Wednesday, November 03, 2010

~ Our New Toy - Playstation Move ~

While some prefer Wii, we are Playstation fans. :) Apart from Playstation Portable (PSP), Playstation 3, Hubby just bought Playstation Move (bundle set plus an extra controller) last Sunday. Similar concept to Wii, PS Move uses the PS Eye camera to track the controller's position as you are in the game. The ball on the controller will change colour and the children loves the graphics and physical interaction.

We borrowed the starter disc from my brother who also bought the PS Move and had fun with some of the demo games. See how the kids took a snapshot of themselves and had their voice recorded. :) Then, it is action time! "Start the Party" game seems fun! They smack the bugs, bounce the ball, paint some drawings and you get to see yourself holding a racket or a paintbrush inside the game.

With new and advanced technology, it really changes the fun stuff and type of games children are playing nowadays.


  1. wooooowww~ so nice one...can play ps! xD

  2. School holidays coming and my son finished his exams so let them play. hehehe