Tuesday, January 12, 2010

~ Schooling - Observations & Thoughts ~

It's the 2nd week of school and Gladys Really seems to have settled down. Unlike her older brother who cried through Nursery and even K1, Gladys is more confident and brave. (I'm still observing her and keeping my fingers crossed!)

On the other hand, how's Denver doing so far?

  • Need to get use to waking up early at 6:10am. Daddy/Mommy has to spend about 5 mins to wake him up. (I'm thinking of getting him an alarm clock to slowly cultivate that habit ^_^).
  • The Buddy system will end this week and Denver was able to purchase his food by himself during recess time today. (Looking at his expenses report so far, the maximum purchase he had was $1. I have been reducing his pocket money from $1.50 to $1.40 and $1.20. Maybe $1 is next. :p). What has he been eating? (spaghetti, kway tiao, coco crunch, pizza, chicken rice...). He wanted to buy Jelly and Soft Drinks too but I will have to say no to those for now.
  • His Homework/Curriculum file has been helpful to keep all the forms that I need to vat through. There has been a couple of forms and payments made so far. (e.g. Subscription to some Chinese Magazines - $14.80 and Art Pass Program - $10). Awww.. $$ $$ $$..
  • CCA - For term 1, the CCA program for P1 will be Dancing. We did not enrol Denver into the program (which is Optional) due to the timing. Every Monday (3:15pm to 5:15pm) will be too tiring and difficult for my Fil to take Denver to & fro from school. Maybe next time...
  • Timetable - We received his Timetable last week and personally I don't find it reader friendly. :p So I make my own version of the Timetable with slightly different formats and fonts. heheheh. One A4 size version so that Denver can review it while packing his school bag daily and another smaller booklet size version in his Pupil's Companion Book so that he can check his lesson schedule.

So...why tracking the details?? In another 3 years, it will be Gladys' turn to go to P1 and by then Mommy will have some notes and pointers to reference to. Hahahah. It will also be interesting to compare the differences/changes 3 years can make.


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