Monday, May 31, 2010

~ Shantou, here we come! ~

We are all packed for our trip to Shantou. :) Just did a weather forecast and we are expecting the weather to be cooling and rainy. (From 19-28 degrees). Umbrellas, poncho and jacket are all packed in! The children are excited and had some difficulty getting to bed. :)

Got to sleep now since we are catching an early flight tomorrow. Here's signing off for the next 5 days. ^_^

Sunday, May 30, 2010

~ Updates on NFC 2010 ~

It has been a really BUSY long weekend. Apart from busy packing the luggage for our China trip, we also took the family out to the National Family Celebration 2010 at Sentosa yesterday. (Check out our travel blog for more details)

It was a Day and Night event for the entire family. Hubby & I were very tired but I think it was worth it since we have a good time together. ^_^ Hoped everyone had Fun at NFC 2010. Looking forward to NFC 2011.

Friday, May 28, 2010

~ Hubby's New Phone - HTC Desire ~

Hubby has been checking the forums, websites and internet for months for the launch of his DREAM phone - hTC Desire. Unlike the current trend where I-Phone is so popular and seems to be everyone's favourite, Hubby is Anti-IPhone and prefers the Android Smartphone instead. Hahaha. :)

Mommy does not know the features of Desire but one thing for sure, Hubby can now help to take nice nice photos. Hubby's old phone does not have any camera feature and hence I have always been the photographer. With hTC Desire, we can now share the 'load' and take more pictures. ^_^

Thursday, May 27, 2010

~ Happy Vesak Day ~

Tomorrow is Vesak Day - 卫塞节. We took the children to Puat Jit Buddhist Temple (般若念佛堂) at Anchorvale to do our prayers and bath the buddha. Later tonight, there will be chanting of prayers and more people will gather at the temple to make their offerings.

We came earlier to avoid the crowd and the organisers are still busy decorating and putting everything in place for the big day. Apart from praying, the children always remember to grab their sweets from the plate. Bathing the buddha is also what they enjoyed doing most... picking up the wooden scoop and cleansing the buddha 3 times. ^_^

Today is also "Eat with Your Family Day". We all had dinner at my bbil's place earlier and hence when Denver says he is still hungry, we took him to Compass point for some food. Well, it sort of become "Supper with my family" instead. ^_^

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

~ Gladys' Nursery - Meet the Parents Day ~

It's Meet-the-Parents Day to review Gladys' performance in Nursery school. Earlier, we already received her progress report book and Mrs Wee and 林老师 are full of praise for her.

Mrs Wee commented that Gladys is a very helpful girl who is always willing to help her friends and teachers. (e.g. Keep the toys, books etc). There are no concerns with regards to her learning progress and she is a happy girl.

Other comments include Gladys has a loud voice and a bit boyish. ^_^ Hubby & I explained that she tends to be 'rough' and 'tough' being the only girl as the other children in the family are all BOYS (which explains her behaviour). 林老师 commented that at times she tends to have shorter attention span and curious at what her friends are doing but Gladys knows how to 察言观色 and will pay attention when she sees the teacher is staring firmly at her. hahaha..

Overall, Gladys' teachers are happy with her progress and we as parents are definitely glad and relief that she has been a good helper and being nice to her peers and teachers. 继续加油哦!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

~ New tooth behind baby tooth ~

Yesterday evening, Denver told me that he went to see his school dentist because he felt something at his lower jaw. It was then we realised that he has a new tooth growing behind his baby tooth.

I panic for awhile because the new tooth is right behind his baby tooth and doesn't seems to be straight. Hence, I asked Denver to have the dentist call me to understand his condition better.

I must say the dentist is very friendly and helpful. During my time, all of us were afraid to go for dental appointments simply because the dentist is super fierce and we always get scolded. But it is a whole lot different now... the lady dentist who contacted me was so sweet and even re-assure me with the information that I needed to know.

I also did some research on the Internet and apparently, this is a very common situation among children 5 to 6 years old and at the lower front teeth (70% of the children will experience this).

In common scenario, the permanent teeth will slowly dissolves the baby tooth root as it comes up and when there is not much root left, the baby tooth will get loose, falls out and comes in where the baby tooth used to be.

However, in Denver's case, I was told that he has a very nice set of baby teeth. (From birth till now, he has not drop any of his baby tooth yet.) But this is not a good sign as Denver's teeth and jaw is small, this means the permanent tooth has no room for growth and hence comes in behind the baby tooth.

The good thing is that the permanent tooth will eventually move forward into the correct position provided there is nothing in the way. Hence, the dentist has suggested to extract Denver's baby tooth (scheduled on 23rd June) to ensure that there is enough room for the tooth to set in place eventually. This will take many months or even years and the dentist has advised us to be patient and it will get better as Denver grow up with a bigger jaw.

On the other hand, it also means Denver will get a jab on his gum before his extraction. We did not tell him about the jab to avoid unnecessary worries and fear since his appointment will be a month later. It's best to leave it to the professional and we hope everything will be done smoothly and swiftly to spare Denver with too much pain and discomfort.

~ Our 2nd Family Pledge for NFC 2010 ~

Was truly delighted to receive email from Nuffnang this morning that we won 7 tickets to the Songs of the Sea. (This is based on my pledge that I blogged in early May for NFC 2010). So HAPPY! This means we can bring the kids to Sentosa. ^_^

On top of that, we get another chance to win tickets to the Universal Studios Singapore!

"Nuffnang would like to give out UNIVERSAL STUDIOS SINGAPORE tickets for those who have participated through a 2nd contest.

Yes we mean it, you can win additional tickets on top of what you have already won. So it is going to be a fun filled day this coming 29th May."

Earlier, I called Hubby about us winning the tickets and he is very Happy as well (Can hear his excitement over the phone :p). We would truly like to visit USS again and take the children out on the rides this time. If we can get 5 tickets, we probably can even take Denver's cousins too! More children can get to play... that will be fun! (i.e. if we win :p)

Hubby & Daddy of our 2 darlings has hence pledge the following: "To fulfil my promises and take my family out."

Hubby is the "chauffeur" in the family (cos Mommy got no driving license). So he took us to many places in our little Vios around Singapore. Beginning this year, Hubby made promise to our little girl that he will take her to see the Merlion in Sentosa (But never did).. Everytime Gladys saw the old poster hanging on the advertisement walls at Sengkang MRT about the Imbiah Lights up, she will remembers the unfufilled promise. Opps. :(

Hubby does feel guilty about this and now he finally has no excuse and got the opportunity to fufill his promise this coming Saturday - 29th May! What's more, Gladys not only get to see the merlion, she also will get to see the Laser & Water show @ Songs of the Sea for the First Time! ^_^ (Praying for good weather!)

It is so important to keep a promise especially to a child. Promises are easy to make, hard to keep and heart-breaking to break. It's not only a pledge that Hubby will make but also mine and all of us to remember.

Watch out for the following dates.

27th May 2010 - Eat with Your Family Day. More companies will participate in this event and allow the workers to knock off early and return home for dinner that day.

29th May 2010 - Family Day Out


Organised by the National Family Council, National Family Celebrations is an annual event which celebrates and reinforces the importance of families and family life. This year, Singaporeans are encouraged to make a personal commitment to their families by being a part of the Singapore Family Pledge Movement.

To provide opportunities for Singaporeans to follow through on the pledges to their families, there are a myriad of activities under the NFC 2010 calendar – which will interest the young, the old, and everyone in between! NFC 2010 will be held from 25 May to 26 June 2010, and this year marks the 25th Anniversary of the Celebrations. For more information on NFC 2010, visit

Thank you Nuffnang once again!

Monday, May 24, 2010

~ Denver's Report Book ~

Denver got his Report book from school today. This is his first assessment report (both academic and personality) from Primary school. Seems like yesterday that he just gone through his orientation and almost half a year has passed since.

In the past, my parents will always judge how well I fare based on my grades, my positioning in class as well as overall positioning in the whole school. Apart from "What is your score?" the next question will always be "You number what in class har?", "Your good friend what position?" I guess this puts on a fair bit of pressure on the children and hence positioning ratings has been removed to avoid too much comparison among peers.

In replacement of positioning, the Maximum, Minimum and Mean Mark was indicated on the report book for the entire Primary 1 level. This gives the parents an estimated guideline to see where the child stands avoiding direct comparison and competition. For SA1, the Maximum Mark was 96.5, 98 and 99.5 for English, Mathematics and Chinese respectively. I was surprised that the max Chinese score was so high compared to the other subjects. (Learning Chinese isn't so bad afterall ^_^) Anyway, Denver did well but Hubby was a little disappointed and hoping he can score better in his Mathematics. :p

I'm still happy with Denver's performance. ^_^ He received good comments from his teacher and I hope he continues to enjoy learning in school.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

~ Aching and Exhausted after 3D2N @ Downtown East Chalet ~

We are finally back after our 2 nights stay at Costa Sands Resort @ Downtown East. After spending the morning clearing up and checking out of the chalet, we went for a quick breakfast before heading home.

There are more cleaning up to do and lots of clothing to wash. Hubby complained that his body is aching all over and it must be due to the lack of exercise. He only went to swim for 2 days and is already feeling the strain. (The whole day and night BBQ by the fire also added on to his strain)

Gladys slept shortly... Hubby and I were so tired that we spent our Sunday afternoon napping and resting. Denver couldn't take it anymore and also had his nap voluntarily without me nagging at him at all. Ha!


Besides feeling tired, the after-effects of chalet is coughing and sorethroat. Too much food, snacks and drinks over the weekend has further delay and detoriate the kids not able to recover from their cough. We have another week to go before packing for our China trip. Hopefully by then, all of us will be in our tip-top condition.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

~ Denver's E-Learning Day with Mummy ~

It's E-Learning Day as Denver's Primary school has allocated today to process the SA1 results. So all pupils are required to stay at home to complete their E-Learning assignments online. Nowadays learning has utilized the internet space and computer seems to be a "MUST HAVE" device at home.
The allocated time for P1-P2 is from 8am-1030am. Denver woke up and spend some time doing all his assignements. It took him about 1.5 hour and he went from sitting to squatting on his chair - Simply cannot sit still ah.

For the rest of the day, Denver is restless... Mommy needs to work at home and has minimal time to keep him company. He watched cartoons, played PSP, PS3, computer games and still feels bored. I guess doing all these things alone isn't fun at all.

During lunch hours, I took Denver to Compass point for lunch and borrowed some books from the library. He managed to spend some time reading his books but got bored again very soon. Denver has been nagging and waiting for me the entire day... I feel so frastrated when he disturbs me while I was busy but at the same time feels bad that I could not keep him company. After work, I took Denver down to the playground for some play time and he gets to run, climb and play with the slides for awhile.
Denver is very excited about going to the chalet tomorrow. He has been looking forward and counting down the number of days to Friday since early this week. :p During the day, I asked him to write down a list of items that he wanted to bring. He got so excited that went to write down all the stuff he wishes to pack along. Animal Kaizers cards, Yugi-oh cards, torch lights, clothing, toothpaste, toothbrush, monopoly, laptop etc..... Daddy and Mummy has to filter his 'wish list' first. Even Gladys follow her gor gor and says she wanted to bring her cards and sparklers. Hahaha.. :p
It's only a 3 days 2 nights stay and we already has 1 luggage, 1 bag and more to add on! Food, snacks, drinks ....... Praying hard that the weather will be good for the next few days! More fun logs will be posted on our travel blog. ^_^

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

~ 我们美丽的小公主 ~

上个周末, 馨平突然说要穿裙子.. 真难得啊! 我们的小公主平时都是穿清凉的上衣和短裤, 很少会主动说想穿裙子。她自己挑了她最爱的粉红色, 开开心心地对着镜子笑。然后问我:"妈妈, 我美吗?" 我当然说:"真美啊"!这样的她才像个lady。 如果头发在长一点就更美了。但是为了平时上学不用花时间打理头发,所以一直没有让她流长。(对不起咯,在等多两年吧。) 馨平穿上漂亮的裙子,但动作还是很顽皮,一点也不斯文。哈哈!不过,在我的眼里还是最美丽,最开心的小公主。:)   

Sunday, May 16, 2010

~ Handicraft - Egg Carton Fish, Ladybird and Tortise ~

We are Egg lovers and there will always be eggs in our fridge. Usually the egg cartons left over will be thrown away but today, I decide to use it as an art material for the children.
Denver and Gladys were puzzled what we can do with the egg cartons. To them, the trays are only used to hold the eggs. It's really simple and all we need are some coloured marker pens, crayons, coloured papers, scissors and glue/stapler. We can also use paints but I think it may get a little messy and we will need some time for the paint to dry.
Daddy/Mummy can help to cut out the little cups from the egg carton. Next it is up to the children to use their creativity to do what they want with the cups. :) Denver said he wanted to make it into a fish and so I helped him to cut another half cup from the carton and stapler it to the other cup. I have to make 2 since Gladys also wanted a fish. Next, it is colouring time.

While the children are busy decorating their fish, I am also doing my egg carton crafts. ^_^

Here comes a ladybird and tortise. I like to use the coloured pens to give that extra details. I cut out little bits from the coloured papers and stick it to the bottom of the cups as the legs and tail of the tortise.

We can also cut out pieces from the paper as the little fins for the fish.

Using a little bit of creativity, the egg cartons can also be recycled and make into very useful items like pencil holder, Bulletin board or even egg cartons bell to decorate your Christmas Tree. ^_^

The children always find it interesting to start on a mini art project but it seems to bore them after a while.

Maybe we can make a piggy or mouse nose using the egg carton's cup.. that should be fun for them to play "pretending" with. ^_^
Egg cartons can be used to do many art crafts. There are tons of creative ideas on the internet where parents and children can follow the simple steps and do them together. Many common egg cartons craft includes Caterpillar, Flowers, Basket, Spider etc. It's really neat and fun.

Friday, May 14, 2010

~ A sweet email from Denver's teacher ~

There will be a "Meet the Parents" session next Saturday to share and review the students' performance. Unfortunately, we will be at the chalet and unable to meet Denver's Form teacher and MT teacher. I wrote an email to enquire what we should take note for Denver and I was pleasantly surprise to receive this.... ^_^
That really brightens my day. I even forwarded the email to Hubby immediately. :) Denver got his papers back and he did pretty well for his mid-year examinations too, scoring over 90 marks for all his subjects. Double the happiness! :D I am really glad and told Denver what Mrs Thaifur has complimented in her email. ^_^

Great Job Denver! Daddy and Mummy feel so PROUD of you! Keep up the good work!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

~ Sakae Monthly Bloggers Affair - March 2010 ~

Wow! I am DELIGHTED! Thank you Sakae Sushi for choosing my entry as one of the lucky winners for the Sakae Monthly Bloggers Affair for March 2010!! (

I sent in my entry in March, but as Candice recently left Sakae, the results of the contest got delayed a bit. Wishing Candice all the best and Welcoming Jacintha onboard as the 'New Frog' for Sakae. ^_^ For future blog entries, do take note of the new email address to send to =>


~ Fun with Boxes ~

Last week, Bbil received his packages of stuff that was sent back from the U.S. There are more than 10 big boxes and the children were elated! First was walking and running around the boxes, then it was climbing and sitting on top of them. After Bbil started to open up and clearing off the items inside, the empty boxes become their wonderland and perfect hideout. Almost every evening when I return home from work, they are playing with the boxes. Seeing them crawling in and out, opening and closing it. It looks really messy when the kids are playing along the corridor, sitting on the floor and not wearing their slippers but that is how it was during our time. ^_^ Instead of fancy toys or computer games, picking the simplest object around the house and it turns out to be a fun house for the kids. :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

~ Horray! Mid Year Examinations are over! ~

Yeah! Denver's Mid-year examinations are over! ^_^ We are definitely happy that he finished all his papers. It has been a month of studying, revision and monitoring by Mommy and Denver can finally have more play time. hehehe I can also start to slack a bit. :p

After dinner, Hubby & I took the children to play at the arcade (Timezone) at Hougang Mall. Denver's current favourite game is Animal Kaiser. This game (from Japan) has been a HOT favourite not only to little boys but little girls as well as adults! During peak hours or weekends, you can see children queuing up to play. Parents were even seen joining in the queue on behalf of their kids. Because of the LONG waiting time, once they hook onto the station, they will put 5 or even more credits of play and you have to wait at least 20 mins or even more before the next in line gets a chance! (Imagine how much $$$$ parents are spending!)

Very often, we observed that parents/adults/children got too engross with the game and forgetting or ignoring the fact that there are still people behind waiting for their turn. Some cried, some got frastrated, others just waited patiently for their turn. Perhaps it is the mentality that "I have waited very long for my turn and deserve my fair share of play time too". This is where controlling the addiction comes in play and parents play a very important role in teaching their younger ones to control, be considerate and learning to give and share.

Denver has been enjoying Animal Kaiser from the initial Version 1 launch till now it is Version 3 and still enjoys seeing and collecting new game cards. Hubby and I enjoy the game too but as parents, we have to lead and set a good example. Setting the right expectations and not letting our desires overrule our mind. Denver has cried a few times over not having a chance to play and wondering why others are not being considerate as well. He got frastrated when I forbid him to play at times and wonder why Mommy won't let him. Explaining the situation helps to make him understand better and the importance of doing our part. Gradually, he knows if the queue is long, he'll wait till next time where Daddy & Mommy will bring him to play during off peak. He does feel disappointed when he couldn't play and I know he wanted to very much... Afterall, he is a child... but I'm glad Denver is easily contented with just having a chance to play 2 or 3 times so that the children behind also gets their chance.

Timezone was not crowded today probably because it is a weekday and some children are still in the midst of preparing their examinations. So, Denver finally get to fulfil his wish. (Daddy limits him 3 credits of play. ) ^_^ That's perfectly fine as he later joined his little sister for other fun games. ^_^

Sunday, May 09, 2010

~ Happy Mother's Day 2010 ~

Today is Mother's Day. Daddy instructed the kids not to wake me up too early since it is a special day. Nevertheless, Gladys couldn't resist to call me at 8 plus. Denver drew me a Mother's Day card while I was resting in bed and Gladys follow suit.
Gladys can't really spell and so she wrote those funny OOL1O17 in representation of Happy Mother's Day. She also gave me the card she made in school. :)
It seems like a tradition where families will go out to eat during occasions. Hence, I have been indulging in food lately and feeling really fat. We had dinner with my inlaws last weekend, another dinner gathering with my bils' family yesterday and this morning with my mum at The Oasis - Taiwan Porridge Resturant (海京楼).

My mum with Ashton who just turn 1 last month.

Later in the evening, we had our dinner at Suki Sushi (since I love Japanese food) and the kids definitely enjoying the treat.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

~ Morning activities with Gladys - Part 2 ~

Cycling and going to the playground with Gladys seems to be a weekly activity every Saturday whenever she didn't follow Denver to the pool.

The only difference today is I think my little princess gave a morning wake-up call to our neighbours by singing the national anthem, "Majulah Singapura" loudly. Hehehehe... :p Well, those who passed by gave her stare and smiled. Definitely caught a lot of attention. hahaha..

Friday, May 07, 2010

~ Sparklers ~

We happen to meet up with our neighbour at the lift who was just about to bring his kids down to play sparklers, so Denver & Gladys were invited to join in the fun.

4 children running around with their sparklers and Gladys attempting to 'attack' me with her sparklers. :) It was a good work out for them but Gladys started to get upset when I told her that it's time to go home. As usual it was another round of crying session and hoaxing her to bed. Kids... you let them have fun and they just would not have enough of it. Humpf...

Thursday, May 06, 2010

~ Mid Year Examination 'Fever' Week ~

It is the Mid-Year Examination week and I guess parents and students have been really busy burning 'mid-night oil' or "陪太子读书". I have not been spared as well and doing some last minute revision work with Denver who is currently in Primary 1. Starting tomorrow, he will be taking his examinations for English, Chinese and Mathematics.

The Ministry of Education has announced to do away with examinations in the first two years of Primary School and this will be implemented across the primary schools over several years. Some schools have already adopted this approach and taken away the examination piece out of the curriculum. There are parents who welcome the move and some others who do not.

Personally, I do not resist the idea with Denver going through some tests/exams. (maybe because I grew up in an environment where we went through the examination methodology.) Sometimes, I tell Denver it is just like solving the different puzzles to go to the next level in a game. We do not necessarily need to stress them that they must do well or what happen if they failed to perform. Having said that, I don't deny the fact that I have my flaws and tend to get impatient and agitated while teaching at times. After all, I am only human. Of course, I will be happy if Denver does well academically.. but building his character and personality also counts.
So what happens to our little princess? Gladys is also doing some simple writings while her gor gor is studying. :p 一天写一点. She always want me to give her a Star and a Smiley face when she writes well. ^_^. Gladys likes story books too and so Mommy is spending time reading and teaching her to recognise some simple words like "the", "he", "on", "my" etc..

Looking forward to take the children out next weekend to celebrate a great effort well done!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

~ Gladys in Uniform ~

It's almost half a year since Gladys attended Nursery. :) She is enjoying school, loves to sing the songs she learns from her teachers and getting to know more of her friends' name. She looks taller now too... The length of her school uniform used to be longer.. now it seems to be slightly above knee length. hahaha.. My little girl is growing up. ^_^

Gladys has been showing interest in drawing and colouring. Whenever she passed by Children art centres with beautiful and colourful drawings hanging outside, she wants to go in. Even at home, she has been tearing the papers from the drawing block to scribble, draw and colour on. Hubby and I are thinking of enrolling her to attend an art class with the Community centre since she is so keen. Maybe she will be artistic like her Mommy. Hahahahaha :p

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

~ Bloggers Family Pledge Movement ~

In conjunction with this year's 25th Anniversary of National Family Celebrations 2010 (NFC 2010) - the Singapore Pledge Movement, Nuffnang will be giving away 700 tickets to various attractions in Singapore to Bloggers!!

NOTE: Each winner will be given 7 tickets to bring family members to an attraction.
Attractions include:
- Hippo Tour
- 4D Magix/CineBlast
- Luge & Skyride
- Songs of the Sea
- Singapore Flyer

All you need to do is be part of the Bloggers Family Pledge Movement by making a commitment to your family. Prizes aside, most importantly is keeping that promise that you have made.

My pledge towards my family will be:

"I pledge to spend more quality time with my family, to listen, care, treasure, love and appreciate my love ones"

In today's society, it's always a struggle working out time for your family, work and personal time. We do not need to take the children out all the time, just giving them attention and spending quality time at home also helps. Simple things like eating together, reading them a story book, playing, art & crafts or even doing housework/cooking is fun. I hope I can spend a little more time doing all these with them and be a less nerve-wracking mother. :p

The fact that we have our family with us all the time, we tend to forget the basic necessity to listen and talk to each other... lending an ear and giving comfort. Forgotten to say "你好吗?", "我爱你", "谢谢你". I'm guilty of that too... always taking things for granted and getting emotional at times. Hence, taking this opportunity, I would like to spend more time with my parents, listening and talking to them. Buy them little stuff or taking them out to eat.

So mark your calendar today! Start to plan sometime aside on 29th May 2010 (Saturday) with your family and have a good time together.

To learn more about NFC 2010, read on :)


Organised by the National Family Council, National Family Celebrations is an annual event which celebrates and reinforces the importance of families and family life. This year, Singaporeans are encouraged to make a personal commitment to their families by being a part of the Singapore Family Pledge Movement.

To provide opportunities for Singaporeans to follow through on the pledges to their families, there are a myriad of activities under the NFC 2010 calendar – which will interest the young, the old, and everyone in between! NFC 2010 will be held from 25 May to 26 June 2010, and this year marks the 25th Anniversary of the Celebrations. For more information on NFC 2010, visit

Sunday, May 02, 2010

~ S'PORE Blog Awards 2010 ~

Visit for more details.

Singapore Blog Awards is Back! For the past years, I have only been an observer and never had any thoughts of participating in this contest myself. Well, this year I decided to go for a try since there is also a chance to win a prize.

"To encourage registration, all successfully registered bloggers will be eligible for a random draw to win a Garmin ASUS M10 smart phone"

I have registered our family travel blog (BPDGTravels) in the S'PORE BLOG AWARDS 2010, Best Lifestyle Blog. I have spent a fair bit of time designing the blog myself to keep it simple and neat. Hopefully, this humble blog of ours will brighten your day as you see the photos and read through our little travel tales.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

~ Welcome to this World - Baby 天乐 ~

I'm so Happy today! My 2nd sister-in-law gave birth to a lovely baby boy, 天乐 this morning! He is soooo ADORABLE! Lots of hair and has a very nice feature. He was sleepy soundly when we visited him earlier. So delicate and harmless... but he has such an alarming sharp voice when he was crying for milk. Haha.. Nevertheless, still very cute. :)

It's amazing! Ashton was born on Earth Day and my 2nd nephew is born on Labour Day. Coincidentally, Labour Day is also the day where Hubby and I got together officially. :) I am very happy for Brother Owen and really feels that 天乐 will bring a lot of joy and laughter to the family.

Dear 天乐, you are a very blessed baby with good parents to guide and love you along the way. I'm sure you will be a happy boy everyday (just like your name).

~ Gladys @ the Pool ~

Gladys has not been going to the swimming pool for ages and you can imagine how happy she was when she finally gets to go today. :)

The weather is so HOT.... Dipping in the pool surely helps to cool off the heat a bit. It is a good thing that Gladys is not afraid of the water. Maybe when she is 5 or 6 years old, we can start to let her take swimming lessons like Denver.