Sunday, May 16, 2010

~ Handicraft - Egg Carton Fish, Ladybird and Tortise ~

We are Egg lovers and there will always be eggs in our fridge. Usually the egg cartons left over will be thrown away but today, I decide to use it as an art material for the children.
Denver and Gladys were puzzled what we can do with the egg cartons. To them, the trays are only used to hold the eggs. It's really simple and all we need are some coloured marker pens, crayons, coloured papers, scissors and glue/stapler. We can also use paints but I think it may get a little messy and we will need some time for the paint to dry.
Daddy/Mummy can help to cut out the little cups from the egg carton. Next it is up to the children to use their creativity to do what they want with the cups. :) Denver said he wanted to make it into a fish and so I helped him to cut another half cup from the carton and stapler it to the other cup. I have to make 2 since Gladys also wanted a fish. Next, it is colouring time.

While the children are busy decorating their fish, I am also doing my egg carton crafts. ^_^

Here comes a ladybird and tortise. I like to use the coloured pens to give that extra details. I cut out little bits from the coloured papers and stick it to the bottom of the cups as the legs and tail of the tortise.

We can also cut out pieces from the paper as the little fins for the fish.

Using a little bit of creativity, the egg cartons can also be recycled and make into very useful items like pencil holder, Bulletin board or even egg cartons bell to decorate your Christmas Tree. ^_^

The children always find it interesting to start on a mini art project but it seems to bore them after a while.

Maybe we can make a piggy or mouse nose using the egg carton's cup.. that should be fun for them to play "pretending" with. ^_^
Egg cartons can be used to do many art crafts. There are tons of creative ideas on the internet where parents and children can follow the simple steps and do them together. Many common egg cartons craft includes Caterpillar, Flowers, Basket, Spider etc. It's really neat and fun.

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