Saturday, April 09, 2011

~ Creative Ziio 7 - PlayChinese (玩中文) ~

Hubby bought the Creative Ziio 7" Android powered tablet as another educational platform for the kids to learn Chinese. Opps.. or should I say "Play Chinese" as advertised by Creative : “学中文?...不!” (Don't Learn Chinese; Play it"

Creative's CEO - Sim Wong Hoo is the Chief Architect of this system and PlayChinese is to help people to master Chinese through fun and play.

We signed up for the normal pack that comes with the Android tablet, 4 colour MagicPens, PlayChinese Shenbi application, protective leather case, PlayChinese Hardcopy books, WaWaYaYa 开心汉语, ZiiBook Acount (2 years subscription) accessing to 1 million ZiiBooks, iFlashbook Account (2 years), PlayChinese Magic Cards and today Denver is going to have his 2 hours user training & coaching by Sim Wong Hoo. :)

Seems like a lot of stuff but it also comes with a price.  This Basic Pack costs $199 + ($22.90/mth over 2 years) which would be about $749 in total. Instead of holding a PSP or handheld games, we are hoping this would be another window to expose our children to Chinese and appreciating it.

Gladys tried out on the tablet and was able to write simple Chinese words and read aloud. There are also interesting idoms and games. As to how effective and how long this new gadget will spark their interest? I'm not exactly sure but I'm hoping as much as it could. :) Let's see how well it works in 6 months time for a user review.


  1. Hi there, want to find out about ur feedback about this gadget. How is it since it will be almost one yr u purchased? I m keen to buy for my 5yo but have not decided yet. Thx.

  2. Hi LittleLamb,

    It's pretty interesting and fresh at first but my P3 boy got bored after some time.
    He is still using the tablet as we insist him to write a few words a day. He dreads doing it after awhile.

    Its a good gadget overall just that it has its pros and cons.
    We can't determine the neatness of the handwriting and if there is issue with the tablet, you have to bring the set down to its head office in Intl Business Park for repairs.

    So far still working for us and we are making full use of it as much as possible. :) Hope this helps.