Tuesday, May 11, 2010

~ Horray! Mid Year Examinations are over! ~

Yeah! Denver's Mid-year examinations are over! ^_^ We are definitely happy that he finished all his papers. It has been a month of studying, revision and monitoring by Mommy and Denver can finally have more play time. hehehe I can also start to slack a bit. :p

After dinner, Hubby & I took the children to play at the arcade (Timezone) at Hougang Mall. Denver's current favourite game is Animal Kaiser. This game (from Japan) has been a HOT favourite not only to little boys but little girls as well as adults! During peak hours or weekends, you can see children queuing up to play. Parents were even seen joining in the queue on behalf of their kids. Because of the LONG waiting time, once they hook onto the station, they will put 5 or even more credits of play and you have to wait at least 20 mins or even more before the next in line gets a chance! (Imagine how much $$$$ parents are spending!)

Very often, we observed that parents/adults/children got too engross with the game and forgetting or ignoring the fact that there are still people behind waiting for their turn. Some cried, some got frastrated, others just waited patiently for their turn. Perhaps it is the mentality that "I have waited very long for my turn and deserve my fair share of play time too". This is where controlling the addiction comes in play and parents play a very important role in teaching their younger ones to control, be considerate and learning to give and share.

Denver has been enjoying Animal Kaiser from the initial Version 1 launch till now it is Version 3 and still enjoys seeing and collecting new game cards. Hubby and I enjoy the game too but as parents, we have to lead and set a good example. Setting the right expectations and not letting our desires overrule our mind. Denver has cried a few times over not having a chance to play and wondering why others are not being considerate as well. He got frastrated when I forbid him to play at times and wonder why Mommy won't let him. Explaining the situation helps to make him understand better and the importance of doing our part. Gradually, he knows if the queue is long, he'll wait till next time where Daddy & Mommy will bring him to play during off peak. He does feel disappointed when he couldn't play and I know he wanted to very much... Afterall, he is a child... but I'm glad Denver is easily contented with just having a chance to play 2 or 3 times so that the children behind also gets their chance.

Timezone was not crowded today probably because it is a weekday and some children are still in the midst of preparing their examinations. So, Denver finally get to fulfil his wish. (Daddy limits him 3 credits of play. ) ^_^ That's perfectly fine as he later joined his little sister for other fun games. ^_^

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