Wednesday, April 20, 2011

~ Three down in "sick bay" ~

The week began with a series of fever attacks. Denver started with a mild fever on Sunday night and the temperature gone through a few roller coaster rides consecutively for the next 3 days. He was put on antibiotics and just as I thought he was feeling better already, his fever spiked up again in the afternoon and went back to normal in the night. The comforting thing is Denver seems to be pretty active and I'm praying hard that he is on the road to recovery.

Unfortunately, Gladys also developed a high fever earlier today. Unlike her brother, she is feeling restless and not her usual active, bubbly self. Just moments ago, she was extremely reluctant to let me paste the fever plaster on her forehead. Gladys cried and ran to hide under the dining table. Daddy & Mommy had to hug and coax her into giving her consent.

Hubby is also not in his tip top condition as he is suffering from an ear infection which is affecting his teeth. The table top is filled with medicine and everyone (except me) has fallen asleep. Long weekends are coming up and I'm hoping all of us will be well by then.

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