Friday, August 31, 2007

~ Birthday - Part 2 ~

Mixture of emotions..

-- Sad --
Was expecting my hubby to wish me Happy Birthday as it hits midnight. I think he was playing online game outside.. waited..waited.. and waited.. Beep! My eldest brother sent me a Happy Birthday SMS .. sighz.. I gave up and went to sleep.. Hoping to hear it first thing in the morning.. alas.. I got to rush to work and never took hubby's car.. he sounds a bit frastrated too. Did I do something wrong? :( Nevermind.. On the MRT, I got another sms.. Beep.. thought it was from my hubby.. Nope.. it was from an old pal. Binbin..Still I am happy to hear from her. :) When I reached office, received my 3rd birthday wishes from my colleague, Catherine. Just when I was about to give up, Hubby finally called to say "happy birthday".. although not the first.. but at least the 4th.. (better than none.. ) Still, somehow, I feel sad. Oh well... What am I expecting anyway..

-- Happy --
When I reached office, I saw a nice Birthday present on my desk. It was from Andrea.. so nicely wrapped that I have to take a photo of it. Thanks dear...

I got my PROMOTION today! As usual, I went to office early for my scheduled teleconference meeting with my manager. I had a shock when Kerem walked in and sat beside me saying needing to have a word with us for 5 mins.. Surprise surprise, I was congratulated with the news of my PROMOTION as Kerem handed me the letter!! It really caught me off guard coz I wasn't expecting any of this. Come to think of it.. it has been 3 years.

-- Frastration --
No mood to work.. not bcos I was too happy about my promotion.. something was bugging me.. We have booked a chalet at Downtown East for the weekend.. Today, there are a lot of emails and work on hand. I have to rush home early bcos the family was suppose to have dinner before going to the chalet. I left work early at 445pm..reached bus stop around 5pm... happily thinking that I would catch the bus on time to meet my hubby and we can go off from there.. Luck is not on my side.. Checked IRIS and none of the buses (133, 107, 145) are coming within the next 20mins.. My goodness!! What happened to all the buses... Panic... at 515pm, I am still stuck at the bus stop.. My hubby had to pick me up instead.. well.. in between, there are some frastration over our phone conversation.. which I don't like.. :( Oh well..

What a day....

~ Birthday - Part 1 ~

Today I have hit a new milestone... I am 30! So many things (Happy and sad) have happened.

It has been many years since I celebrated my birthday.. hence I was very happy and looking forward to yesterday's gathering. (even if it is not bcos of the special day). Andrea never fails to bring me suspences and surprises. I never knew where we were suppose to go. After we hop on Norman's car, I was blinded and hands tied up.. hahahhaa.. It was only when we reached the destination that I realised we are going for KTV plus Buffet at Parkway Parade!!

I couldn't recall when was the last time I went to the KTV..... 4 - 6 years ago probably..... The food was nice! I like the desert and salmon! Norman and Sookiat made me a special birthday 'cake' made up of salmon sashimi! My favourite ... and it is very innovative.. I wonder who came up with that idea :p Thank you all......

Of course, I knew I wasn't going to be let off easily.. As expected, I was supposed to perform a series of tasks to come...

task 1
First, Andrea picked a difficult song.. "Ja Jambo"! Ok.. this was not too bad.. cos I only need to sing.. She took the video while I sang.. Pass.... phew...

task 2
I picked my 2nd task from a box.. and unlucky me.. I got the most difficult one which is to act as a Mamasan! :'( My goodness.. I am not good at acting! Started to panic.... Argghhhhh..
- knock the door and enter the KTV room.. sat beside Norman and Sookiat and started to blabber... "Sir, you names? Is it your first visit? What would you like to have? Any girls you are interested in?" chilled... Norman seems to take the hit worse.. he just couldn't help smiling and it is making me difficult to act.. Andrea can't help laughing while taking the video... Soo Kiat is clever! When I ask their names again, he point to Norman and say "He is Zhang Dong" I nearly wants to blurt out.. :D Sabo!!! hahahhaha.. Pass..

task 3
Andrea picked another tough song.. this time is "Taipei to Beijing".. Singing is ok... but now she wants me to mimic her action/dance.. Arghhhh.. really cannot make it... Fail..

Well, all good things must come to an end. When it's time to leave, I was presented with my birthday card and present! I am so touched... Thank you all!! You don't know how happy I was.. I really appreciate the time, effort, brain juice, money, co-ordination... that was put in behind the scene for me. I will treasure it in my heart.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

~ 中元节 Dinner ~

My inlaws were being invited to the once a year "中元节 dinner" and the whole family tag along as we had a table to ourselves - free! As usual, auction is the main attraction of the whole event. The dinner started at around 8pm and while all of us were busy 'attacking' the food, others were more interested in auctioning for their 'fortune' items. Believe it or not... by purchasing these items, it will improves one's fortune or luck.

The other highlight of this event, is ..... donation. Before the start to even towards the end of the dinner, we have more than 5 people coming to us for donations at different time with different beneficiaries. I think we donated at least $30 tonight.

Food was not really fanatistic. I only like the cold dish and the fish. Had to leave for home after the 5th dish as it is really running late. Gladys is perspiring and sleeply while Denver has to go to school early tomorrow..... I am tired too... we headed for home..........

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

~ Denver's Nursery Class Photo ~

Denver was so excited when I got home yesterday. "Mummy! See my photo!". "I am riding on a horse!... This is Chermaine, Russell, Jia Xin, Mrs Ling, Mrs Wee, Xiao Lao Shi..... and me!".. :D He really brighten my mood after a hectic day at work.

I love his photos although he did not smile as much and look kinda stiff and un-natural. Denver sat down beside me and tell me all his friends' and teachers' name one by one. "So who is your best friend?" I asked. He did not even ponder and started pointing at the class photo. "This, this and this!". "I like Russell, Jia Xin, Joel and Chermaine Mak ". :D

Today, Denver got his worksheets and books which he did for term 3. His colouring and writing skills have improved (compare to the previous 2 terms). There is also a toothbrush and a cup inside. Ever since he started school, I realised he is able to brush his teeth better now. He even makes sure that he washes his face and wipe his hands dry without having me to remind him all the time. Keep up the good work! Denver!

Monday, August 27, 2007

~ Tiring ~

Watched Campus Superstar 2 Finals last Saturday and I must say the standard for this year's finalist is not as good compared to the first. Shawn - the youngest contender won (as expected).

Had a tiring Sunday. The initial plan was to bring Gladys to see the doctor cos she was having a flu and cough. However, hubby needs to return to work at the very last minute and I got the 'priviledge' to bring the kids to the doctor instead. Luckily, my dear brother was there to help me hail a cab. I felt bad though cos he was late for his appointment. *sorry*. Not wanting to delay him further, I took the bus back with the kids on our return journey. It was Gladys's first ride on the bus. She was quiet throughout the journey. Turning her head around.. busy looking... I guess she must be pondering "Mummy, Where am I?".. hehehe.

It was a BURNING HOT afternoon and we are home finally... I was so tired that the kids and I took an afternoon nap... *yawnz..... Hubby reached home around 3 plus. He was exhausted over the day's work and needs to sleep. I woke him up at 5 plus bcos I am very hungrryy.... (I missed my lunch earlier). We had dinner near my mum's place and I had an enjoying plate of fried rice and satay! Yummy!

Reached home after a heavy dinner, my hubby and I were totally exhausted. We went straight to bed. Just as I thought the day has ended, Denver started coughing and ended vomitted on the bed... :( It was a mess! Hubby got to wake up and change the bedsheet. I was so mad and scolded Denver. Gladys was awaken by the commotion and I have to craddle her to bed again. I think it took me at least half an hour before she falls asleep. I was soooo tired cradling that I unknowningly fall asleep while lying on the floor. I woke up at 4am and crawl myself back to my comfy bed to sleep... T.i.r.e.d...

Saturday, August 25, 2007

~ Handphone Pouch ~

Had a very heavy lunch at Sakae Sushi with my family today. Ordered a Bento set and had a couple of other coloured plates. Apparently I have a miscommunication and made a wrong order for 4 plates of salmon. :( The bill came up to $50 over.. Even now, I feel I am bloated.. FAT...

Finally got myself a new handphone pouch. Not really the one that I am looking out for though.. I realised the zip is also kinda stiff when I got home. But I have to get a new one cos the skin of my old pouch is peeling off pretty badly. :(

Thursday, August 23, 2007

~ A New Chapter ~

Everyday I find myself waking up early, work, babysit, housework, sleep ..... Work and life has started to be very routined. (Do I sound that I am bored??)

Well, I am always a family-orientated person. My 2 lovely kids are my joy and they never failed to bring me a mixture of emotions. (laughter, frastration, anger, satisfaction and surprises)

Starting today, I planned to put little moments that has brought me excitement to my simple and humble life..

Stay tune!