Friday, August 01, 2008

~ Evening with the Kiddos ~

Hubby is attending his company's Dinner & Dance at the Singapore Expo right now. So I am left home alone with the children today. BIL drove us back home earlier.. but Denver was sad that he did not came back by LRT and cried... Since it is still early, I put all the stuff down and took them out on a LRT ride to Compass Point. :)

Took them to Kiddy Palace and Denver got lost there.. :S I was standing right behind him all the time but he could not see me and walked off. Upon hearing him crying, I knew he was lost.. I traced his cries and manage to locate him at the counter. He smiled again when I took him to have soya bean milk and pancake at Mr Bean. :) It always gives me a heart attack whenever I couldn't find my kid. I have to stick my eyes closely on my 2 kids and it definitely doesn't help if both of them choose to go different ways. So, they have to follow me strictly at one place at a time.

Hubby sms that he won a $50 taka voucher! :) I think this is his first win at his DnD.. although its not the grand prize but still lucky. :D

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