sat down and in less than 10 mins it was done. Slight pain and soon it felt itchy.. I suppose this time wasn't as bad as the other time... hopefully I can maintain it.. :p

It was a very memorable day.. and Thank you for everything.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

~ Retirement??? Wait Long Long ~

Ever since we moved to Tuas, I am seeing people quitting almost one every 2 months. Just finished my weekly team meeting and receive another news that my US team mate is retiring! (well, at least it's better than being sack!). Pam has been working with the company for many years... and it is a good news that she is able to retire, get another relaxing job and spending more time with her family. This was what she always wanted...

Our team has shrink tremendously for the past 3 years... from the full head strength of more than 10 to only 4 as perm employees.... the rest has either been retrenched/transferred to another department... and the headcount has went to our offshore counterparts. With Pam retiring and Regina going on maternity end of this year, it is going to be a tough year end..

I wonder where will I be for retirement... well, I am still young, my kids are young and I'll have to work at least another 20 years before Denver and Gladys can 'survive' on their own. (unless hubby strike Big Toto prize and I can go for a more relaxing job :p)..

Saturday, August 23, 2008

~ Happy First Blogging Anniversary ~

It's been 1 year since I started blogging... So many things have happened over the past year... I have seen my children grow, away for vacation, office shifted, colleagues left, wedding bells rang and many others.

When I first started blogging, never thought that I can maintain it till now. :p Let's hope for another eventful and happy year ahead!

Happy 1st Anniversary!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

~ New Glasses ~

Can't recall when I made my previous pair of spectacles.. hmmm.. should be at least 2-3 years back. I don't usually change my glasses frequently because it is still in good condition.. The idea to change it is because it's getting loose and the design is outdated.

Went to make a new pair last week and I collected it just awhile ago. :) Nowadays, trendy glasses are rectangular in shape.. no longer the oval, egg shell kind that I had years back...The colours are also more vibrant and daring.. unlike the chrome, silver kind that I had before. (Thats why I want to change it :p).. Well, I hesitated between the red and light purple glasses.. but end up choosing the 2nd one as the colour on the frame will be lasting and less obvious if it starts to fade off. Got to choose one that can last me another couple of years to make the money worth! (Cost $220).

Right now, I am still trying to get use to my new glasses.. although there isn't a change in the degrees, the lens are longer and slightly narrower.. most importantly, hope I look better in my new glasses. :)

Before (Old Glasses)

After (New Glasses)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

~ Pre-Birthday Lunch at Sakura ~

Today hubby treat me to a Slumpous lunch at Sakura International Buffet (Yio Chu Kang Stadium).. I'll take that as a pre-birthday lunch :p. I always love Salmon Sashimi.. so really had a lot today. :D There is a lot of variety of food.. my stomach cannot take it the whole lot of them..

Apart from the first round of sushi attack.. there are baked oysters, cheese scallops, mussels, cold prawn, salad etc. Teppanyaki (include lamb chop, salmon and beef, etc.), tempura and grilled items. It is my first time tasting fresh - uncooked prawn too... urmm exoctic taste.. :p

There are a range of chinese dishes as well... including fried rice, hotdogs, vegetables etc.. but I reserve my stomach for the other dimsum.

In terms of soup, there are mushroom soup and also Yu Chi. The most special thing is there is Yam desert.. :) I seldom see that in a buffet.

Of course, we cannot forget about deserts! There are cheesecakes, kueh lapis, blackforest etc.. puddings, fruits, ice cream and beverages. All these really completes the buffet with a satisfying touch.

My stomach is really bloated.. as usual, it is hard to enjoy a quiet meal (without the kids around) and I really enjoy it. Thanks dear for the treat :)

Monday, August 18, 2008

~ Misc Photos ~

Had been taking some miscellaneous photos for the kids. Will take this time to post them up. :p

Pretty Purple orchid and Pretty Gladys!

Do I look like Noddy? :p

Many aunties said I look like a boy... some said angmoh.. (cos of my slightly brown hair).. What do you think? LoL :D

Denver hugging Gladys in the car (Don't you find the resemblance with the toy?) :p

Happy Siblings
Buay Tahan! Milk time still can play!
Denver is so dark! Thanks to his weekly swimming lessons...

Friday, August 15, 2008

~ August is Oral Health Month ~

Went to Compass Point today (as usual) as Denver wanted to play Arcade. We later took him to a roadshow organized by Colgate where they bring the dentist right down to the people and giving dental checkup for FREE! We went through a few stations to learn about cavities and the proper way to brush your teeth. The whole 'journey' took us about 20 minutes and we got free toothpaste and towel at the end. :) Denver's teeth was alright (no sign of decaying tooth) and the Dentist only advice to bring him to have some scaling done. :)

The other wonderful news today is Singapore finally got an Olympic medal since our first medal in 1960. :D It was so exciting watching the tennis games against Korea. So stressing that I rather wait for the final score. Hhehehe. We will be competing against China in the finals.. although the chances of winning is slim, I still happy to know we got at least a Silver medal. :D

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

~ TV Drama ~

Lately has been catching 2 shows online..

The first one is Taiwan Drama series 惡作劇2吻 (They Kiss Again). This is actually the sequel of 恶作剧之吻 (It Started With A Kiss). I enjoyed the first series which was funny and cute. The 2nd series.. well, not as exciting and romantic as I thought it would be.. but still got a couple of touching moments.

I personally preferred the other Korean Drama show more.. "The Vineyard Man". The story is about a designer (Ji Hyun) from Seoul who reluctantly went to work at her grand uncle's vineyard in a small village for a year before able to inherit it. Initially she had a hard time adjusting to the life in the country and working with Taek Gi (vineyard man). However, through time and many twists and turns, Ji Hyun adapts to the rustic life and fall in love with Taek Gi.

Lead actor is not the usual handsome type, but it's his personality that stands out in the show. Both the lead actor and actress can sing very well and the combination of the country scenery with the music is perfect! Many funny, romantic and touching scene as well.. :) Simple show with great scenes.. Love it!

Monday, August 11, 2008

~ A Day's Off ~

I am definitely getting old.. Why do I say that? Cos I am getting exhausted easily. :)

Today took a day off and bring Denver to watch "Journey to the center of the Earth" at Cathay (AMK hub). It's also the first movie that I'm watching with him. :) Not a bad movie plus the fact that I haven't been to the cinema for ages... Denver has grown up and even though he couldn't understand the story, he stayed through the entire show. Of course, there are dinosaur, man eating plants and scary fishes to keep him entertained.

After the movie, we travel down to Tampines Mall and had late lunch at Seoul Garden.. I finally get to eat in peace since Gladys is not around to 'mess' things up. :) I also manage to do some window shopping on my own at Compass Point to search for some clothes... no luck though, but I managed to buy a pair of shoes at Charles & Keith at 50% discount! :D

Dinner time... but my stomach is still bloated and couldn't really eat.. :( My body and legs are also aching... guess age is really catching up on me.. It's even more tiring than working.. but I am glad that Denver is happy... after all that matters the most.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

~ Happy National Day ~

It's Singapore 43rd Birthday! There is a NDP 08 countdown party yesterday night in the open field outside my house. That area has already hosted many events for CNY, New Year etc.. I stayed up for the lucky draw and Fireworks.. Initially, I wanted to bring Denver down to experience the fireworks in person... but he could not wake up :( So, I went down alone to video it down.

I always loved to watch the National Day Parade on TV... but as years past and as I grow older, it doesn't seems to matter if I missed it. Denver is not even keen at all.. he is more interested to watch cartoon programs instead.

Another day has past.. rainy days lately and the long weekend is half gone.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

~ 舍不得 ~

人来人往, 来来去去..
心有不舍. 但只愿大家幸福, 快乐.

Friday, August 01, 2008

~ Evening with the Kiddos ~

Hubby is attending his company's Dinner & Dance at the Singapore Expo right now. So I am left home alone with the children today. BIL drove us back home earlier.. but Denver was sad that he did not came back by LRT and cried... Since it is still early, I put all the stuff down and took them out on a LRT ride to Compass Point. :)

Took them to Kiddy Palace and Denver got lost there.. :S I was standing right behind him all the time but he could not see me and walked off. Upon hearing him crying, I knew he was lost.. I traced his cries and manage to locate him at the counter. He smiled again when I took him to have soya bean milk and pancake at Mr Bean. :) It always gives me a heart attack whenever I couldn't find my kid. I have to stick my eyes closely on my 2 kids and it definitely doesn't help if both of them choose to go different ways. So, they have to follow me strictly at one place at a time.

Hubby sms that he won a $50 taka voucher! :) I think this is his first win at his DnD.. although its not the grand prize but still lucky. :D