Saturday, January 31, 2009

~ CNY Visitings ~

We took the children downstairs to play sparklers again last Thursday. :) but this time with the camera. hehehe.. Denver and Gladys had fun.. the only thing is Denver went to touch the stick and got 'burnt' on his finger. Shortly after that he had blister. So clumsy..sighz.

We continue our visitings on the weekends.. Had a couple of friend's house to visit today and tomorrow.

Denver wears his favourite Ben 10 T-shirt that Uncle Owen bought for him. :) He is so happy! hehe.. Gladys also keeps herself occupied with the bag of oranges and couldn't stop drinking those packet drinks.

Took some pictures of them at our neighbour's house.. Denver weighs himself on the scale and OMG... he is 29.x kg!! The chinese new year goodies and drinks must have contributed to his weight again. :D

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