Wednesday, May 26, 2010

~ Gladys' Nursery - Meet the Parents Day ~

It's Meet-the-Parents Day to review Gladys' performance in Nursery school. Earlier, we already received her progress report book and Mrs Wee and 林老师 are full of praise for her.

Mrs Wee commented that Gladys is a very helpful girl who is always willing to help her friends and teachers. (e.g. Keep the toys, books etc). There are no concerns with regards to her learning progress and she is a happy girl.

Other comments include Gladys has a loud voice and a bit boyish. ^_^ Hubby & I explained that she tends to be 'rough' and 'tough' being the only girl as the other children in the family are all BOYS (which explains her behaviour). 林老师 commented that at times she tends to have shorter attention span and curious at what her friends are doing but Gladys knows how to 察言观色 and will pay attention when she sees the teacher is staring firmly at her. hahaha..

Overall, Gladys' teachers are happy with her progress and we as parents are definitely glad and relief that she has been a good helper and being nice to her peers and teachers. 继续加油哦!

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