Sunday, September 27, 2009

~ Happy Weekend ~

Gladys finally got to go swimming cos Daddy is around to help look after her while Mummy watch over the stuff as Denver is having his swimming lesson.

Later in the afternoon, we went to "Si Ma Lu" Guanyin temple to pray and then have a feel of the mid-autumn festival. There are a lot of people and you can see stalls selling mooncakes, lanterns, pomelo and others. Slightly further ahead is a huge gigantic Mooncake. Denver used the camera to take a few shots too.

We bought a belated birthday present for Gladys at OG. Its a Dresser table and it's amazing seeing Gladys can play with the 'fake' lipstick for so long. She acted like a girl by dolling herself up. Most of the time, she acts like a boy.. hahhaa

I spent some time decorating the house with lanterns too.. :) I have kept the lanterns which their grandmas have given them over the years. During Mid-Autumn festival, they will have many to choose from.

That night, there was a mid-autumn festival at Sengkang CC. We got some free tickets and went there to have a look. There were stalls for mooncake and lantern making, a big stage where the performances are and also an area for "猜灯谜".

Denver saw his Chinese teacher helping out there and also join in with the lantern-making. :) Luckily we were there early and manage to grab a seat.

Denver was a bit disappointed that he could not go to the other stalls as we ran out of time and the queue are too long. :( So he looked grumpy when taking a photo with his newly made lantern.

Sunday was lunch at Mum's place and the kids get their 'annual' lanterns from their grandma. :) Grandpa played with them for awhile. The battery operated lanterns are really noisy.. hahhaha.. All of us were there (which is really rare).. so it's like a mini reunion. Ashton is a big boy now.. about 6 months old. Getting cuter each day. :) Can't wait for Owen's baby to arrive and all the children can play together.

Friday, September 25, 2009

~ Happy 3rd Birthday - Gladys! ~

Hubby came back late last night. I'm sure glad and happy to see him although we did not go to the airport to pick him this time round! The children were asleep by then... and hubby bought many things back home. He is just in time to celebrate Gladys' 3rd birthday!

Eariler, while waiting for his return, I decorated the house with some balloons and Mickey Mouse birthday posters which Hubby brought back on his previous business trip. These are her FAVOURITE!!! I am sure she'll be delighted to see them when she wakes up! It took me till past 1am before I finished... Yawn...

Hubby took Denver to bsil's place as he got school today while Gladys stay home with me. She was surprised when she woke up. Her eyes and mouth opened wide in amaze! hehehhe :D She grabbed a pink balloon, (her favourite colour) and was really happy to realise it is her BIRTHDAY!! YEAH!!

I dress her up in a pink dress which Hubby bought for her.. It looks soooo SWEET on her! :) Gladys only wants to take photos with her Daddy.. :) She must have miss him a lot while he is away.

While waiting for Denver's class to finish, I took Gladys to the Polyclinic for her 3 years health assessement. She was being naughty and refuse to co-operate with us.. The nurse asked her questions and she simply replied "I don't know".. -___- She do not want to have her weight and height measured and only wants me to carry. Argghh.. Luckily the nurse 'pass' her assessement and she'll be back for review next year.. Phew...

We went to grab some stuff from Bsil's place and she got her presents from her godma and mongen's parents :) Of course she is sooo excited with her new toys.

After picking Denver from school, we went to the new shopping mall - City Square @ Farrer Park and the children had arcade games there. Lots of fun and $$$ spent..

We had a separate dinner with Gladys while Denver was having his chinese lesson.. Since Denver was most priviledged with going out and having good food with us mostly, it was only fair that this time Gladys gets the attention. We went to Swenson and Gladys had ice-cream!! Yummy!!
Amazed with the Dry ice effect. :D "Hmm.. is my ice-cream on fire!!?"

Since it's her Birthday, we ordered another Birthday Ice-cream! The candle was lighted and Daddy and Mummy sang her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY song just for her.

Jasper and Royston came to my place for games and they also participated in the 2nd round of the Birthday celebration. :) Gladys love Mickey Mouse and she chose the design of the cake herself from Bengawan solo.

The pretty star among the handsome boys! :)
After all the food, it's PLAYTIME with her new toys! Happy Birthday Gladys! You are my GEM!