Monday, August 27, 2007

~ Tiring ~

Watched Campus Superstar 2 Finals last Saturday and I must say the standard for this year's finalist is not as good compared to the first. Shawn - the youngest contender won (as expected).

Had a tiring Sunday. The initial plan was to bring Gladys to see the doctor cos she was having a flu and cough. However, hubby needs to return to work at the very last minute and I got the 'priviledge' to bring the kids to the doctor instead. Luckily, my dear brother was there to help me hail a cab. I felt bad though cos he was late for his appointment. *sorry*. Not wanting to delay him further, I took the bus back with the kids on our return journey. It was Gladys's first ride on the bus. She was quiet throughout the journey. Turning her head around.. busy looking... I guess she must be pondering "Mummy, Where am I?".. hehehe.

It was a BURNING HOT afternoon and we are home finally... I was so tired that the kids and I took an afternoon nap... *yawnz..... Hubby reached home around 3 plus. He was exhausted over the day's work and needs to sleep. I woke him up at 5 plus bcos I am very hungrryy.... (I missed my lunch earlier). We had dinner near my mum's place and I had an enjoying plate of fried rice and satay! Yummy!

Reached home after a heavy dinner, my hubby and I were totally exhausted. We went straight to bed. Just as I thought the day has ended, Denver started coughing and ended vomitted on the bed... :( It was a mess! Hubby got to wake up and change the bedsheet. I was so mad and scolded Denver. Gladys was awaken by the commotion and I have to craddle her to bed again. I think it took me at least half an hour before she falls asleep. I was soooo tired cradling that I unknowningly fall asleep while lying on the floor. I woke up at 4am and crawl myself back to my comfy bed to sleep... T.i.r.e.d...

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