Friday, October 29, 2010

~ Anlene supports Strong Bones ~

In conjunction with World Osteoporosis Day 2010, Anlene is holding a roadshow at Ang Mo Kio Hub (25th - 31st Oct) where public can get free bone health checks. We happened to be around the area and stopped by to take a look. After completing the registration, you only need to place your right foot onto a machine where it will measure the aspect of your bone quality within 3 minutes. Following that, a healthcare professional will review your results and provide advice on how to strengthen your bone health.

As the health checks are for the adults, Denver and Gladys went to 'roam' around the other stations while Daddy and Mommy are waiting for the reviews. Where did they go??? Getting free samples of milk!!! Oh my!! Those milk are meant for the adults but they took quite a few cups till the emcee commented that Gladys is "DRUNK"! Later on, the emcee even interviewed Gladys over the microphone if it is tasty. Gladys was so excited and shouted "YES!". They even answered a simple question and each got a free packet of Anlene milk.

So how did Daddy and Mommy fare for the bone checks? GOOD! Hubby's reading is at 3.3 while I'm at 2.3 which are in the Low Risk range. ^_^

Generally, women will lose calcium faster than men especially after birth and as age increased. (over 30s). Apart from ensuring sufficient intake of calcium and vitamin D to strengthen our bones, here are some other points to note.

- Avoid smoking and excessive alcohol.
- Reduce the intake of caffeine. Coffee, tea and some soft drinks may decrease the absorption of calcium.
- Avoid eating too much salty snacks as sodium can cause bone loss.

Stay healthy and happy. :)

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