Thursday, May 27, 2010

~ Happy Vesak Day ~

Tomorrow is Vesak Day - 卫塞节. We took the children to Puat Jit Buddhist Temple (般若念佛堂) at Anchorvale to do our prayers and bath the buddha. Later tonight, there will be chanting of prayers and more people will gather at the temple to make their offerings.

We came earlier to avoid the crowd and the organisers are still busy decorating and putting everything in place for the big day. Apart from praying, the children always remember to grab their sweets from the plate. Bathing the buddha is also what they enjoyed doing most... picking up the wooden scoop and cleansing the buddha 3 times. ^_^

Today is also "Eat with Your Family Day". We all had dinner at my bbil's place earlier and hence when Denver says he is still hungry, we took him to Compass point for some food. Well, it sort of become "Supper with my family" instead. ^_^

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