Sunday, April 10, 2011

~ Handicraft - Gladys' Tree ~

Gladys always love art and handicraft. Every weekday, she will scribble and draw on papers, fold and wrap around with rubber bands and giving it to me as my daily present after work. It could be a simple "Gladys love Mommy", "Mommy love Gladys" to a picture of both of us together. :)

Today, she did her very own handicraft without Mommy's instruction! It's amazing to see how creative a child's mind can get and it all started with a toilet roll.

Here I was helping Denver with his art homework while Gladys sat down to do her own art work as well. By the time she calls me, she has made some cuts at the bottom of the toilet roll, placed it on a paper and drew some shapes around it.

I couldn't make out what it was and asked: "What is this?"
Gladys : "I'm making a tree!"
Mommy: "Wow!"

When I got back shortly, Gladys glued the toilet roll on the paper and there are more shapes around the roll. The kids said it is an 'upside-down' tree. :) I helped to cut out the border of the leaves and the tree is finally completed (after a nice flip) !

To make it more interesting, I labelled the parts of the tree. "Roots", "Trunk", "Branch", "Leaf". Gladys gets to learn as she has fun with her art. :) It is really a nice artpiece and I'm impressed!

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