Thursday, May 06, 2010

~ Mid Year Examination 'Fever' Week ~

It is the Mid-Year Examination week and I guess parents and students have been really busy burning 'mid-night oil' or "陪太子读书". I have not been spared as well and doing some last minute revision work with Denver who is currently in Primary 1. Starting tomorrow, he will be taking his examinations for English, Chinese and Mathematics.

The Ministry of Education has announced to do away with examinations in the first two years of Primary School and this will be implemented across the primary schools over several years. Some schools have already adopted this approach and taken away the examination piece out of the curriculum. There are parents who welcome the move and some others who do not.

Personally, I do not resist the idea with Denver going through some tests/exams. (maybe because I grew up in an environment where we went through the examination methodology.) Sometimes, I tell Denver it is just like solving the different puzzles to go to the next level in a game. We do not necessarily need to stress them that they must do well or what happen if they failed to perform. Having said that, I don't deny the fact that I have my flaws and tend to get impatient and agitated while teaching at times. After all, I am only human. Of course, I will be happy if Denver does well academically.. but building his character and personality also counts.
So what happens to our little princess? Gladys is also doing some simple writings while her gor gor is studying. :p 一天写一点. She always want me to give her a Star and a Smiley face when she writes well. ^_^. Gladys likes story books too and so Mommy is spending time reading and teaching her to recognise some simple words like "the", "he", "on", "my" etc..

Looking forward to take the children out next weekend to celebrate a great effort well done!

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