Thursday, May 20, 2010

~ Denver's E-Learning Day with Mummy ~

It's E-Learning Day as Denver's Primary school has allocated today to process the SA1 results. So all pupils are required to stay at home to complete their E-Learning assignments online. Nowadays learning has utilized the internet space and computer seems to be a "MUST HAVE" device at home.
The allocated time for P1-P2 is from 8am-1030am. Denver woke up and spend some time doing all his assignements. It took him about 1.5 hour and he went from sitting to squatting on his chair - Simply cannot sit still ah.

For the rest of the day, Denver is restless... Mommy needs to work at home and has minimal time to keep him company. He watched cartoons, played PSP, PS3, computer games and still feels bored. I guess doing all these things alone isn't fun at all.

During lunch hours, I took Denver to Compass point for lunch and borrowed some books from the library. He managed to spend some time reading his books but got bored again very soon. Denver has been nagging and waiting for me the entire day... I feel so frastrated when he disturbs me while I was busy but at the same time feels bad that I could not keep him company. After work, I took Denver down to the playground for some play time and he gets to run, climb and play with the slides for awhile.
Denver is very excited about going to the chalet tomorrow. He has been looking forward and counting down the number of days to Friday since early this week. :p During the day, I asked him to write down a list of items that he wanted to bring. He got so excited that went to write down all the stuff he wishes to pack along. Animal Kaizers cards, Yugi-oh cards, torch lights, clothing, toothpaste, toothbrush, monopoly, laptop etc..... Daddy and Mummy has to filter his 'wish list' first. Even Gladys follow her gor gor and says she wanted to bring her cards and sparklers. Hahaha.. :p
It's only a 3 days 2 nights stay and we already has 1 luggage, 1 bag and more to add on! Food, snacks, drinks ....... Praying hard that the weather will be good for the next few days! More fun logs will be posted on our travel blog. ^_^

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