Saturday, April 16, 2011

~ Birthday Party @ Mcdonald ~

A couple of weeks ago, Denver received his very first birthday invitation from his school's classmate, Steffi. We've never been to a birthday party at Mcdonald before and it was our very first as well. Initially, the plan was to put Denver there and take Gladys out for dinner. Unfortunately, Gladys is very persistent on attending the party with her brother and extremely reluctant to leave. Hence, Gladys gets to join in the celebration (Thanks to Steffi's mom) while Daddy & Mommy waited.

 PS: Denver just got a tooth extraction yesterday and we can see his adult tooth is growing. :)

The children are so happy to put on their party hats. Gladys is not feeling shy at all and mingle around with the other older kids. We noticed that Denver is the only boy (from his school) that came to the party. He was surrounded by a group of girls and being the only 'grass' among the flowers. ^_^

The children indulged in their happy meal, had fun chit-chatting and played games like musical chair and word puzzles. Not to forget singing the happy birthday song, eating the long-awaited delicious cake and receiving their little toys. Denver & Gladys really had a lot of fun and I'm sure everyone had a good time. :)

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  1. I always wanted a birthday at McDonald's (never did get it), I'm actually contemplating it for the kids' combined celebration this does look fun!