Saturday, October 30, 2010

~ Nativity Open House cum Art & Craft Exhibition ~

It is Open House Day in Nativity Church Kindergarten and the school also take this opportunity to show case the students' art exhibits. Parents are invited to come to give their support as well as rapport with the teachers and understand how their children are learning in school. Gladys is very happy that Daddy & Mommy are going to school with her and she gets to see her friends.

Every classroom has been beautifully decorated with all kinds of art works made by the students. It is so vibrant, cheery and innovative. Really appreciate the teachers' effort in putting this up. The children have did so well!

Among all the different artworks, we have to go 'hunt' for Gladys' masterpieces. :) It's not too hard to look for her name. We are so proud and glad that she is learning happily in school.

Gladys loves her friends as well as her teachers. ^_^

There was also a mini music lesson where parents are encouraged to participate with their children. We get to pick a different instrument and played with the music. This is what the children do during their music class. A lot of sounds, happiness, fun and enjoyment. ^_^

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  1. oh yes! Good exposure and it is Fun :)