Saturday, May 01, 2010

~ Welcome to this World - Baby 天乐 ~

I'm so Happy today! My 2nd sister-in-law gave birth to a lovely baby boy, 天乐 this morning! He is soooo ADORABLE! Lots of hair and has a very nice feature. He was sleepy soundly when we visited him earlier. So delicate and harmless... but he has such an alarming sharp voice when he was crying for milk. Haha.. Nevertheless, still very cute. :)

It's amazing! Ashton was born on Earth Day and my 2nd nephew is born on Labour Day. Coincidentally, Labour Day is also the day where Hubby and I got together officially. :) I am very happy for Brother Owen and really feels that 天乐 will bring a lot of joy and laughter to the family.

Dear 天乐, you are a very blessed baby with good parents to guide and love you along the way. I'm sure you will be a happy boy everyday (just like your name).

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