Saturday, January 31, 2009

~ CNY Visitings ~

We took the children downstairs to play sparklers again last Thursday. :) but this time with the camera. hehehe.. Denver and Gladys had fun.. the only thing is Denver went to touch the stick and got 'burnt' on his finger. Shortly after that he had blister. So clumsy..sighz.

We continue our visitings on the weekends.. Had a couple of friend's house to visit today and tomorrow.

Denver wears his favourite Ben 10 T-shirt that Uncle Owen bought for him. :) He is so happy! hehe.. Gladys also keeps herself occupied with the bag of oranges and couldn't stop drinking those packet drinks.

Took some pictures of them at our neighbour's house.. Denver weighs himself on the scale and OMG... he is 29.x kg!! The chinese new year goodies and drinks must have contributed to his weight again. :D

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

~ Happy 牛 Year! ~

Lunar New Year's Eve

This year Bil is not in Singapore to celebrate CNY with the we have also kept things to the minimal. Decorations, clothings and the amount of food prepartion has been kept simple. As usual, we went to my inlaws' place for our reunion dinner, Lao Yu Sheng, gave angbaos and went back home after that. :)

Compared to last year, this CNY eve was extremely quiet... no fireworks, no dragon/lion dance and also not much crowd. We took Denver and Gladys downstairs to play the Sparklers for awhile.. it has always been what Denver wanted and I guess it also helps to spread a bit of the CNY mood. :) The kids slept early while Hubby and I stay up for prayers and "守岁".

Lunar Day 1

We woke up early and went to pick my inlaws, sil and nephews to go to the temple. Probably it's due to the bad economy, I don't see many people in the temples and outside visitings. As there is only one car to drive around, all of us (5 adults and 4 kids) squeezed in our little Vios. :p This year we only have public holidays on Monday & Tuesday... so we kept our visitings short & sweet hoping to go to the most places in these 2 days. We managed to cover all the usual relatives' house like my parents, my eldest brother, hubby's god-parents, grandmothers, uncles etc..

Grumpy and very reluctant Denver cos he don't want to take photo at my Sil's place.

Lunar Day 2

Woke up early today again to go to another temple for prayers ("Gu Cai Ba"). When it comes to CNY, we have very little sleeeep.. Yawnz... Again, there doesn't seems to be a lot of people there too.. it's good in the sense that we don't have to squeeze to make prayers like we used to in the past years.

After prayers, we went to hubby's friends' parents house and later the day, hubby also went for a Mahjong session in the afternoon while I manage to catch a quick nap at home. 2nd Brother came back from Malaysia today and so we met at my parents' house for dinner. Brother even bought Denver a nice Ben 10 T-shirt.. so sweet!

After a nice dinner, hubby took us to the Riverside Angbao for a walk.. it has been years since we last went... so it was kinda refreshing as it was also our first time stepping on the floating stage where the NDP was held.

There was a lot of people there! Although it's near the sea, I couldn't feel the wind at all.. so it was kinda stuffy with the crowd. There were quite a few stalls there.. like "Cai Deng Mi", food fair where we bought some snacks, a big stage where there is an Opera showing the Monkey God, Huge Cai Shen Ye and also a place allocated to buy ToTo! We bought some deserts and went to walk around.

There was a queue to get onto the floating stage due to the narrow enterance.. Denver wanted to go and see the 十二生肖 decorations and so we moved slowly in with the queue.. Manage to take some photos before we leave home.