Monday, May 24, 2010

~ Denver's Report Book ~

Denver got his Report book from school today. This is his first assessment report (both academic and personality) from Primary school. Seems like yesterday that he just gone through his orientation and almost half a year has passed since.

In the past, my parents will always judge how well I fare based on my grades, my positioning in class as well as overall positioning in the whole school. Apart from "What is your score?" the next question will always be "You number what in class har?", "Your good friend what position?" I guess this puts on a fair bit of pressure on the children and hence positioning ratings has been removed to avoid too much comparison among peers.

In replacement of positioning, the Maximum, Minimum and Mean Mark was indicated on the report book for the entire Primary 1 level. This gives the parents an estimated guideline to see where the child stands avoiding direct comparison and competition. For SA1, the Maximum Mark was 96.5, 98 and 99.5 for English, Mathematics and Chinese respectively. I was surprised that the max Chinese score was so high compared to the other subjects. (Learning Chinese isn't so bad afterall ^_^) Anyway, Denver did well but Hubby was a little disappointed and hoping he can score better in his Mathematics. :p

I'm still happy with Denver's performance. ^_^ He received good comments from his teacher and I hope he continues to enjoy learning in school.

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