Tuesday, November 02, 2010

~ Late for work ~

It's already very challenging to travel long hours and distance just to get to work. This morning, my journey was further delayed making it even more tiring to start my day.

Waking up early and leaving home at 6 plus in the morning, I transferred from train to train and waited for the company bus to take me to my work place. Barely 10 mins after leaving the pick-up point,. I smell a burning scent on the bus. Soon after, smoke was coming out from the back of the bus and we quickly alerted the driver! The traffic was heavy but the driver managed to park the vehicle along the road and we all got down from the bus. Seems like one of the rubber piece is the cause of the smell and smoke.

It was drizzling and a long distance away from office. A couple of us are temporary 'stranded' until the next bus comes along to pick us up. Unfortunately, the other bus was also late and we ended standing along the pavement for more than half an hour!

By the time I finally reached the office, it was already 9:05am. I can't believe it took me more than 2 half hours just to get to work today!

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