Sunday, May 09, 2010

~ Happy Mother's Day 2010 ~

Today is Mother's Day. Daddy instructed the kids not to wake me up too early since it is a special day. Nevertheless, Gladys couldn't resist to call me at 8 plus. Denver drew me a Mother's Day card while I was resting in bed and Gladys follow suit.
Gladys can't really spell and so she wrote those funny OOL1O17 in representation of Happy Mother's Day. She also gave me the card she made in school. :)
It seems like a tradition where families will go out to eat during occasions. Hence, I have been indulging in food lately and feeling really fat. We had dinner with my inlaws last weekend, another dinner gathering with my bils' family yesterday and this morning with my mum at The Oasis - Taiwan Porridge Resturant (海京楼).

My mum with Ashton who just turn 1 last month.

Later in the evening, we had our dinner at Suki Sushi (since I love Japanese food) and the kids definitely enjoying the treat.

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  1. Frankly, I never tried Oasis when it was in Kallang leh..We had 7 dishes and some 3 ordered desserts and it cost us $140+ for the meal. Barry feels a bit pricy for porridge. :p Food was ok but i think for the same price he prefers to go to eat 煮炒 at coffeeshop instead where there will be prawns, crabs etc. hahahhahahaah..