Sunday, May 23, 2010

~ Aching and Exhausted after 3D2N @ Downtown East Chalet ~

We are finally back after our 2 nights stay at Costa Sands Resort @ Downtown East. After spending the morning clearing up and checking out of the chalet, we went for a quick breakfast before heading home.

There are more cleaning up to do and lots of clothing to wash. Hubby complained that his body is aching all over and it must be due to the lack of exercise. He only went to swim for 2 days and is already feeling the strain. (The whole day and night BBQ by the fire also added on to his strain)

Gladys slept shortly... Hubby and I were so tired that we spent our Sunday afternoon napping and resting. Denver couldn't take it anymore and also had his nap voluntarily without me nagging at him at all. Ha!


Besides feeling tired, the after-effects of chalet is coughing and sorethroat. Too much food, snacks and drinks over the weekend has further delay and detoriate the kids not able to recover from their cough. We have another week to go before packing for our China trip. Hopefully by then, all of us will be in our tip-top condition.

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